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John's Corner: Thank You

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This is the *official* 1,000th to John's Blog Space! To celebrate, this is a special edition of "John's Corner." I just want to take this time to thank everyone whom have even cared to visit "John's Blog Space" for whatever reason(s). People around the world have found something to search for in my main blog. Or maybe people just try to use my blog to spam the crap out of others. Maybe you were looking for something online and somehow decided to visit this blog here. Maybe something about my blog intrigued you so much that you couldn't help but visit.

Whatever brought you to my blogging universe, I am glad you have been able to enjoy my blogging content. What began as a blog originally to discuss the Gran Turismo series evolved into a blog where I discuss virtually anything. Speaking of evolution, I must evolve my blog content. I must also evolve this blog with an updated layout. I was supposed to make an updated layout long ago with a certain theme, but that never happened. I am now in the process of trying to come up with a new layout to push JBS (and my other blogs) further. I am looking at various templates and envisioning how I want to evolve the look of my content.

But let's get back to the main point of this edition of "John's Corner." That point is to say two words:

Thank you.

Why is it so important I say "thank you" in regards to my blogging and in my other work? Allow me to explain in this blog post. Welcome to another installment of...

Johns Corner
John's Corner (this graphic is a beta(?) graphic for my "John's Corner" posts)!

For those new to my blogging, I do a lot of typing. However, because I am so much of a perfectionist, I can assure you that these "walls of text" of mine will be worth your time.

--- John's Corner: Thank You ---

Let me present you with something. Imagine you are doing everything you can to try to promote yourself and your content. You were confident enough and hopeful enough people will care. What happens from there is a fork in the road- will you get more support from a loyal audience, or will your work just go unnoticed and ultimately become obsolete or irrelevant? Some people just show up and never be heard from again. Fortunately for me, people have found reasons to stick around.

I have always been under the impression that anybody will read anything. Anybody will post anything; and like any good trap, some unsuspecting creature will take the bait. You took the bait reading this blog post right now. Though being in a trap is usually a bad thing, I have been hopeful this blog can be one you would come back to time and time again. My hope is that I can lend my opinions to the Internet and make my own presence online. Since my first real post to "John's Blog Space" back on January 26, 2009; I felt this blog could really land me respect and honor among the greater public-at-large online. I was never serious about blogging on the Blogger/Blogspot platform until I decided to make "John's Blog Space" into my blog about anything and everything. It used to be something I used primarily to discuss the Gran Turismo series. Then, there was a point where I started discussing fashion and beauty. My blogging popularity almost basically skyrocketed with such a topic I've discussed as well as I could. Right now, I am at a level where I am happiest with what I do. Even for someone who is mostly a stay-at-home person with no proper 9-to-5 job, I am happy as a blogger and a video maker.

International Loving.

The eventual impact ended up with me earning the respect of many people around the world. Part of this international support came from trying to reach out to other bloggers as well as in meeting many people online. I didn't ask for too much in return, but I have been certainly thankful to people whom have been loyal to me and my blog posts. You have no idea how it makes me feel when people "like" me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, circle me on Google+, and stuff like that on various social media.

Part of trying to push my content to various parts of the world and in meeting many people from around the world is to try to meet many people worldwide. How have I been in trying to meet many bloggers worldwide? Here are some of the many different people from various nations whom I've encountered as a blogger: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, the Bahamas, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russian Federation (or just Russia), Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. All of these... among many other locations.

A Little Love Never Hurts.

From young readers to those older than me, from my own Americans to people from various other nations, from my own culture to others' cultures... I have been very pleased to expand my appeal to the world through my blog posts and unique commentaries. As much as I tried to expand my appeal to various others, I am certainly thankful of those who even remotely care about me. It is nice to know that I don't feel I am just wasting my time trying to win over people whom I love and respect.

One thing I regret in my life is not feeling important enough to a general audience. These are times where I feel my work isn't valued to people who visit my work online. I can either try harder or let people just write me off and treat me like I'm just another random entity online. For the loyal kinds who love and respect my work, I am certainly thankful.

