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Vicious Circles

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Vicious circles have reoccurring problems that result in nothing getting done. Vicious circles (also called vicious cycles) involve the same issue(s) circulating, rendering us incapable of accomplishing tasks or achieving goals. Everything comes back to the same faults or weaknesses. Especially for people trying to do things like lose weight or get a job, some of the same problems arise with hardly any answer to break such circles and emerge. You try to accomplish something; but one problem leads to another problem, then another problem, then another problem... almost like you are driving forever on a highway loop with no offramp in sight. That is what being trapped in a vicious cycle is like. You want to get off that freeway but keep going in circles with no way to escape. You want to break that cycle so you can accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish. However, vicious circles will prevent you from making magic happen because the same issue(s) will keep preventing you from completing certain tasks.

The opposite of a vicious circle/cycle is a virtuous circle/cycle; however, this blog post is about vicious circles. I am hoping again to address a not-so-nice topic and offer some positive and encouraging advice.

When Faced With Vicious Circles/Cycles...

So what can you do if faced with living in a vicious circle? The main goal is to try to have some kind of way to break a cycle that is tearing you apart inside and preventing you from living better or staying happy. Everyone's situation in a vicious circle is different. What is often done to try to help certain situations opens up several other possibilities and problems. A potent solution is what we all want when faced with such shaky situations. You find yourself finding other ways to gain comfort and control, but some of these methods could make things worse. For example, people drink alcoholic beverages or smoke to get over certain rough times or troublesome situations. These actions provide mostly temporary relief, but these actions can potentially make things worse. So the best way to break a vicious circle is to opt for something to provide more effective relief from pain. Rather than be locked into a no-win situation, find some sort of way to emerge from being caught up in a loop limiting your productivity. You may need some motivation from others either internally or externally. You still need to have some kind of way to overcome such odds and break from vicious circles.

Life has its fair share of moments where it seems difficult to live happily each day. Sometimes when you try to remedy bad situations or do your best damage control, certain solutions only lead to more problems or no definitive way to overcome problems. So consider your situation wisely and do not do anything that can only make things worse. The last thing you want when facing hard times is to have even more problems to deal with.

Do your best to break vicious circles in your life. Some negative never-ending cycles in life just need a little something to help make life and living enjoyable (as opposed to overly stressing). It won't be easy. Everyone's situation is different. What is most important is being able to find ways to break free from an endless loop of negativity rather than let such vicious circles take over your life. Having said this, be hopeful and strong.

It is always tough discussing certain life issues. However, I want to do my best to offer some kind of support or help. I don't have the answers to all of life's questions, and I do not work miracles. I am living life as best as I can- just like you are. There sometimes need to be moments where I actually give back rather than post nonsense all the time. I do what I can to inject some positivity to an otherwise negative world. If you appreciate my efforts, I would like for you to please Subscribe and follow this blog and my others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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