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Proms and Prom Style

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(UPDATED: July 18, 2017)

Proms (short for promenades) mean party time for high school Juniors and Seniors! Pretty dresses for girls and cool suits for guys are the norm along with those prom dances. I have never experienced a prom personally. In fact, my high school life has been very depressing. The high school I would eventually graduate is no longer with us. Enough about my sad life- it's all about you, and all about you prom dancing folks! This blog post regards promenades. Or as they are commonly referred to as by their shorter name- proms.

Special Welcome To...

I would like to welcome those high schoolers looking to take part in prom as well as the parents of prom-going teens. If you have had prom before, I welcome you all too.


JUL 18 2017 - multiple updates and edits

Proms at a Glance

As I said before, I have never had a prom before. So I cannot speak from any experience. Many others likely have had their prom ceremonies.

Proms are get-togethers featuring high school Juniors and Seniors in a nice ballroom dance deal. For some prom-goers, prom is like a symbol of social status for high schoolers about as much as Sweet Sixteen parties or Quinceañeras. Because of this, some feel prom is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and your style in ways never before imagined.

Some people tend to question the purpose of prom. A search across Yahoo! Answers notes that prom is a dance forum to help high School Juniors and Seniors build social values. Prom is sort of like the intermediary between transitioning from high school to college. Proms are also eventually the transition from being a teen to being an adolescent. Think of proms more like Coming-of-Age parties or debutante parties for grade schoolers looking to head up to college. For many high schoolers, however, it is more like a Sweet Sixteen party (or some other event where social status and significance play a high role).

No matter what you think about proms, these events mean a great deal to all involved.

Prom: The Style Aspect

prom guy and prom girl
^ from: - a prom couple.

I have read and seen so often of specially-made dresses, most of which controversial. Imagine being a girl wearing a supposed prom dress that shows too much skin or is too revealing for a high school girl's age. Prom can be a big deal in style and in personality. What you're going to get out of this section is a look at prom dresses. While most of my Fashion and Style blog posts relate to feminine fashions, I will try to make an effort to get guys involved too, because guys obviously want to look good too.

Prom Style: What Works (Female)?

I believe that high school girls should seek prom dresses that are both fun and beautiful. No need trying to be the sexiest girl in town. Even parents would probably say this. Or if you dare trying a flirty prom dress, it would be best to find a dress that is the middle ground between cute and sexy. Of course, don't forget about a lovely pair of dress pumps or dress sandals to complete the look. Some more ambitious types try to find some booties or shooties. Just avoid Converses, flip-flop/thong sandals (except dressy ones), crocs, sheepskin boots, house slippers... you know, any shoes completely NOT for prom.

Prom Style: What Works (Male)?

The basics- a great-fitting tuxedo, well-groomed hair, some cologne. Come on now, guys. Show some swagger! What guy wants to be that boring dude with no game at the prom with so many lovely ladies at the prom? Find a good pair of dress shoes to complete your tuxedo look. Go hard or go home!

Most of the rest of this blog post concerns prom dresses.

Prom Dresses in General

If you're a girl about to experience the prom, you obviously need a prom dress. But before you seek out to get that prom dress, there are a number of different factors and topics to consider. This section highlights on individual issues regarding prom dresses and putting your look together. Many of the items featured here are based on items I've read online and are passing along to you.

Short or Long?

A classic question about prom dresses relates to whether to go with a short dress or a long one. I think it's up to you. My preference would be to go with longer dresses because longer prom dresses are classy and beautiful. If you prefer to be flirty and daring, that is not a problem at all. I just have a preference more towards class for an event like the prom.

Prom Dress Trends.

I couldn't care less about trends- just wear what makes you happy. So what if you're not on trend like all the other trendsters? I created this section in case you need some awareness for trends. Here is a general idea of some of the different trends for prom dresses:

• bright, popping colors
Perhaps the biggest of prom trends, this is all about bright and expressive colors for dresses. It's all about that pop of color.

• dramatic ball gowns
Some people will complain that old-style ballroom dresses are boring. However, there's nothing wrong with showing some classy style on the floor. You can still have fun in your prom dress while looking vintage fabulous.

