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Transcontinental European Beauties

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This is the finale of "European Beauties" series. Here, [the Republic of] Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are mentioned. These three nations will be the focal point of this Beauties-themed blog post. Who are some of the loveliest folks from this region? You are about to find out as I discuss beauties Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani descent in this post. I have done all I could to showcase some entertaining material here. I am glad my readers have enjoyed this content I have provided throughout this series on European beauties. This one may be my most challenging one even though I am only featuring three nations here. I am not one to skimp on trying to provide something useful, so let's talk beauties!

NOTE 1: Any media that I can not properly use will be replaced in future edits. Please contact me if there is any material I am unable to properly use. Some of the material I've featured is the best media I could find to represent certain personalities featured here. All material featured is for educational and entertainment purposes.

NOTE 2: Fewer YouTube videos will be embedded as a measure to improve loading times for this blog post. The post may be edited if the initial post takes too long to load. Check for updates.

--- European Beauties: The Series ---

When a new post on each region is complete, expect to see updates linking you to posts in this series. Here is a look at this series of posts. The items in parentheses () indicate all the nations in each given region for which I hope to showcase proper in each post:

Western European Beauties
^ beauties from Western Europe (excluding UK and Ireland- I've already made a post on these beauties. To see my post on UK and Ireland beauties, please visit: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties). Featured persons from this region are from Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands.

Central European Beauties
^ beauties from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Southern European Beauties
^ beauties from Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria

Eastern European Beauties
^ beauties from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian Federation (west of Ural Mountains)

Northern European Beauties
^ beauties from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Iceland, and Greenland

Transcontinental European Beauties --- YOU ARE HERE ---
^ beauties from the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

You will see a number of different personalities representing this specified region. In parentheses () is the nation represented in this post. Someone must either be from that nation or is of some sort of decent from that nation. So for example, an American-born person of Armenian decent or part-Armenian decent would qualify as an Armenian in this post.

This Region - Transcontinental Europe.

Most of what I am making mention to are countries part of southeastern Europe. Three nations are part of this discussion:

• [Republic of] Georgia
• Armenia
• Azerbaijan

For this section, I will be discussing Transcontinental Europe, which consists of the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. All three countries are tabbed as parts of Europe, but like Turkey, are considered part of transcontinental Europe.

As for the aforementioned Turkey, I am considering a "Middle Eastern Beauties" post to discus Middle Eastern lovelies and will include Turkey as part of the discussion.

--- Before I Begin... Lighthearted Musings ---

Let me kind of warm up the mood before sharing some beauties. Maybe you can respond to some of these...

• It is important to note I am discussing the Republic of Georgia. I wanted to make that distinction so that I don't confuse my fellow American readers for mentioning the state of Georgia. I discussed American Beauties from the state of Georgia long ago in my "American Beauties: South and Southeast" post. So check that out if you want to see beauties I mention from the state of Georgia. But in this post, I'm discussing the Republic of Georgia. Its capital is Tbilsi. And sometimes, I get blog hits from the Republic of Georgia.

• Without giving anything away, maybe one of the most popular ones with Armenian blood will be part of the discussion of Armenian beauties. Let's say it's easy to keep up with her and her family if you watch her on television.

• All I know about Azerbaijan is that Baku is its capital, and Baku is a Sister City of Houston. Perhaps I can find some beauties from this southeastern European nation.

That's all from me. Time to begin the blog post.

--- Transcontinental European Beauties ---

THIS REGION: Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

--- Transcontinental European Beauties: [Republic of] Georgia ---

The Republic of Georgia is bordered to the north by Russia and Turkey to the south southwest. Armenia is directly south of the Republic of Georgia, and Azerbaijan is directly southeast of the Republic of Georgia. Please remember that when I make mention of Georgia when discussing Georgian personalities, I am refering to the Republic of Georgia.

Sopho Khalvashi (Republic of Georgia).

Link directs to Facebook fan page.

The first Georgian I'll feature is Sopho Khalvashi. This (born: May 31, 1986)-year old is a singer born in the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia. She represented the Republic of Georgia the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with her "Visionary Dream" song. Here is a sample of Sopho Khalvashi singing:

^ "Sopho Khalvashi-Visionary Dream (My Story), Official Version"

Elena Satine ([Republic of] Georgia).

Elena Satine
^ from: - Actress Elena Satine was born in the Republic of Georgia.