Loyalty can be a vague concept sometimes. A loyal person will comment on something with some sort of unique comments. These are the kinds of people whom make me feel my work means something. On the other hand, just because someone comments doesn't mean he/she is a genuine figure. Yes- I am talking about would-be spammers who suspiciously find a blog post of mine post some sort of random or seemingly innocent comment. Even if one person never comes back or never comments in my blog ever again, at least a loyal person lets me know what he/she thinks even if that person agrees or disagrees with my work.

Love in Return.

A lot of my "Beauties" posts have honored various bloggers I follow. I made one or two posts where I generally shouted out to various bloggers I respect. I can honestly say that I have followed many bloggers from many parts of the world.

Without giving any names, I am thankful to come across many people whom have shown their support to me through varying forms of social media. I usually want to feel the least bit humbled by my visitors. So I don't know what people think about me if people don't reply to me in return. Am I respected? Is my presence acknowledged and respected? Or am I just wasting your time? That is one of the other reasons why I sent my own personal E-Mails to others offering my respect to others. I don't want my respect to fall on deaf ears (so to speak).

I certainly want to thank everyone who reached out to me or replied to my material.

--- Extended Thanks ---

I have been thankful for a lot of things in my blogging. Everything from posting quality content to even making money (content always comes before money to me) has been to my enjoyment. I keep blogging because I feel the Internet needs more quality material aside from the usual tomfoolery most other people post online. I have been thankful for many things as a blogger, including:

• 2,000,000+ hits all-time to John's Blog Space
• 100,000+ hits all-time to John's Shop Space
• 75,000+ hits all-time to John's Gran Turismo Space
• 50,000+ hits all-time to StyleSpace, by John B. Marine
• 100+ Followers on Google Friend Connect for JBS
• all the 1+'s I've received for my blog posts

Even though my views have steadily declined compared to in the past, I still keep going because I feel there is still value in what I post and discuss. There are still people out there whom I think are wonderful people. This is about the best thing I can do to contribute to society. With my blog posts and my insight, I feel I've done as much as I could to try to contribute to this online society. I can still do a lot more and for a lot more people.

I won't be totally satisfied until I feel like me and my work actually means something to more than my loyal reading/viewing audience.

--- Final Thoughts ---

Here are some final things to think about as well as basic thoughts of mine:

Thank you for caring about me.
You didn't have to care about who's posting all this stuff, but I'm glad you noticed me.

Thank you for even bothering to read my posts.
My text would be useless rambling, but you found value to me and my posts.

Thank you for supporting my work.
My posts could have just laid around and rotted. You didn't let that happen, though.

Thank you for supporting me outside of blogging.
You "liked" my Facebook fan page. You followed me on Twitter. You circled me on Google+. You maybe even liked my YouTube videos. You are probably a fashion lover who followed me on LOOKBOOK and Chictopia, even though I don't do any outfit posts. You probably even did a little voluntary shopping with some of my posts to further support my work. No matter what- thank you.

Why am I so emotional here? People don't realize what it means to have so much support. Have you any idea about people who usually feel unloved and left behind? Ever think about good-hearted people whom are treated poorly or disregarded? I hear about my own fellow bloggers who get hateful comments. It is okay to receive some hate from others, but if we keep thinking people out there are all out to tear us apart and make fun of us, that is how we end up accepting life- all about being better than the person next to you. Instead of taking time to love and respect others, we feel more like everyone is a threat to our success.

All of my online material is of a positive space. I have had my own issues with depression. There were times in my life where I felt like nothing was going right for me. There were times where I felt I could never have a chance at succeeding. The way some people see life, it makes me feel like if fortunes can't be changed, I feel like the best way to make the world a better place is to offer positivity myself. Basically... being the change I want to see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi once said.

I could basically cry tears of happiness and feel extremely thankful that I've touched so many lives and so many personalities by simply lending my personality and thoughts to others. After all, isn't this the point of what I do? I have accomplished my goals of meeting new people and winning their respect. I am not content with where I am at present. I have to keep improving. I have to continually provide great content. I would like to meet many more people. And maybe if very fortunate... I may actually get to one day meet people in person whom actually love and respect my work, including certain bloggers themselves. Regardless, I am thankful people have accepted me and my work and shown unyielding support.

With more posts lined up for my blogs, let me say this just one last time:


Thanks not only for visiting my blog(s) but also for reading this post! Now get social with me:

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