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Personal Transportation

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The dream of going anywhere in almost anything is something almost everyone has. I always wondered if humans could fly or venture off to wherever they choose. Technology has even played a role in perhaps more ways for humans to get around and go anywhere. Imagine your own sort of vehicle or other piece of equipment to help you get around to wherever you want to go. What would YOU have as your own personal sort of transportation? Do you think your own piece of equipment could even be offered to others interested? This blog post is a look at personal transport and what futuristic devices could possibly be created to help us go almost anywhere we wish.

Is there a dream vehicle or dream device you wish you had and used for your own personal transport? Don't answer this question- just think about it as you read this blog post.

--- Personal Transport ---

When most people think of personal mobility, most think about being handicapped or being bound to a wheelchair or motor scooter. The personal mobility I am discussing here pertains to vehicles you could use to go about life or go on your own motorized adventures. The one thing I tend to wonder about such devices is how you power them and maintain them. Do you need certain fuels to power these vehicles? Let me share with you some examples of personal transport. This will get the post going:

Toyota PM.

This blog post actually draws its inspiration from Toyota, who created a concept called the Toyota PM (Personal Mobility). It is a vehicle that has three different modes ranging from upright to a speedy configuration. My own form of personal transport is somewhat very inspired by the Toyota PM. You'll see later what I would want as my own personal form of transport.

Here is the Toyota PM:

Toyota PM
^ from: - The Toyota PM (Personal Mobility) made its debut at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show.

Sweet, huh? To learn more about this concept car, have a look at this site: How the Toyota PM Works.

Jet Packs.

This is an example of a jetpack demonstration. You got to check this out (click on the link if you can not view video):

^ "Jet Pack School"

Many people (including myself) have always wondered about letting humans be able to fly. One of the most popular concepts is the jet pack. A jet pack if a device you wear like a backpack. And as you use it, you shoot yourself off the ground and into the air. You then use the controls to steer your weight around in the air and even move forward.

A number of video games have had some characters use jet packs to get around. Even in the Pilotwings games, there were Rocketbelt challenges. You really have to wonder where you would actually go and where you would actually use a jet pack, if they were commercially available.

If you want to see some jet pack (or jet pack) videos on YouTube, here are YouTube search results on jet packs: "jetpack" search results on YouTube.

Other Forms of Transportation.

There are some forms of transportation that are less extreme. Some vehicles and devices are meant to be more than suitable for going about on foot. These include vehicles meant for being in places like city parks, college campuses, malls, etc. Such vehicles can be futuristic means towards navigating around urban locales. The many different devices for personal transport range from scooters to motorcycles to unusually-designed cars.

Have a look at some of many different futuristic vehicles for personal transport by looking at these YouTube videos: "personal transporation" search results on YouTube.

These are only just two examples of personal transportation.

--- What Would Be YOUR Dream Personal Transportation? ---

My dream futuristic device would have to be something like the Toyota PM. Only that my own personal craft would have to also include modes to travel on water or even fly into the air. Such a device would be like my own escape pod. Also, it has to have a very durable glass door/windshield so I could confidently enjoy being on land, on water, or in the air. I'd prefer it to be my own personal transport, but part of me wants it to have maybe room for one or two passengers. Whether or not it could comfortably seat any more passengers is something I am not too concerning of.

I do want it to have some sort of space for carrying things. Maybe I would go out and buy something and want to have it home safely. I'm not saying bags of groceries, but more like maybe enough for a couple golf bags or something. Maybe a few pieces of heavy luggage. It has to be enough for me to carry around certain things I may carry.

It has to be able to fly if I want it to. I would like it if my dream vehicle could perform a vertical takeoff like a Harrier fighter jet. This could be helpful if I was caught up in traffic or had to bypass a train stopping traffic. I quite want this dream vehicle to be something to be my own personal form of transport to go about my adventures.

--- Personal Transport: Final Thoughts ---

Everyone has their own dream form of transport. We all know that most of our dream forms of transportation would never come to reality. It is always still great to dream regardless. Whether your dream transport device is a car, some kind of motorcycle, some futuristic pod, or whatever; you can only envision what kind of machine you want to have as your own personal form of transportation that you could live with and use in your life. You know what you want out of life as far as a consumer vehicle is involved. So therefore, you have a dream vehicle that you wish you can use as your primary and personal mode of transportation. Advances in technology make it seem possible for almost any technological thing to be possible. We would certainly build our own devices if we had the resources, finances, willpower, etc. But until we seem to be completely and legally able to make our own dream transportation devices, all we can do is just that- dream.

What would be your dream personal form of transportation? How would you use it? Thank you for reading! Have yourself an amazing day/night.

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John Marine said...

When I was a kid, I dreamed about having one super small car, like it's Smart today, but flying one!! Silly me!:)xixixixi
Happy Sunday dear friend!

John Marine said...

That is so cool! The Toyota PM is so futuristic and the jet pack is so funny. For now, I would just love a modest car!

John Marine said...

I would love for a car to drive itself to my destination. There are so many other things that I could be doing while sitting in traffic... like reading blogs. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

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