Georgian-born actress Elena Satine was born in Tbilsi, Georgia. Some of her roles as an actress were fulfilled in media such as "Just Go With It" and "Magic City." Many others know her for her performance in "Smallville." She was born on November 24, 1987.

Anna Gurji ([Republic of] Georgia).

Though her proper full name is Anna Giorgobiani, this (born: April 1, 1991)-year old actress goes by the stage name of Anna Gurji. The Georgian is famous for her role in a movie called "If This Day Never Happened." Here is a YouTube video interview of Anna Gurji: Life is Wonderful - interview.

Tieva Lovelle ([Republic of] Georgia).

Tieva Lovelle is an actress as well as a model. She was born in Tbilsi, Georgia. She is known for her acting in the movie "Cold Turkey" as well as doing a commercial for Beats by Dre. Tieva is (born: January 26-1986) years old. I wish I could show you a video (which isn't an Audioswapped YouTube video)or something, but I failed to find something useful to showcase here. So I'll leave it up to you to look at her material elsewhere.

Tina Kandelaki ([Republic of] Georgia).

On November 10, 1975; a girl named Tina Kandelaki was born in Tbilsi, Georgia and would grow up to become a journalist. This slideshow offers a look at this Georgian: Tina Kandelaki.

That concludes the beauties from the Republic of Georgia. I may add more personalities in the future from the Republic of Georgia if I can find any more that I think are lovely.

--- Transcontinental European Beauties: Armenia ---

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. Here are either Armenians or part-Armenians to continue this blog post:

Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian (Armenia).

^ from: (links to article) - Have you kept up with these three part-Armenian ladies lately?

I listed all three in this section from youngest to oldest. I had initially intended to feature just Kim, but I want to feature all three of the popular sisters. And please forgive me if I completely screw up this section.

Unless you've been under a rock or don't really follow celebrities and entertainment, you have to have at least some idea of any Kardashian in some capacity. Meet the Kardashians- or at least three of the sisters. The most popular one of these three is Kim Kardashian. She is an Armenian-American who may just be most famous Armenian in American media. The biggest knock on the (born: October 21, 1980)-year old's appeal is that she's famous... just for being famous. The oldest of the Kardashians featured here is (born: April 18, 1979)-year old Kourtney Kardashian. She is just as beautiful as Kim is. The youngest of these three Kardashians (and the only one younger than me) is Khloé. If you haven't kept up with recent events, the (born: June 27, 1984)-year old Khloé Kardashian has mostly been in recent news especially with her husband- NBA basketball player Lamar Odom and his DUI problems. Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian are all the daughters of Robert Kardashian- the late lawyer of O.J. Simpson during the O.J. Simpson trial of the mid-1990s. Their mother is Kris Kardashian. The only son of Robert Kardashian is Rob.

E! Network watchers know of the Kardashians by watching shows like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and "Khloe and Kim Take Miami." Kim Kardashian's style even inspires the beautiful blogger Mayte of "Maytedoll." I sometimes can't tell one Kardashian from another. However, I can sort of tell Khloé is apart from Kim and Kourtney after doing some extra sort of work in researching this post. That goes to show you how ill-educated I am on today's pop culture. Only a few times have I actually seen episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." I have never seen a single episode of "Khloé and Kim Take Miami."

For more on each of the Kardashian sisters featured in this section, visit these Celebuzz links:

Khloé Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian

Again... I only focused on Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian here.

Rachael Markarian (Armenia).

Rachael Markarian
^ from: - Meet the part-Armenian actress Rachael Markarian.

Rachael Markarian is part-Armenian hailing from Massachusetts. Some of the roles this actress is known for include "Rush Hour 3," "No Strings Attached," and "Katy Perry: Part of Me" among her different roles.

Sirusho (Armenia).

Singer Siranush Harutyunyan is better known by the stage name of Sirusho. She is one of my own Capricorns- born January 7, 1987. She was born in Yerevan, Armenia- the capital city of Armenia. Here is a high-energy music video for you featuring Sirusho:

^ "Sirusho - PreGomesh"

Christine Pepelyan (Armenia).

Link directs to Facebook fan page.

Meet Christine Pepelyan, a (born: April 22, 1980)-year old pop singer from Armenia. She has led a very tough life in her youth- ranging from her parents at odds with each other to being mostly poor and not being as fortunate enough to have such a free and happy life. Through her struggles, she managed to mature and really break out to become the singing star she is today. Here is a beautiful song I've found on YouTube sung by this Armenian beauty. Have a listen:

^ "Christine Pepelyan - Mets Ser // Official Music Video // Full HD"

Cassandra, of "Style Cassentials" (Armenia - Honorable Mention!)

