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Turtle Beach Recon 60P

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I admit not being any hardcore gamer. In fact, I was never a hardcore gamer. So why would someone like me get a gaming headset? Well, I want something better for audio and voice chatting than my USB headset. I did my research and decided to get myself the Turtle Beach Recon 60P from a Wal-Mart. It was what I wanted and was within my budget. If I could, I could have picked up the Turtle Beach PX24, but I got the lower-spec 60P headset instead. Anyhow, I am here to blog about the Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P

Let me share with you the headset I will be referring to in this blog post...

Turtle Beach 60P gaming headset
^ from: - This is the Turtle Beach 60P gaming headset. This version is for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.

Turtle Beach is a company I am familiar with prior to getting this headset. I had a MIDI cable to hook from my music keyboard to the PC, and I think it was from either Turtle Beach or Voyetra. Anyhow, Turtle Beach offers the Recon 60P as a rather affordable headset for gaming and even for listening to media on your PC or on your mobile device. The Recon 60P comes in a regular version and an amplified version. The amplified version is only for consoles. This is a wired headset, and I don't think In my case, I bought the regular Turtle Beach Recon 60P headset for the PS3 and PS4. Live streamers on Twitch and YouTube use headsets the likes of Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P at a Glance.

When I tried out the Recon 60P on my PlayStation 3, it was a bit tough trying to open the box, take out the contents, and find out what goes where. You do get a manual letting you know what all goes where. You can also use this headset on your PC. If you don't have a USB port on your PC and if you have individual green and pink ports on your PC, you will need to purchase a PC splitter cable from the Turtle Beach website. I took the advice of one website to simply jack in the USB port of the headset to this super-long cord. I felt then that I didn't need to purchase the PC splitter cable to use this headset on my PC. At least for my Windows 10 PC, it is plug-and-play. So the device will be recognized on your PC as long as it is jacked in. You can even use the headset as well as the microphone. Speaking of the microphone, you can detach the microphone so that it doesn't get in your way listening to music. You can adjust the microphone to your liking. Just make sure it is plugged in. The Turtle Beach Recon 60P has one device that allows you to turn the volume up and down as well as turn the microphone on or off. The amplified audio only applies to console gaming.

Using the Turtle Beach Recon 60P.

The Turtle Beach 60P offers a very comfortable experience. It offers a comfortable feel on your head and on your ears. Sound quality is very good. I wouldn't say impressive, but you do get a great hearing experience. Sample recordings of my voice in Audacity were fairly good. Not exactly clear, but I did enjoy most of my results. I used this very long cord included to connect my headset to my PC. The cord is so long, I literally stood outside of my room and still was able to comfortably still be able to hear my headset without venturing too far from my PC! The two things you need to be careful of when doing voice chatting is that your microphone is properly connected and that you have the microphone enabled.

Final Thoughts, Review.

This Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset is perfect for me and my needs. I am not blown away by it, but it is a great gaming headset for my needs as a gamer and as a PC user. I can not really find any faults with this headset. Unless you want something a bit more hardcore for your gaming needs, try some of Turtle Beach's other, more expensive headsets. I actually was very pleased with my purchase of the Turtle Beach Recon 60P. Maybe you will be too if you were sold on my review of this headset.

I want to attempt a live stream or do some other kind of stream someday. I want to be able to listen to my work and speak using this Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset. My own speaking could be supplemented as audio tracks to my videos. So the possibilities are endless to me. Regardless of these possibilities, at least I know I have a great gaming headset to make this all happen.

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