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Amy Barbera

(UPDATED: July 11, 2012)

Amy Barbera
^ from: - Amy Barbera- A singing goddess.

Back around September 2007, I got a friend request on Myspace from a musician named Amy Barbera. The native of Hagerstown, Maryland, USA is an inspirational singer with an amazing voice and is very powerful in her music. She is someone whom has battled an eating disorder and has relentlessly never let her dreams and visions go to waste. In case you've never heard of her or her music, listen to this angelic goddess by visiting Amy Barbera's Myspace page. Or you may visit her official home page at (this link will appear again later in this blog post, so don't worry about clicking this link right now).

(Blog post original date: November 11, 2009 at 12:21 PST)


JUL 11 2012 - several small updates

--- Amy Barbera: A Singing Goddess ---

Florida-based Amy Barbera her music brings sunshine to the lives of those who most need healing and inspiration. Anyone familiar with Midas in Greek Mythology knows that Midas has the power to turn anything into gold. Amy Barbera makes the same impact through music. Maybe not gold as far as turning a mood ring or a friendship bracelet into a 24-karat gold bracelet, but her music touches you in a special way. Beautiful music with a beautiful voice usually results in music that is both enjoyable for almost anyone even remotely fond of music. There is a magic to her music. It almost feels as if her music has the power to turn an ugly world into something beautiful. Regardless of what season it is, each note seems to make barren wasteland seems to be green plains with an abundance of flowers growing. Each verse is like she's curing the ill with her sweet voice. Amy Barbera's music is medicine, only you don't have to pay for it or even be sick at all. Amy Barbera's music will captivate you to the very core. If you listen to her music, there's a high chance you will be captivated too.

Another note about Amy Barbera is that she has battled an eating disorder for nearly two decades. If you want to listen to a radio interview featuring her battle with her eating disorders, you can check out this interview: Straight Talk Amy Barbera Talking About Eating Disorders. Or, you may have a look at this video which sort of chronicles Amy Barbera's story along with her singing a song for you. This is sort of a preview of her singing talent:

^ "Amy Barbera Shares her Story and Sings Make Me a Butterfly"

So in addition to being an inspirational singer, she is also an survivor. Amy Barbera is a beautiful and strong woman who will warm your heart guaranteed.

Her message to the world: "Smile and laugh!"

--- Amy Barbera and Her Singing ---

(added: July 11, 2011; edited July 11, 2012)
You may have heard a little of her singing if you've visited the previous links and videos. Do you want more of her singing? This section will surely interest you if that's the case.

Make Me a Butterfly.

This first video is not from Amy Barbera's YouTube channel, but someone made a video using one of her most popular songs. So please have a look and a listen to "Make Me a Butterfly." This song was inspired by Amy when she was trying to nurse a pet butterfly named Grace to good health. Unfortunately, Grace passed away. Regardless, her influence has made "Make Me a Butterfly" such a great song to listen to. So please have a look and a listen to "Make Me a Butterfly" below:

Paint Me a Rainbow.

Let's get colorful now. No better way to do so than to talk about rainbows. "Paint Me a Rainbow" is one of Amy Barbera's other popular songs. This is an upbeat dance-type song sure to uplift your spirit. Feel free to listen:

Walking on the Stars.

(ADDED: July 11, 2012)
As someone who loves stars and space, this one will surely hit the spot. Amy Barbera's latest and most moving song is this lovely number right here called "Walking on the Stars." Okay... welcome to Amy Barbera's space:

Other Videos.

Now for a few other videos highlighting on Amy Barbera's exceptional character. Feel free to check these out...

This video was her audition for a contest to sing with Susan Boyle. She sings "Silent Night" right here:

This video is very cute featuring Amy Barbera. No singing involved here- just Amy and her creative self. Shame on you if you don't even crack a smile to this Christmas video:

Isn't she cute? :)

This blog post, for the most part, is over. Want more Amy Barbera? Please visit the following links (including her brand-new home page):

Amy Barbera's official home page (ADDED AUG 10, 2011)
Amy Barbera on Myspace Music
Amy Barbera's Facebook Fan Page
Amy Barbera's YouTube Channel (amybarbera)
Foto. Pictures. « AmyBarbera Official Fan Page for Italy and Spain.
Amy Barbera on CDBaby
Amy Barbera on iTunes
Amy Barbera on ReverbNation

UPDATE (2/22/2010) Want more Amy Barbera? Here are some of her music on Amazon:

--- What I Would Tell Amy Barbera (if she read this)? ---

We've never met in person, but I have enjoyed listening to your music and feeling your inspiration. You are a wonderful person! Speaking of meeting...

Would I Want to Meet Amy Barbera (if given the chance)?

For as long as I've been introduced to Amy Barbera, I've longed to meet her. So if by chance we meet, I'd LOVE to meet her.

If they may be reading this blog post, I'd like to send a special salute to both Lisa Marie and World Wide International Records, LLC. Thank you for reading!

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