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My Favorite Australiasian Cities

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A Look at Some of My Favorite Cities in Australia and New Zealand.

(LAST UPDATED: November 17, 2011)

I have considered adding topics regarding Australia and New Zealand to my "Pacific and Oceania" label. The label was created back in September or October of 2010.

This is a chance for me to share some of my favorite cities in Australia and New Zealand. Australasia also includes Papua New Guinea, but since I don't know anything on Papua New Guinea, I'll share just Australian and New Zealand cities. Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular countries to visit my blogs in Oceania. So I figured I'd share some of my favorite cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Hello to any and all of my readers from Australia and/or New Zealand.

--- My Favorite Australian Cities ---

In my update of this blog post, I did a little re-arranging and some remodeling to keep this post fresh. You may visit the official home pages of each city if each city interests you by clicking on the heading to each city.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
^ from: traveljournals.net - Sydney's Opera House coupled with the beautiful buildings of downtown Sydney.

WHY: It's my favorite cities in Australia. Whether it's the lovely Sydney Opera House, Homebush Park, Sydney Bridge, or whatever... Sydney is a fantastic city. It would be the city I'd most want to visit if I went to Australia. It is a city with great beauty. And from a lot of the New Year's celebrations I've seen in pictures and in video, Sydney is just an awesome city. And if you're a fan of Australian Rules Football, you know your love your Sydney Swans.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
^ from gamespot.com, by way of imageshack.us - the skyline of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

WHY: As much as I love Sydney in New South Wales, I equally love Melbourne in Australia. I mostly know Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix around lovely Albert Park. The place is just fantastic. I do wish I knew more about Melbourne than I would like to, though. Melbourne (especially in the suburb of Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is also the home of Holden.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
^ from: discoveraustralia.com.au - Adelaide is my favorite city in the state of South Australia.

WHY: Again, I know Adelaide best for the Adelaide street race course. Adelaide itself is a very nice city. It's the only city I know best in South Australia. There are also some lovely buildings and architecture in Adelaide.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
^ from: discoveraustralia.com.au - Adelaide is my favorite city in the state of South Australia.

WHY: Perth is the only city I know in Western Australia, and it's one of my favorites. Perth is one of Houston's Sister Cities. That is, if you're familiar with Sister Cities International. Great architecture and lovely waterways make this city quite lovely as you stare out at the Indian Ocean to your west. And if you're a racing fan in Perth, you likely love going to Barbagallo Raceway.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
^ from: happyzebra.com - downtown Brisbane.

WHY: I wish I knew more about Brisbane to be honest. But the various pictures I've seen of downtown Brisbane are wonderful. It's also the home town of one of my favorite motorsports announcers, Leigh Diffey. Lovely city from almost any angle.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
^ from: topnews.in - Gold Coast, or Surfers Paradise, is a combination of a beautiful urban city with sandy beaches.

WHY: Don't think sports can introduce you to places? Outside of the Surfer's Paradise street course race, Surfer's Paradise is a very beautiful city. The beach life can be very lovely there too.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia
^ from: travelpod.com - Townsville is a beautiful coastal city in the state of Queensland. Magnetic Island is in the distance.

WHY: I learned of this city with Google Earth, then found out about the Australian V8 Supercar race at Reid Park. It is a lovely place from pictures I've seen, and I'm pretty sure that looking out to sea to see Magnetic Island has to be equally awesome. Lovely place.

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Northern Territories, Australia.

Ayers Rock
^ from: perth-getaways.com - Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is as much a natural symbol of Australia as Mt. Fuji in Japan.

WHY: Japan has Mt. Fuji. New York City has the Statue of Liberty. Rio de Janerio has the Redeemer Statue of Jesus Christ. If there's anything natural or man-made that has me immediately thinking of Australia (except the Sydney Opera House), it's Ayers Rock. It's an awesome place.

Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia

Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia
^ from: totaltravel.com.au - Darwin is one of Australia's northernmost cities.

WHY: While not as lively as Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane, Darwin has a little of everything that's really unique. I hear it's called the Top End City. And if you're a racing fan, then you love you some Hidden Valley.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
^ from: touringtreasures.com - Hobart is my favorite city in the Australian island state of Tasmania. It is the hometown of former Australian V8 Supercar Series champion, Marcos Ambrose.

WHY: Hobart is my favorite city in Tasmania. Maybe my favorite part of Hobart is Battery Point. Hobart is where Australian V8 Supercar racer turned NASCAR racer, Marcos Ambrose, was born. A lot of pictures I've seen of this city are mostly serene and lovely. It would be the only place I'd visit if I went to Tasmania because it's the only city I know and love in the state of Tasmania.

These are the Australian cities I think are lovely. These are the ones that just come to mind to me instantly.

--- My Favorite New Zealand Cities ---

Time to give you Kiwis some love. This is a very old blog post, and I didn't have the "Pacific and Oceania" blog label before making this edit. I am now starting to better recognize New Zealand as part of my "Pacific and Oceania" blog label. So let me share with you some of my favorite cities in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand
^ from: duatravel.com - Auckland is surrounded by two harbors, one on each side.

WHY: Auckland is just a beautiful city whether seeing downtown or the two harbors. There's just something to love about this fantastic city. It's the city I love most in New Zealand along with three others.

Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington, New Zealand
^ from: bugpacific.com - Wellington, New Zealand.

WHY: Wellington is a lovely place as well. I saw a YouTube video or two showcasing the loveliness of Wellington, and Wellington is a great city.

Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christchurch, New Zealand
^ from: rendezvousagent.com - this is my favorite city on the South Island of New Zealand.

WHY: The serenity and loveliness of this city is just fantastic. This city (according to a YouTube video I've seen) just seems to be lovely from almost any angle. Lots of lovely buildings, lovely parks, and lots of lovely cathedrals. I also hear that this is "the most English city outside of England." Lovely city. I've also learned this city is called the Garden City.

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown, New Zealand
^ From: travelpod.com - Unlike the most of the cities mentioned in this blog entry, Queenstown is serene and quiet.

WHY: Of all New Zealand cities I've mentioned, this is the most recent New Zealand city I've loved. It's a lovely and mostly serene city. And, it's the hometown of my YouTube and Facebook friend, Anna. A lot of the aerial views are very lovely.

These are really the only cities I know of in New Zealand immediately to comment about.

I would like to thank all of my viewers around the world whom have visited my blog. For all intents and purposes for this blog entry, thanks to all of you from Australia and New Zealand for viewing my blog. These are as many Australian and New Zealand cities as I can name and as I'm aware of that I love.

Here was an old video I did long ago:

^ "My Favorite Australian and New Zealand Cities" (7:39.000 long)

Thank you for reading. Please be sure to comment at will!

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