• printed floral patterns
Absolutely nothing wrong with floral pattern dresses. Lovely floral designs that provide vast contrast to the other colors can be a stylish statement for your prom night.

• oversized ruffles
I can be a sucker for ruffles. Ruffled prom dresses can be gorgeous. Never be afraid to express some feminine charm with a lovely ruffled dress for a prom. Or in this case, oversized ruffle dresses.

• crystal embellishments
A girl wants to sparkle and look her best. Crystal embellishment dresses are a nice way to do so. This is a uniquely feminine and charming look for the girl who wants to sparkle and shine at the prom with her style. Never be afraid to go with a dress that has crystal embellishments or some other sparkly details.

• high-low
When you can't decide between a short prom dress and a long prom dress, get the best of both worlds! Such prom dresses show a good amount of leg while still being mutually a long dress.

• one-shoulder dresses
In feminine fashion, nothing says stylish like giving a cold shoulder... while still looking hot! :) The one-shoulder look is a daring touch while not being too daring.

Here are some others I just want to mention:
• sweetheart necklines
• beaded prom dresses
• oversize watercolor dresses
• short prom dresses

Again- don't look to my blog posts for trend reports. I'm only providing this in case trends mean a lot to you.

If you want some insight from a celebrity on picking out prom dresses and putting your look together, I present you this YouTube video featuring the sweet-as-sugar and beautiful Texas girl... Selena Gomez (watch around the 1:09 mark for some rapid-fire responses to certain prom fashion questions):

^ from: Seventeen Magazine's YouTube channel

Prom Dresses in Pictures: Styles

The good, the bad, and the ugly will come your way with pictures from around the Internet. The first picture usually sets the tone for a blog post, so let's begin on this note.

There are many kinds of prom dresses that will make you feel like a princess. It takes confidence and charm to wear a prom dress and feel beautiful at the same time. These dresses help exemplify this. Each prom dress example will be noted by a certain heading to note different styles of prom dresses.

Prom Princess!

prom princess
^ from: - Be the prom princess and rule like a queen with your immense charm!

Nothing makes a girl feel happier than wearing a beautiful dress while also feeling beautiful wearing it. I refer to this as a prom princess because she rules the prom floor with her elegance and charm wearing an equally elegant prom dress. The most beautiful girl is the girl who is confident in her dress and in her image. Not as many are confident to wear a glamourous dress, let alone a dress in general. Looking and feeling like the prettiest girl in the room is always fun. Are you a prom princess yourself? Always try to feel confident in your dress.

Modest Miss.

modest prom dress
^ from: - Why be sexy when modest beauty can be just as lovely?

If you don't want to wear anything revealing or flirty, you can always be modest. You've probably read my blog post on Modest Dressing, whereas the topic is on wearing simple and non-revealing clothes. I'm sure school peers won't revolt against you just because you choose to dress modestly rather than show some skin. Maybe you are a modest prom girl- one who'd rather wear something non-revealing while still looking as stylish as any other more popular girl. And, that's okay. Perfectly fine.

Flirty Prom Girl.

flirty dress
^ from: - Take a daring stand and be a cute little flirt at the prom!

Dare test the flirty waters with a flirty prom dress! An ambitious girl would take a chance wearing a short prom dress or a slightly sinful prom dress. The prom girl who is flirty would want to wear a fun dress that makes her stand out among all the others. She's the one who feels it is imperative to wear a hot prom dress while looking and feeling fun. However, she doesn't want to wear a dress too revealing for her age (like Miley Cyrus is often guilty of).

BLOGGER'S NOTE: I was careful picking a picture for this section because in looking for a flirty dress, there is a clothing designer called Flirt. This was on FLIRTY dresses; not Flirt's dresses.

Goth Prom Girl.

Goth prom dress
^ from: - If you don't want to be a pretty prom princess, you don't have to. The Goth version of a prom princess is something like this above picture.

If there's one thing I usually attest to, it's when some are like... "I'd rather dress hard than like a prissy princess." I was drawing inspiration for my "Party Time!" blog post as I saw a YouTube video with prom dress advice. One of the mentions was a prom dress with fishnet stockings and combat boots. A good number of YouTube folk attested to the idea of a party dress with combat boots. Despite my mini-rant, rejoice if you choose to look hard rather than be some dainty beauty because a Goth prom dress can be just as unique as any girly or dainty dress. I hate the notion that you are somehow required to dress hard/tough. If you want to look cute and/or chic, go look cute or chic- don't let other people dictate your style like your sense of style means nothing to them. If this is how you choose to showcase yourself at the prom, who am I to stop you? It's YOUR prom, not mine.

