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Take Your Pick: Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini?

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Three legendary marques. Three companies that make incredible cars. Three companies that make dream cars for many people. Which of these three exotic car makers would you take over the others? For the first time ever, "Take Your Pick" features more than two items. If you had to choose between cars from any of these companies, which would you take: Ferrari? Porsche? Or Lamborghini?

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--- Take Your Pick: Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini? ---

Ferrari Porsche and Lamborghini
^ Ferrari. Porsche. Lamborghini. Which is the best to you?

A car is designed to take people from one place to another safely and faster than back when mostly horses carried people around. I hate thinking of exotic cars as "luxury" cars; but in practice, cars from the three aforementioned car companies are considered luxury cars. You don't need to have cars with such exaggerated performance. But for many people, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini represent the omegas of automobile transport.

Why would one even want to be around cars from these manufacturers? Well, the reasons vary among automotive enthusiasts and those highly conscious of status. The word "status" is perhaps the biggest factor. Owning something you rarely see on the road is always something to be proud of. In the case of these three car companies being mentioned here, you really say a lot when you get to own a car from Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini. It means you are either very rich and/or very appreciative of automobiles. Some [mostly middle-class] people would mostly feel confused as to why someone would buy or own a car that cost as much as their houses. At least two of the three companies unveiled super-expensive and super-powerful automobiles. Ferrari recently unveiled their "LaFerrari" machine with unreal performance. Lamborghini followed suit with a car that costs nearly three times as much as LaFerrari with the Lamborghini Veneno. Porsche's latest beast machine is the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Now a little more on each respective company. The links in each heading point you to their official sites.


Ferrari is iconic for being fast cars with amazing performance and beautiful-sounding engine noise. They are synonymous with high performance and high speed. You know what kind of company you're talking about when you see a prancing horse on a yellow shield. Some of the most recent offerings from Ferrari include the F12 Berlinetta and the demonic "LaFerrari." When I first got into cars around 1998, one car I was excited about was the 360 Modena. I still think that is a beautiful car even today. It only lacked sufficient power to make them any more awesome.

Ferrari is one of the greatest marques in motorsport. Many people immediately think of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 regards to Ferrari racing. They also have a great history in the ranks of GT and sports car racing. There is no denying the appeal Ferrari has had both in road cars and in race cars. Outside of the high-end racing series involvement, Ferrari is well-known today for their Ferrari Challenge series. There are different Ferrari Challenge series worldwide.

Their success in both road-going and racing cars remain strong even to this day.

(SOME OF) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE FERRARIS:250 GTO, Dino 246 GTS, 288 GTO, Testarossa, 360 Modena, F430, 599 series, 612 Scaglietti, California, F12 Berlinetta, P4/5
(SOME OF) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE RACING FERRARIS:, 330 P4, 333SP (my all-time favorite race car), FXX series, 599XX, 360 Modena Ferrari Challenge Car, F430 Ferrari Challenge Car


Porsche has always been the peoples' sports car maker. Nothing is more iconic in car design than the usual side profile of a Porsche. The elegant swooping profile of a Porsche gives most traditional Porsches their unique personality and performance. While the company based in Stuttgart, Germany makes some of the finest sports cars in the world, their attainability and usefulness far outclass the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. For example, the cheapest newest Porsche you can buy is the base Porsche Boxster, which sells for just over $50K US Dollars. There have been a handful of relatively inexpensive Porsche models such as the Porsche 924 and the Porsche 928. They are also a very practical company with cars such as the Panamera and the Cayenne. So while they make some of the finest pure sports cars money can buy, you don't have to pay too much to enjoy the sheer essence and prestige of owning a Porsche.

To really appreciate Porsche, you must account for their racing heritage. Almost every traditional sportscar racing series has at least one Porsche being raced. The 917 and 962 are two of the all-time greatest Porsche racing cars. The 550A Spyder is one of the most beautiful racing Porsches ever created, and it will always be immortalized with the tragedy of James Dean. You also have the infamous 935/78- commonly nicknamed "Moby Dick" for its whale tail design at the rear. Porsche has even raced in Indy Car racing as well as competing in the Indy 500. They used a March Indy chassis to house their Porsche engine to compete in this level of racing.

