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Teretonga Park Raceway

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The world's southernmost race track can be found almost five miles (4.97 miles; 8 kilometers) south of Invercargill, New Zealand. It is also the world's southernmost FIA-approved race track. At an estimated 1.63 miles (2.62 kilometers) in length, it is a fairly short course that still will throw you off guard if you get lazy behind the wheel. It seems like the kind of course that would be pretty cool to see the Australian V8 Supercar Series race around, but I don't think they've ever raced at this course. There aren't any grandstands from what I've seen in pictures. I'm sure people probably just camp out like at most American courses. I learned that "Teretonga" means "swift south" in Maori. The track was established in 1957.

I do sometimes get blog hits from Invercargill, so it's time I give my New Zealand folk some John's Blog Space love!

--- Teretonga Park Raceway ---
Let's take a look at this track:
Teretonga Park Raceway track map
^ from: - a track map of Teretonga Park in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Teretonga Park, as I mentioned, is fairly short while also being quite a handful. The loop is a very long sweeping left. You need to be ready to quickly attack Castrol after the loop. A set of Esses follow leading up to the tricky hairpin. A long straight after the Hairpin is broken up by a left-hand kink called Brickyard. The only thing separating you from the Start/Finish line is the super-slow GWD Elbow. The front stretch awaits you then, followed by another 1.63 miles of racing goodness in far southern New Zealand! I have to imagine with this track being so far south in the Southern Hemisphere, it has to be pretty cold.

Here is a video lap around this course:

Track Times.

The all-time lap record around Teretonga Park was set back in 1998 by a Formula Holden race car. Greg Murphy clocked a lap time of 0.51.208 around Teretonga Park in a Formula Holden Reynard 92D back in 1998. Most relatively fast cars should have no problem lapping this course at or just below one minute.

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