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Take Your Pick: Sydney or Melbourne?

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Two of my favorite Australian cities make up this "Take Your Pick." If you were to visit Australia, which city would you visit- Sydney or Melbourne? They are two of my favorite Australian cities. Which would you choose if you were to visit either of these two cities? I am especially proud of all the support I get from people worldwide. Both in blogging and on YouTube, I have gotten lots of support from people the world over. Especially Australia and New Zealand are two of my biggest international audiences. Since I'm talking about Australia, I especially salute and welcome all of my Australian readers and visitors to another post on "John's Blog Space."

--- Take Your Pick: Sydney or Melbourne? ---

I have online friends from both Sydney and Melbourne. I'm sure (and hopeful) I'm doing both cities proud in this blog post. I am fond of both Sydney and Melbourne. Most of the "Take Your Pick" posts I do primarily concern two different things that I think are great or interesting. So here, I chose two Australian cities that I think are among two of the loveliest in Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are the two cities I've selected for this edition of "Take Your Pick."

Before I give my pick, here is a look at why you should care about both cities:

Why Sydney?

I have always considered Sydney, New South Wales, Australia as one of the world's most beautiful cities. No lovelier view of Sydney than with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I have seen how Sydney celebrates New Year's Day with fireworks and such from the bridge. From a video I saw showcasing one New Year's celebration in Sydney, the woman in the video described Sydney as a "sexy city." I'll agree to that! In my view, Sydney is a very lovely city. Fancy the beach life? Look no further than Bondi Beach or Manly Beach.

On the sports front, I basically know Sydney as being home of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Summer Games. I also know it in racing for Eastern Creek (nowadays called Sydney Motorsports Park) and for the Australian V8 Supercar Series racing on the streets of Homebush Park. Only sports club I know of most in Sydney is the Sydney Swans of Australian Rules Football.

Sydney is home to the amazingly cool YouTube heavyweight, Natalie Tran of communitychannel. It is also home to fellow blogging friends like Natalie of "Lucy and the Runaways" and Rachel of "the autumn castle" among others. It is also home to the amazingly handsome David Paris (whom you may remember when I discussed androgyny in fashion and art).

Here is a video showcasing more about Sydney (click on the link below if you can't view Flash video):

^ "Visiting Sydney, Australia in a Minute"

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is a gorgeous city as well. It has been hailed as being very clean and safe. Melbourne has some very nice architecture downtown. There is a lovely blend of old and modern with some of the many buildings. A lot of Victorian-era buildings can be found in Melbourne. I also know Melbourne for where Monash University is located. I've only known of Monash University for its Formula SAE program. For you racing fans, the Melbourne area is home to both Holden and Ford Australia. Holden is headquartered in Port Melbourne, and Ford Australia is headquartered in Campbellfield. So you could say that Melbourne is kind of like Australia's Detroit- as far as the Australian automobile industry is concerned.

In sports, I know Melbourne mostly for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix around Albert Park. F1 has been racing around Albert Park since 1996. Before then, it was the streets of Adelaide that served as host to F1 racing in Australia prior to Melbourne. Besides this, you can get your racing action at Philip Island. The Philip Island racing circuit provides a unique view of the Pacific Ocean, as well as play host to the Philip Island 500 in Australian V8 Supercar Series, as well as big time racing action with World Superbike and MotoGP. And being in the Australian state of New South Wales, you are only 200 kilometers (124.28 miles) from the Mount Panorama Circuit and the madness of the Bathurst 1000.

I do admit that I wish I knew a lot more about Melbourne than what I know before making this post. I prepared this by mostly doing some light research and going off the top of my head trying to post facts to the general reading/visiting audience.

This video shows you more about Melbourne (click on the link below the video if you can not view Flash media):

^ "Melbourne, Victoria, Australia"

--- Which Would I Choose? ---

I love both cities and would love to visit both cities, but if I had to choose one over the other (which I HATE to do when you love or more things very much), I'd go with Sydney. Its beauty and character are both undeniable.

--- Which Would I Choose? ---

For more information on both cities, visit these websites:

For Sydney...

Official Sydney Website
City of Sydney Homepage

For Melbourne...

Visit Melbourne
City of Melbourne - Home

That's all.

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Enjoy your time on John's Blog Space!

Which location would YOU choose between Sydney and Melbourne? Take your pick, and thank you for reading!

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