There are various Porsche Cup series around the world for those who want to enjoy racing Porsches on some of the world's finest race tracks. They are the best way to enjoy racing Porsches. There used to be a fine event here in the United States called the Porsche Rennsport Reunion featuring Porsches past and present racing on one track in one special weekend. I am not sure if that's still being run or not. The last Porsche Rennsport Reunion was at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in October 2011.

(SOME OF) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE PORSCHES: 911 Carrera series, 956, Boxster, 911 GT2, 911 GT1, Carrera GT, Cayenne, Cayman, Panamera, 918
(SOME OF) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE RACING PORSCHES: 550A Spyder, 917, 962C, 956 Dakar, 911 GT3 RSR, RS Spyder


The prancing bull of Lamborghini represents some of the most demonic and lustful supercars in the world. While Lamborghini is known today for their ultra-powerful automobiles, their very first Lambo was the rather modest (by today's standards) 350 GT. The profile of Lamborghini was ramped up with the absolutely beautiful Miura later in the 1960s. Then along came machines like the Countach. Lamborghini is mostly synonymous with wide, low, and powerful supercars. It is almost as if you're selling your soul to the devil climbing into a Lamborghini. Despite their supercars, they did come up with one of the oddest machines ever- the Lamborghini LM002. The LM002 was a military-type SUV that rivaled the Hummer H1. Lamborghini is planning a new SUV called the Urus as of the date of this initial blog post.

What about Lamborghini's racing history? If anything, Lamborghini lacks a significant racing history compared to both Ferrari and Porsche. I only know their racing for GT racing and the Formula 1 cars that had Lamborghini V12s. When it comes to tuning and racing Lamborghinis, only one group is the finest of them all- Reiter Engineering.

(SOME OF) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE LAMBORGHINIS: Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Reventón, Aventador, Estoque (never produced)

So now you know about the three car companies. Time to make the case for the each of the companies to make up this Take Your Pick.

--- Making the Case ---

It is time to make the case for each item of this "Take Your Pick."

Making the Case: Why Ferrari?

Ferrari makes some of the most lustful and most distinctive cars. You know a Ferrari when you drive and see one. You know what you're getting when you drive or own a Ferrari. Rarely does a Ferrari disappoint in offering driving experiences compared to other cars.

Making the Case: Why Porsche?

Even though they don't make the most ultra-powerful and ultra-exclusive cars, Porsche at least is a car company that offers capable and practical automobiles. Think about the portfolio Porsche offers- a handful of sports cars (including a four-door sports car- the Panamera), some sporty roadsters, and a high-performance SUV. So maybe Porsche isn't a car company that could care about making the world's fastest and most powerful supercars. But if you care about a distinctive car company making distinctive cars with distinctive character no matter which model in the range you drive or own, Porsche has you covered.

Making the Case: Why Lamborghini?

The wildest dreams of most automotive enthusiasts is to drive an absolutely demonic machine and feel as if the world is his/hers. You get that in a Lamborghini. Their cars absolutely personify demonic performance and style. Lamborghinis are truly lustful. Owning and driving a Lamborghini is totally character-inducing. If racing heritage means a lot to you, then prepare to be disappointed with Lamborghini on that front. Even still, there is no denying the appeal and charm of a Lamborghini.

Ferrari vs. Porsche vs. Lamborghini?

Personally, I am a HUGE Ferrari fan. I would likely take a Ferrari over a Porsche or a Lamborghini. I certainly will not be over a Murciélago or an Aventador any time soon. While I've never been too crazy over Porsche, you can't argue against what Porsche offers for all kinds of automotive enthusiasts. Even without some sort of halo car that trumps the fastest Ferrari or the fastest Lamborghini, there is just something about Porsche that makes me overly respectful and admirable of Porsche and what all they offer to many people with many different tastes and needs in what a high-performance car should be.

In other words- I'm a Ferrari fan that chooses Porsche over both Ferrari and Lamborghini. I love Ferrari, but there's something about Porsche that makes you appreciate it much more despite the offerings of Ferrari and Lamborghini. There is a certain character to Porsche that makes me more respectful of Porsche than Ferrari and Lamborghini. This has nothing to do with which has the most powerful and most capable cars. I just think the better overall portfolio and range favors Porsche than the other two companies. Being a Ferrari fan that chose Porsche over Ferrari and Lamborghini is something we like to call... flipping the script.

Which would you take in this edition of Take Your Pick- Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini? Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

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