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The Sony Bloggie Series

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I am considering getting a Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5. The Bloggie is the replacement for the Webbie camcorder. It takes memory formats other than the proprietary Memory Stick Pro Duo like which the Webbie only allows. For its usability, the Bloggie is a wonderful camcorder and a lovely replacement for the Webbie. As of the date of this blog post, I am considering getting one. Don't be surprised if I do have a Bloggie even well after this blog post. You'll know I have a blog entry to make a review on it proper. But for now, this blog entry concerns my thoughts on the Sony Bloggie series as I am thinking my own Bloggie.

--- Setting Up the Story... ---
(taken from a past blog entry)

As part of a master plan, I bought and installed a 1 GB RAM module for my PC. A bigger plan I have considered is to get a new camcorder. There is nothing wrong with my Insignia NS-DV1080P, but as with anyone of any industry, you need to be opportunistic and seek new things. So I am considering getting the Sony Bloggie.

Why am I considering this camcorder? The primary reason is that I want something more portable and more doable when making videos. This camcorder wasn't one of my options for Christmas 2009 because it wasn't released then. Then too, my PC didn't have the RAM requirements. That's also the reason why I thought about, then passed on any Flip camcorders. What I love most about the Sony Bloggie (especially the MHS-PM5 model) is that everything was pretty much made for video blogging (or vlogging). I upload my videos to YouTube (look up "JohnMarineTube" on YouTube to see my work). With the RAM upgrade for my PC, it now opens the doors for trying out new hardware and looking for more powerful stuff to push my creativity all the further. One such way to do that is to go with a much better camcorder. I feel that I will be better able to make videos on the go so that I don't have to be in my room or someplace.

--- Why Do I Want to Get a Bloggie (MHS-PM5)? ---
The Sony Bloggie does a great job of providing outstanding video quality in addition to beautifully sharp images. It is a serious step up from my Insignia camcorder. I have only posted a few videos from my Insignia camcorder and don't really feel I can make much with this camcorder. So in looking to the future, if I am to keep providing great YouTube videos, I'll need to step up with a better camcorder. And in so, I am considering a Sony Bloggie to be my next camcorder. My videos and channel were never meant to be about impressive visuals or any high-voltage personality, so I don't care if videos from the Bloggie aren't production firm quality. I was always low-key and casually professional. That aspect of the bloggie doesn't concern me at all. If I DID have a concern about the Bloggie, however, I wonder if the Bloggie would fit into any of my PC's USB slots. That's the ONLY fear, if any, that I have with the Bloggie. That, and I hear that the Bloggie is not good at close shots.

Upon seeing other videos, the MHS-PM5 has an alternative jack that allows you to plus it into a PC without needing to put it in a certain slot. This will assure me that I will be able to use an SD card. The MHS-PM5 Bloggie loads and takes pictures quicker than with the Insignia I use currently. I will use the Insignia as a backup.

Here is a demonstration of the video and picture abilities of the Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5:
* Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 demo * Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 (alternative)

Why Not a Kodak Zi8 Instead?

Some people are even picking the Kodak Zi8 over the Bloggie. Even though the Zi8 delivers better image and color quality, it just doesn't suit my needs all that much and what I look for in a camcorder like the Bloggie.

Why Not (any Flip Camcorder) Instead?

While I love the Flip camcorders, they don't suit me too much for my needs and for the needs of my video making. One of the reasons why I didn't get one was I didn't have the PC requirements for which to use the Flip camcorders. And also, I become skeptical in that there is no external memory support. I think Flip camcorders have since been improved, but I'm just not really much about the Flip camcorders anymore. I won't say that the novelty worn off. It's just that they don't really tie into my video making much.

Why Not a Bloggie MHS-PM5K Instead?

The MHS-PM5K features a unique 360-degree lens. It can be dizzying if trying to make videos, so it's better suited for taking pictures rather than shooting video. I don't think I NEED something like this.

Why Not a Bloggie MHS-CM5 Instead?

You'll find out why later in this blog post...

