Wednesday, December 2, 2009

John's Motivation - Keep on Keeping On!

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I'm not prospering much blogging and doing YouTube videos. I'm not prospering much and feeling like I'm really feeling like someone respected and honored like being something special. Sure. I haven't done too much of anything to really let my blog and YouTube channel come alive as of late. I haven't gotten any new subscribers lately. In fact, I don't think I've gotten a new YouTube subscriber since November 19th of this year. But you know what? Sometimes, the best way to make positive progress is just to keep on doing what you love. The most important thing to note is that if you stick to something you love and keep trying to enhance your image, people will eventually come to see and love your material.

--- Keep On Keeping On: An Analogy ---
Here is an analogy for you all. Imagine a young lady aged somewhere between 18-25. She's beautiful. Never had a boyfriend before. She wants to envision becoming a loving wife and a proud mother of a child (or an undisclosed number of children). She has the charisma, personality, character, and overall charm to be swept off of her feet by a handsome, loving gentleman. Despite her best efforts to make herself marketable to finding that dream boyfriend and eventually be married and have children to him, she's still stuck at the bottom... hopeful her moment will one day come. Hopeful she will be the proverbial bride, as opposed to being the bridesmaid.

If you have all the tools and can't improve any further than you can, then all you can ever do is just keep on keeping on. You just have to keep doing what you love and keep doing it to perfection regardless of what critics daresay. A special lesson I've learned is that time may seem to drag on with no real progress. I've always learned this quote- tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is NOT a repeat of unfulfilled promise. Instead, tomorrow is a time to look for new ways to get ahead in life. Tomorrow is a new challenge in perhaps a better chance at reaching a high you haven't yet reached. Tomorrow is a day in which you consider obstacles old and new that could get in your way in acheiving any short-term or long-term goals. Stay with the task at hand and keep working to enhance your chances of success. Keep on keeping on, because commitment and endurance has its benefits and offers its rewards at day's end.

--- Plateaus (NOT the big rocks in deserts) ---
I must rely on the general public-at-large (yourself, included... since you're reading my blog entry here) to help me get to respectability and greater progress towards something special. I face many plateaus in a lot of aspects. In case you don't know what kind of plateau I'm talking about, I'm talking about when you reach a period when you can't make any positive progress. Stability is good in certain fields of study, but when you're trying to become popular or respected, a plateau is something you want to avoid having to experience, especially for an extended period of time. So what are some of the plateaus I'm experiencing? For example:

* I'm plateauing in meeting new people or trying to connect with past classmates and friends on Myspace and Facebook.
* I'm plateauing with not much in the way of not enough subscribers on YouTube.
* I'm suffering a plateau in trying to really feel like my blog (that you're reading right now) is struggling to get support and comments and views. Nobody has even cared to follow (as in Google Friend Connect) my blog. Not even sure if I have people who actually subscribed to this blog.

But even with my struggles, I know there will be a day and a time in which I really reach a level of respectability the likes I've never seen or experienced before. In a field like this, I do all I can. It's up to the general public to help boost my online work all the further. I can only do so much. And even when I try to do things that I think will help me become a bit more popular, it all results in a plateau. Either that, or an unfulfilled promise. But don't worry- I've had MANY unfulfilled promises in my life. So many times I've wanted to become someone special or do something special, and all that eventually happens is another episode of hopelessness or always wondering what would have been. And if you think I'm saying all of this just to generate positive comments and calming words, you're wrong. I'm truthful to myself and speaking the truth. If I don't feel these things personally, I won't share these in a blog or in a video.

Long story short... KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! You can do it!
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