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Angelica Ganea

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(UPDATED: April 9, 2012)

Angelica Ganea is a singer from Romania (but based in Canada) with a beautiful and heavenly singing voice. Her singing style is that of the pop and classical variety. Hearing this singer sing her heart out is absolutely beautiful. This blog post will introduce you to the wonderful singing of Angelica Ganea. This initial post mostly is a brief look at Angelica.


APR 9 2012 - updated look of post and added Search Description

--- Angelica Ganea at a Glance ---

This lady is Angelica Ganea:

Angelica Ganea
^ from: - Angelica Ganea of her "Remember Who You Are" album. If you think she looks beautiful, wait until you hear her sing!

I have found a couple of videos to demonstrate Angelica Ganea's singing ability. She is often noted for singing in more octaves than most other singers. Please have a look at these videos I've found for this blog post.

This video features "The Sun Sent me a Ray (To Keep Forever)." Please have a listen to her singing and her style:

Angelica is Romanian and (as you can tell) can sing in English. Did you know she does Italian as well? Have a look at this video. By the way, she wears some lovely outfits in this video:

So how does Angelica sound when simply talking? Hear for yourself:

--- What I Would Tell Angelica Ganea (if she read this) ---

Keep up the great work! Your bold, yet powerful singing reminds me a lot of someone whom I have great respect for- Sarah Brightman. You are beautiful in looks and in singing. It was a great pleasure of you to introduce me to your music via YouTube. Many blessings to you in future endeavors.

Would I want to Meet Angelica Ganea (if given the chance)?

It would be an absolute treat to meet her. So definitely.

If you want more Angelica Ganea, please visit the following sites:

Angelica Ganea's official website
Become a Fan of (Like) Angelica Ganea on Facebook!
Angelica Ganea's YouTube Channel (AngelicaGanea)

I will add more links in the future if I can find some more links to feature. Thank you for reading!

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