Now you know about the Bloggie series... and knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe! :D

--- The Next Step for Me ---
WMV videos is how I started off. It then went to converting AVI to WMV. Now... I am considering MP4 video. I have the PC now to take on HD video. The only problem, however, is that I don't have the PC space to store certain HD videos on. I may experiment working with HD video and trying to upload them. I may just rely on using an SD card or something to store, upload, and edit videos without needing to store videos on my PC. I will also have to think about using the Bloggie to upload straight from the camcorder to the Internet.

Considering that I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD9, using a Sony product with a Sony camcorder means that I can be able to almost seamlessly use the two to make and edit my videos. MP4 is my next frontier. Maybe not 720p or (especially) not 1080p, but it will be my next avenue to try to boost my appeal on YouTube.

--- Sony Bloggie Range ---
The Sony Bloggie range was recently extended. By going to a Walmart last month, I noticed a new version of the Bloggie. This one has a touch screen. I will share my own ideas on the range. As an Amazon Associate, you can also shop for the Bloggie models by clicking on the product links.

Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5.

Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5
^ from: - the Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5.

The camcorder I have sung the praises of through this blog post has been the MHS-PM5 model Bloggie. It is the camcorder that really suits my needs as a blogger. I feel I can do more with this camcorder than I can do with my Insignia camcorder. I can't quickly whip out my Insignia camcorder much like I could with something like the Bloggie.

Looking for the Bloggie MH5-PM5 on Amazon? Here you go:

^ MHS-PM5 (other colors available).


Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5.

Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5
^ from: - the Bloggie MHS-PM5's brother, the MH5-CM5 Bloggie.

The reason why I don't really want this version of the Bloggie is because I want to have a basic camcorder for simply filming myself as well as nicely taking pictures. A flip-out MP4 camcorder is just more fun and versatile to me than a typical camcorder. It is also less bulky to have a flip-out camcorder. Still, the MHS-CM5 Bloggie is a very capable camcorder delivering great image quality with the same ease of use as provided among the Bloggie range. It is a bit better in image quality than the MHS-PM5 model. Also unlike the MHS-PM5 Bloggie, the MHS-CM5 model features HDMI output so you can access your media on an HDTV unit.

Looking for the Bloggie MH5-CM5 on Amazon? Click on the image below to learn more about it or to buy one on Amazon:

Sony Bloggie Touch.

Sony Bloggie Touch
^ from: - the latest in the Bloggie range, the Bloggie Touch.

Offering much more usability, the Sony Bloggie Touch delivers a much more powerful package than the MHS-CM5 and MHS-PM5 models. Full 1080p HD video and 12.8 megapixel images are possible with the new Bloggie Touch. Both feature a touchscreen. You can tilt it vertically or horizontally for either regular or widescreen pictures and videos. Like the other Bloggie models, the Bloggie touch has its own software package for easy access of videos and pictures. They also come with auto macro and 4X digital zoom. The Bloggie Touch comes in two different memory capcities- the MHS-TS10/S features 4GB of memory, and the MHS-TS20/S comes with 8 GB of memory. It is possible to record up to two hours of 1080p video with the MHS-TS10/S and four hours of 1080p video on the MHS-TS20/S. Unlike the regular MHS-PM5 Bloggie, however, the lens is fixed. You can't adjust it up and down. Also unlike the non-Bloggie Touch models, the camcorder does NOT allow for external memory. So all the memory you need is in the Bloggie Touch without needing any external memory holding devices.

You can buy the new Bloggie touch on Amazon (among other places)! The first image is for the 4GB model (MHS-TS10/S), and the second image is for the 8GB model (MHS-TS20/S):

^ 4GB model

^ 8GB model

For all other things Sony Bloggie (including accessories) on Amazon:

You can shop for a Sony Bloggie online, where you can even engrave your own Bloggie. Visit Sony Style USA for more information on other Bloggie models and how you can engrave your own Sony Bloggie. The MHS-TS20/S Bloggie can be ordereed in blue or pink ONLY online. You may have to look around on the website I provided to find the Sony site for your country/region if you are one of my non-American readers/viewers.

Please remember that I will post a blog entry reviewing the Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 if and when I get one. Thank you for reading! Subscribe to my blog via FeedBurner (or any other aggregator in the sidebar)! Click on the graphics below to subscribe to both of my blogs, and also Become a Fan (or Like) my Facebook Fan Page:
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