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Take Your Pick - Singapore or Hong Kong?

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Two lively Southeast Asian locales are featured- Singapore and Hong Kong. They were also two former British colonies. Both cities are surely two of the liveliest in Asia. If you had to choose between going to either one of these two places, which would you choose? This is another installment of my "Take Your Pick" series of blog posts, where I encourage my readers to share which is better. So let's do it!

--- Take Your Pick: Singapore or Hong Kong? ---

Which do you think is the cooler city? Visit the hypertext links in the headings to visit each city's official travel website. And, uh... TAKE YOUR PICK!

Take Your Pick: Singapore.

Here is a YouTube video (or two) showcasing Singapore:

^ "City by City - Singapore (HD)"

The city-state of Singapore is a lively and eccentric city, not to mention very beautiful. My racing fans know Singapore for the annual Formula 1 night race around the Marina Bay district of Singapore.

Take Your Pick: Hong Kong, S.A.R., China.

So you've seen Singapore. What about Hong Kong, though? Here's your Hong Kong love right here:

^ "City by City Hong Kong In HD"

Often seen as the New York City of the Far East, Hong Kong remains one of the world's liveliest cities. I have always seen Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China as an exciting city. I think it is one of the most futuristic-looking cities. I often get blog hits from Hong Kong from all kinds of districts of Hong Kong. The only tower I'm familiar with is the tall IFC (International Finance Center) building that dominates most of Hong Kong's skyline.

A thing I learned about Hong Kong is that its flag bears a flower called the Bauhinia blakeana. By the way, the full official name for Hong Kong is: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China.

So you now know about these two unique locales. Which is better?

--- Singapore or Hong Kong? ---

Both cities are nothing short of spectacular. I would go to both if I were traveling around the world.

Why Singapore?

Singapore has its own unique character. I usually think of the merlion statues shooting water into bays and fountains. They are a spectacular sight. Speaking of spectacular, the city looks amazing at night.

On the blogging side, Singapore is home to two bloggers I follow- missingavenue and Xiaxue. missingavenue is a fashion blog of a young blogger named Melody expressing multiple styles of hers. Xiaxue is a veteran fashion blogger proudly representing Singapore. Her material includes fashion and beauty.

missingavenue - Everyone's reading it.

Why Hong Kong?

I tend to like Hong Kong as it is a very futuristic city. Just watch when Hong Kong has some of its laser light shows when it's nighttime. Hong Kong is very futuristic.

Hong Kong is the hometown of one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Kwong. This is a fashion blog

Miss Kwong

Which Would I Choose?

It is very close to call. If I HAD to choose one or the other, I'd probably go with Hong Kong; but I think both places are amazing.

So take YOUR pick of these two cities! Which do you like better? Thank you for reading!

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Dominika :) said...

It's a really hard choice, since both of them are extremely far away from me and they're nothing like what I'm used to. Plus, I'm a keen traveller and I would love to see so many different places all over the world. I think I would go for Hong Kong though. Like you said- it's like the Asian version of New York, my favourite place in the whole wide world :) I'm pretty sure there is no time for boredom and there is always something interesting to see! Can't wait to read more of your 'Take Your Pick' posts, it's such a great idea :)

By the way, thank you so much for stopping by. You are totally sweet and your comments always put a huge smile on my face :) I have been told that the pictures weren't that good, so your uplifting words were definitely what I needed!

GlamKitten88 said...

Doesn't Singapore have lots of sex shops or something?  I choose Singapore.  Also, there are fewer people in Singapore than in Hong Kong, which is like the crowded capital of the entire world.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

GlamChameleon said...

It would be hard for me as well to choose, I would weight it for quite some time. I think both places are amazing, and you made such an interesting choice this time!!
Wishing u successful and prosperous week ahead John!!!

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