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@Inspireu2Action is an initiative set by Julie Barbera. If the Barbera surname sounds familiar, that's because Julie is the sister of inspirational singer Amy Barbera (previously featured on "John's Blog Space"). I figured for this blog post that I introduce my international audience to the work of Julie Barbera. Maybe you will get to gain her insight and let her advice empower and encourage you. Remember that all of my material are positive spaces, even with the most negative and depressing topics. So allow me to discuss Inspireu2Action.


Inspireu2Action was created by Julie Barbera. These are podcasts and messages created to help empower and encourage people to get through life. Julie offers up personal insights and offers a handful of useful advice based on her experiences. Biblical insight is also offered at times also.

The main idea behind "Inspireu2Action" is to get people inspired and motivated to make changes in their lives to become better people and live better. Motivation can be tough, but at least Julie Barbera provides a basis behind getting started. Her advice is helpful even if you feel you don't need extra inspiration. In that case, perhaps Julie can help you become better even if not facing some crisis. She provides calming words and encouraging thoughts to help you do and feel better than you have previously. You don't have to live like life is the most depressing thing ever. Let Julie offer up wonderful thoughts to help you become the amazing person you were destined to be.

So if you're in need of some positive reinforcement, just remember that Julie Barbera is here to help empower you to take action one inspired step at a time. Julie does all she can to help... inspire you to action!

Final Thoughts.

In today's negative world and within our own transgressions, Julie Barbera's "Inspireu2Action" initiative is a source of positive energy and inspiration. Anything to help provide something wholesome and powerful is much appreciated in today's society. Handling the task of inspiring and motivating others is not as easy a task as it could be. Yet still, Inspireu2Action is a tremendous boon to positive thinking and living better. Julie's advice is as beautiful as her looks. Visit her home page to check out Inspireu2Action across social media later in this post. You will not be disappointed or feel left out- I can assure you that.

If Julie Barbera Is Reading This...

Keep up the great work with all that you do. Your insight is a great help to us all. You are just as amazing with your inspirational content as Amy Barbera with her singing.

(And hello to Amy Barbera if she's reading this post as well!) :)

For More Information...

Visit to gain her positive insight into life and to check out the encouraging material she provides.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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