Monday, October 31, 2011

Unlucky Days

John Marine | 10/31/2011 10:56:00 AM | |
Some days on the calendar and certain times of the year are those we all seem to loathe, primarily because we don't seem to be at our best or have our best moments. Maybe are times on this day or this time that don't go very well. These certain unlucky or dismal days are those we may totally loathe when those times. Are there certain days or times of the year where you seem to have some of your worst memories? The reason why I bring this is up is because one of my least favorite times of the year for me is here...


In some of my past, especially as a student, some of my worst moments have come on Halloween. I was suspended for fighting. It was my final day as a student of Lamar University. It is almost as if I have sort of anticipate what (if anything) will go very wrong with me. It has been a certain day I've loathed because something negative always seemed to happen on this day.

Now... I do enjoy the candy on Halloween. :) However, this day just brings bad memories for me for things that have happened to me on Halloween. Maybe I have a Charlie Brown sort of aura regarding certain holidays and times of the year. Some holidays just don't go right for me sometimes. There is nothing cheesy or movie-like about it, but I just sometimes don't have the best luck on a day like Halloween. That's why I'm not as jovial as many others in dressing up and being scary and all that. I am myself for Halloween. I don't do any dressing up or anything like that. That even includes wearing anything even remotely Halloween-related.

In certain other cultures and calendars, some days are considered some of the unluckiest days. For example, on the Medieval calendar, there are two Egyptian days each month that are considered dismal days (dismal meaning unlucky or evil here).

In case you're interested on dismal/unlucky days on the calendar in certain cultures, here are some sites to look up:
Dismal or Bad Egyptian Days
Dismal or Bad Japanese Days

Unlucky for many people is Friday the 13th. However, some days can be much worse than any Friday the 13th.

How do you handle your unluckiest days? Or at least, a certain day or time of the year where you're probably not as happy or not as joyous that a certain day/time is happening? Comment away. By the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN (since it is Halloween as of this initial blog post)!!!

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

"However, some days can be much worse than any Friday the 13th."
So true! I don't know why, but Fridays 13th were always lucky for me.

and happy Halloween to you too! Hope one day you'll forget about those things that had happend years ago!

John B. Marine said...

I can't think of any particular day I feel is unlucky for me; I don't really believe in the Friday the 13th thing.  That's a shame you have bad memories on Halloween.  I love all the fun of Halloween, especially watching scary and Halloween themed movies.  I used to dress up when I was younger; now I love seeing children like my nieces and nephew in their costumes.  Plus, everyone loves candy. I hope this year is a better Halloween for you John. :)  Happy Halloween!

Principessa Gabriella 

John B. Marine said...

Same here...Fridays 13th were always lucky for me, too.I have some problems with Tuesdays and the 14th day of the month:-? 

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