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Online Dish With Maggie

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(UPDATED: April 20, 2012)

"Online Dish With Maggie" is an online program where Maggie Flecknoe dishes out her opinions on various issues ranging from news topics to various entertainment topics. Maggie's got an opinion she wants to share, and you're invited to hear her out. You're also invited to react to her opinions. Get social with this program and offer your opinions featured in each installment of "Online Dish with Maggie!" This blog post is my own sort of review of this program.

BEFORE I BEGIN: This is my own personal review of the show. All content and opinions expressed are of my own. All material presented are for entertainment and educational purposes.


APR 20 2012 - added another video, added another link

--- Online Dish at a Glance ---

How about we take a look at this show at a glance?

Online Dish.

The Online Dish program began as a cool little feature during back in the CW 39 News days. A brief promo during the 5:00 PM news featured Maggie Flecknoe sharing a certain issue and inviting viewers to post their responses via Email and Twitter. Facebook would be an option for people to interact as Online Dish with Maggie got a Facebook fan page. As the show became more popular, "Online Dish With Maggie" became national, airing on a number of different CW networks nationwide. The entire look and feel would later change with a new logo, but with the same beautiful blonde-haired host. "Online Dish With Maggie" now is part of CW's Eye Opener.

As for the topics expressed on the show, these can range from news issues to certain entertainment topics. Saucy sex-related topics are featured as well. Needless to say... this show's popularity is justified. Don't believe me? Check out this old promo for Online Dish With Maggie:

Now more about the host...

Maggie Flecknoe.

If you have read some of my older blog posts, Marguerite (better known as "Maggie" or nicknamed "Blondie") Flecknoe is someone whom I've featured before here on John's Blog Space. This name shouldn't be too foreign because I've featured her as one of my favorite on-air Houston news personalities. Maggie is the sassy and savvy host of Online Dish. Hailing from the state of Colorado, many people know Maggie for her anime voiceovers in a number of different anime. Among some of her work includes "Pani Poni Dash," "Highschool of the DEAD," and a number of films for Houston's own former ADV Films. Besides vocal work, she has also participated in a number of theater acts.

Maggie has a very nice voice. Her speech happens to be both silky and sweet at the same time with no compromise either way. Want to hear a vocal sample of Maggie Flecknoe? Check this out:

To learn more about Maggie Flecknoe, visit www.maggieflecknoe.com. You now know of the show and the host. Now how about some opinions? Let's go.

--- Basic Thoughts on "Online Dish with Maggie" ---

I guess it's time I dish on Online Dish. So let's do it.

"Online Dish" Review.

If you want to treat each installment of Online Dish as meals at a restaurant, then you can say that Maggie is one amazing chef at preparing such delicious helpings of Online Dish to the masses. Remorseless and real, she delivers her opinions on topics in her own unique way. It doesn't mean you have to agree with her all the time, but this is one lady who speaks her mind with almost no fear of backlash from viewers. The amount of effort put into her opinion-sharing is immense. On top of that, she shares her thoughts much like I do my videos and blog posts- casually professional- professionally discussed, but in a casual manner. Opinions are clear and concise. Again, you don't have to agree with what Maggie says, but her opinion(s) on the topics she covers are worthy of respect.

"Online Dish with Maggie" Samples.

Now that I've reviewed this show, here is a sample video I'd like to share with you all. Open this link in another tab or window to see this installment of Online Dish: Online Dish: No Hoochies Allowed! Schools Ban Scandalous Prom Dresses.

(ADDED: April 20, 2012)
And here is a video showcasing Maggie dishing on a topic:

So did you enjoy this review? If so, you're invited to get in on "Online Dish With Maggie." Visit www.39online.com/entertainment/onlinedish to get in on Maggie's Online Dish.

--- What I Would Tell Maggie Flecknoe (if she were to read this) ---

I greatly appreciate your work. Maybe I don't watch too much anime, but I greatly appreciate all of your work in all of your many different on-air and voiceover work. Your voice is as beautiful as your looks. Your personality is incredible. All I can ask for is that you keep up the amazing work with all that you do.

I kind of did this as a birthday salute since I tried to post this for your birthday. So, uh... happy birthday! Make a wish and blow out the candles on the birthday cake, birthday girl! :)

Would I Want to Meet Maggie (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! Why not?

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Material ---

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That concludes the cross-promotional material.

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Thank you for reading!

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