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Eye Opener

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(UPDATED: July 18, 2012)

News, weather, and traffic; all to get you going for the day. When the NewsFix was in for CW 39, it meant radical changes to compete for news supremacy in Houston. Another radical change was Eye Opener. Though Eye Opener has been on since May 9, 2011; my first time really seeing Eye Opener was not too long ago. It is therefore time to offer thoughts on CW 39's brand of morning news. I welcome you to John's Blog Space and another blog post on JBS!

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NOTE: This is not any paid review or anything. The material you are about to see is all based on personal commentary and my own personal review of this program. I will make any needed changes or edits needed to better service my reading audience if need be. I would encourage my loyal readers to contact me any sort of way of any changes I need to make.


JUL 18 2012 - made multiple edits

--- Eye Opener at a Glance ---

I usually start off with a picture, but I couldn't find a good enough one to feature here to set the mood for this blog post. So I'll be using this one:

Eye Opener logo
^ from: (Eye Opener's Facebook fan page) - Wake up to a new style of morning news. Welcome to Eye Opener!

Eye Opener is a different kind of morning show meant to compete with the other morning newscasts. Remember Mia Gradney (featured among my favorite Houston news personalities)? Yeah. Well, Mia is one of the different personalities of Eye Opener. Each weekday morning, this crew delivers up news in a very casual way. It is television morning news that is as unpredictable and as unconventional as some morning radio shows.

The Previous Crew.

This is the Eye Opener crew (click on any hyperlinked names to read his/her bio):
Sean Dowling, reporter
Mia Gradney « now a reporter for KHOU as of JUL 2 2012
Bohuš Blahut, Casual Expert (first name pronounced "BOH-hoosh")
• Kirby O'Connell
• Adam Lee Campbell (better known as ALC), "Acapella with ALC"
• "Wrench"

These are among some of the many personalities of Eye Opener. Only Mia Gradney is the one I've mentioned previously here on John's Blog Space, among some of my favorite Houston on-air news personalities.

The Current Crew:

Danielle Vollmar ()

What You Must Know...

A few notes on this initial blog post...

• I saw Eye Opener at around 7:39 AM Central [Daylight] Time on Friday, October 28, 2011. What I discuss here is based on the 20 minutes of Eye Opener I was able to see from today and from what more I saw on Eye Opener online.

So with this out the way, it's time I make my own review of "Eye Opener."

--- Eye Opener: Basic Thoughts ---

This is really a different sort of morning show. It is surely non-traditional, as most morning news have a traditional newscast designed to get you going for the morning easily. If a usual morning newscast is like starting a day with a cup of coffee, then watching Eye Opener is like starting your day... with a can of Red Bull (or any other energy drink). The same sort of irreverent material you'd probably see on NewsFix is what you'll find on Eye Opener. To my knowledge, Eye Opener isn't all Houston-based and all Houston-operated. In fact, I read the Eye Opener material is based in Chicago with Houston news breaks. It is mostly a national show as opposed to a Houston-exclusive program.

Speaking of the aforementioned NewsFix, when I first tuned in to actually see Eye Opener for myself, there was NewsFix-style news on Eye Opener when I tuned in. And I'm like... oh, I remember this from back in March when I compiled my lengthy review of NewsFix. I can't bring myself to watch NewsFix. So I basically muted out the NewsFix part. I later saw and heard Marci Izard (reporter and sometimes anchor for CW 39 News) make mention to news, weather, and traffic. Unlike NewsFix's "f___ anchors and f___ reporters" format, Marci's voice actually discussed the weather in a brief manner. Later the attention goes from the CW 39 team to the Eye Opener team as they came along with some... interesting topics. Newsworthy topics are discussed, just not really typical stories about typical topics (like politics, for example).

Online Dish With Maggie.

At around 7:45 AM, "Online Dish With Maggie" was on. This was the first time I've seen Maggie Flecknoe on my TV since the CW 39 News format gave way to NewsFix. The beautiful blonde from Colorado still dishes on some of the most interesting and gossip-worthy topics. I have seen some of the most recent Online Dish segments from Maggie (or "Blondie") in preparing this post. No shortage of interesting topics from Maggie including her unique commentary.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I have noted Maggie Flecknoe as one of my favorite Houston on-air news personalities. Here are more links for you to check out to compliment this blog post:
My Favorite Houston News Personalities (besides Maggie Flecknoe)
"Online Dish With Maggie" on
"Like" Online Dish With Maggie on Facebook

I also blogged about "Online Dish With Maggie" in this blog post. Check it out: "Online Dish With Maggie" - John's Blog Space.

Videos Gone Viral.

Trending videos are as much a part of CW 39 News as anything else. Your taste of the most interesting Internet videos get some face time on Eye Opener. These would be those videos that get all kinds of hits online or are worth watching.

Those are the segments I was able to see on TV. To learn about other segments featured on Eye Opener, such as Your Moment of Cuteness, visit Eye Opener's website.

--- Eye Opener: Final Thoughts ---

Touted as a different kind of morning show, Eye Opener is just that. It is a morning show that is more casual and in-your-face while not severely overdoing it. Eye Opener is not NewsFix (a good thing for NewsFix haters), but some of the sort of swagger of NewsFix is instilled in Eye Opener's news. It is surely a different sort of morning news experience. For someone who used to watch FOX 26 Morning News a lot and even ABC 13 Morning News, Eye Opener is radically different. CW 39 delivers mostly casual news in Eye Opener and NewsFix while having a deeper tie to the Houston-area and Houstonians than most of the major local networks do at trying to showcase things on a local level. Eye Opener is no different.

Would I watch Eye Opener again if I were up earlier or if I wanted to see it again? If on a scale of 1-5, where 1 means "least likely" and 5 means "most likely," I would put Eye Opener at 3.5. Or at the most, 3.75 or even 4. I have basically stopped caring about TV/radio news except for weather and sports. So I can't honestly say I'd watch Eye Opener again if I wanted to.

It was pretty cool seeing Eye Opener and actually seeing what it was mostly about. Too bad I didn't get to see the lovely Mia Gradney on TV in preparing this blog post.

Take Your Pick: "Eye Opener" or "NewsFix?"

My answer: Eye Opener.

You can learn more about Eye Opener by visiting . You may also as well as
"like" Eye Opener's Facebook Fan Page
Eye Opener on YouTube
Follow Eye Opener on Twitter (@EyeOpenerTV)!

Perhaps I should see more of the show more often so I can provide a better look at Eye Opener. This will do for now, though. Thank you for reading! That concludes this blog post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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