I think the key colors are black with red or black with purple/violet.

Those are some of the many different prom dress styles.

Prom Dresses in Pictures: No-Nos!

Absolute no-no dresses are those that are any of these:

• too revealing/too much skin
• (pardon me for using this word) hoochie mama-like dresses
• just plain ugly dresses

Most parents in their right minds wouldn't allow their daughters to go out to prom dressed trampy or some sort of unsatisfactory prom dress. I know there are those (and I am talking about girls who take part in prom here) who would want to wear whatever kind of dress they so choose, but many have to realize that while prom is a big deal, it isn't like a night at the nightclub- you don't have to be the hottest girl in the place or prove you're the hottest girl in the city. You are in a school setting with your school peers. So therefore, there is no need to express your style in a way befitting of wanting to outdo everybody else. If you want to push the envelope without overstepping the boundaries of being a young high school Junior or Senior, it would be best to go with a short prom dress with a flirty design to it.

Some dresses just lack class entirely and have very little in the way of style. I actually wanted to post pictures, but I didn't want to invade piracy or get on the bad side of any prom dress fashion victims (including one here in the Houston/Galveston area who got arrested for her skimpy prom dress). Some girls who try to go to the prom with revealing and skimpy prom dresses are disallowed to participate in prom.

Prom Dresses: Special Considerations

This is a section devoted to some special cases for prom dresses. It is always best to find a prom dress to compliment your figure, your body, your size, and other considerations as such. Anything I post relates to material I have read online in preparing this blog post. So please- don't look to me for advice. I am just posting relevant material based on what I've read from different websites.

Prom Dresses: Petites.

Even for the prom, you can be a sweet petite! Petite prom dress recommendations (based on include prom dresses that have full skirts and with little details. Slender petites should seek sheath dresses or mermaid dresses. Vertical line (as in pleating) dresses are also great to consider. Read more: More information courtesy of

Prom Dresses: Plus/Extended Sizes.

One of my most popular blog posts in Fashion and Style relates to plus size fashion. I think my blog post on plus size fashion has accounted for me meeting many different curvy ladies and earning their respect. Curvy ladies deserve to look as fabulous as their more slender counterparts. One of the best at formal dresses for plus size girls is PacificPlex. They offer stylish clothing for a great variety of curvy (as well as non-curvy) ladies. Unless you are a plus size petite, a ball gown will do you no wrong as a plus size prom girl.

Prom Dresses: Busty.

If your finest assets are your chest, there are prom dresses to help you stylishly compliment your chest in a classy way. You would obviously want something to compliment and accentuate your chest while still wearing an immensely comfortable prom dress.

Prom Dresses: Hourglass.

Not every female has an hourglass body. Not every female has the body of a classic Coca-Cola bottle. The key asset of an hourglass figure is that of a short waist and an attractive body. Therefore, a dress made for such slender waists will suffice and make you the hottest diva in the room.

For more advice on prom dresses for certain body types, visit's link on dresses for body types. (Plus Size Prom Dresses at Sydney's Closet)

Prom Fashion for Men

prom tuxedo
^ from: - Show swagger and style, guys. What girl at the prom wants to be around a guy who isn't charming or has no game?

Get yourself a tuxedo and let your handsome charm shine! Unless you have piles of money, you'll likely want to rent a tuxedo or a suit. You guys out there can look to places like The Men's Warehouse and places like that. Just make sure to get properly fitted and such. It is also a great help to be properly groomed and even wear some good cologne. Sure- it's a prom, but even guys know they have to look and feel their best on a special occasion like the prom. So give yourself some swagger and some charm, guys!

I have worn a tuxedo only once. Back in November 2007, I wore a rental Joseph and Feiss tuxedo from the Men's Warehouse. I had to get properly fitted to look my best in a tuxedo. The whole package for a tuxedo includes a shirt, a vest, tuxedo jacket, and tuxedo pants. You may even have rental dress shoes to compliment the tuxedo. I always try to consider wearing dressy shoes that don't nick the back of your feet when you walk.

I have found a link that includes some more fashion advice for guys for the prom. Interesting thing is, it's written by... a female! You know it's interesting when a female provides fashion advice for males. Check this out: What to wear to prom - - for guys! This link will be featured again later.

Personal Notes

Let me say once again- I have NEVER had a prom. My high school life has been pretty depressing- no prom, no yearbook, no stuff like that. My only memories of high school friends of mine has to be relied upon by my photographic memory. I wish I could say that I've had a prom and can provide ample experience. However, I haven't any experience. So I had to do the next best thing for this blog post- look up various websites to make a quality blog post for all of you. I've done too much and read too much to not provide a quality blog post for all of you. You came to my blog wanting some quality material to share and read, and I am doing you all a disservice if I don't give you my best in discussing something. So I hope you have enjoyed my blog post.

If you really love my work, subscribe to my blog. Access and "like" my Facebook fan page. Don't just come and go- let me know if my blog post means something to you and if my blog is worth your time!

Online Resources

These are mostly online resources meant for folks here in the United States (and maybe Canada too).

Prom Readings.

Here are just some basic resources on proms themselves. These range from online resources to even where you can just find some prom dresses for girls and tuxedos for guys:
Prom Mafia
Tuxedos for Prom
Prom articles from Seventeen Magazine
pretty for prom
Prom Night Tips for Girls on
World of Prom, from (advice, dresses, tuxedos, and more!)
What to wear to prom - - for guys!

Prom Fashions and Prom Fashion Advice.

Here are where you can shop for prom dresses online (or just find some prom dresses online):
prom dresses on JCPenney
Prom Dresses at Macy's
Prom Dresses for Juniors from Dillard's
Seventeen Magazine prom dress finder
PromGirl - The Online Prom Superstore
eDressme Prom Dresses
Beautifully Modest (prom dress link)
(Plus Size Prom Dresses at Sydney's Closet)

• PacificPlex (dresses offered for US Women's sizes up to 3X), choose one:
...PacificPlex Short Prom Dresses
...PacificPlex Mid-Length Prom Dresses
...PacificPlex Long Prom Dresses

Prom Dress Designers.

Most of these links send you to either the designer's website or prom dresses offered from the designer's website. Have a look:

Jovani (Prom Dress link)
Tony Bowls (click on "Special Occasions" and then "Prom Dresses" to see their lineup)
Flirt Prom by Maggie Sottero
Blush Prom by Alexia Designs
Faviana (Prom Dress link)
Kiss Kiss Formal by Mary's (Prom Dress link)
Bella Formals (includes prom dresses and modest prom dresses)
Night Moves Prom (prom dresses as well as Quinceañera dresses)
Tiffany's Designs

Prom Fashions (Houston/Galveston Area).

NOTE: This section is ONLY for Houston/Galveston-area readers of my blog. As much as I try to gain an international audience, it is equally important not to alienate my local audience. So these are sites and places you can visit if you live in the Houston/Galveston area and want to shop for prom fashions. The majority of locations are mostly in Houston. So please visit these sites if you're in the Houston area and want to shop for prom dresses...

Formal Gallery (includes prom dresses and many other formal dresses)
Anna's Bridal (prom dresses and tuxedos offered)
Prom Dresses on M2 Milan Bridal
Amy Lee Bridal (prom dresses offered)
Muzzies (prom dress link) registry of prom dresses in Houston

Al's Formal Wear Locations in the Houston Area

For the first time, I will offer Google Maps data where you can find more items. So please use this map below to search for prom dress dealers in the greater Houston/Galveston area. Click on the big markers for the big locations, and click on the small circles for other Houston-area locations that offer prom dresses:

Prom Dresses in the Greater Houston/Galveston Metro Area

View Larger Map

(NOTE: More material may be added in future edits for all sections.)

And of course, you can ALWAYS visit Amazon for prom dresses and tuxedos! :) Let me help you...

For prom dresses on Amazon:

For tuxedo suits on Amazon:

For dress pumps:

And on that note, I must end this blog post. Thank you for reading! :) Have a wonderful and enjoyable prom!

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