Petite fashion blogger and blogging friend Cassandra has some Armenian heritage in her. You may remember I featured Cassandra among my Beauties in the "American Beauties - Midwest and Central" post. She actually has German-Armenian ancestry in her. That's why I am featuring her among my transcontinental European beauties. If you don't know about this blogger, let me introduce you to her. Cassandra runs the blog "Style Cassentials." She is a curvy petite from the greater St. Louis, MO, USA area whose beauty is much greater than her 4'9" frame. A lot of her outfits are office-oriented, but she does have fun with any variety of casual and night out fashions. Cassandra celebrated the one-year anniversary of her blog not too long ago. Have a visit to "Style Cassentials" and enjoy her many amazing looks as well as her insightful commentary on any number of issues that cross her mind.

More Armenians (or part-Armenians) may be featured in future edits. Stay tuned to this and my other posts!

--- Transcontinental European Beauties: Azerbaijan ---

Closing out this post is the Republic of Azerbaijan. I don't know anything about Azerbaijan except that its capital is Baku, and Baku is a Sister City of Houston. Azerbaijani beauties will be showcased here in this portion of the blog post.

Gulnara Alimuradova (Azerbaijan).

Link directs to Facebook fan page.

Miss Azerbaijan 2010 is Gulnara Alimuradova. This honor was earned by Gulnara despite a number of controversial incidents, including the 2010 competition almost being totally canceled. Gulnara was 21 when she won Miss Azerbaijan in 2010. This is the best I could do... a video slideshow featuring Gulnara can be seen here: Miss Azerbaijan 2010 Gulnara Alimuradova.

Jalya (Azerbaijan).

^ from: - Jalya won Miss Azerbaijan and is also a belly dancer.

Jalya Abdullayeva (or just Jalya) is a former Miss Azerbaijan who is a belly dancer. She performs belly dancing at her studio in London, England, UK. Jalya was born in Azerbaijan's capital city of Baku.

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (Azerbaijan).

"The Princess of Jazz" is Azerbaijani beauty Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. She's (born: December 19, 1969) years old born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Here is a jazz music sample of hers you can view on YouTube: Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Dance of Fire.

Flora Karimova (Azerbaijan).

(Born: July 23, 1941)-year old Flora Karimova is a singer. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Here is a sample of her singing from a performance in 2009: FLORA KERIMOVA - Bir Xumar Baxishla.

Mehriban Aliyeva (Azerbaijan).

The head of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and First Lady of President Ilham Aliyev (the President of Azerbaijan) is Mehriban Aliyeva. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan on August 26, 1964. Get to know Mehriban Aliyeva a bit more by watching this slideshow video: The First Lady - Mehriban Aliyeva - Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva (Azerbaijan).

Though born in Moscow, Russia; (born: July 3, 1985)-year old Azerbaijani beauty Leyla Aliyeva is the First Daughter of Ilham Aliyev- the President of Azerbaijan. She is the editor-in-chief of an entertainment and lifestyle magazine called "Baku." This video features Leyla:

^ "Eurovision Fan Club: Leyla Aliyeva values the initiatives of the Eurovision Fan Club of Azerbaijan."

If you have Facebook, you can alternatively look at her Facebook fan page here for more pictures: Leyla Aliyeva's Facebook fan page.

That's all. I may include some more Azerbaijani personalities in this Beauties-themed post if I come across any more lovely personalities from or of Azerbaijani descent.

--- John's Corner: Challenges of Beauties Posts (Bonus Section!) ---

When trying to research for my topics, I often times consult a variety of resources ranging from Wikipedia to YouTube. A lot of times, I come across a lot of deep political, religious, economic, and social matters that make doing some of these posts difficult. The point of my Beauties posts relate are purely for entertainment. So often times, I avoid trying to focus or discuss certain issues outside of presenting people in a fun way. These posts are about famous people and various other public figures at the end of the day. But with that said, certain hot issues regarding certain people and cultures adds to the appeal of featuring and introducing certain personalities.

And what about the Beauties aspect itself of these posts? I believe in diversity, and I also have a broad definition of what really classifies as beautiful as far as looks are involved. Maybe what I consider beautiful or who I consider beautiful may be much different from what someone else may think. For example, there are a number of people who think curvy women are ugly compared to the most slim and slender celebrities. At least here on "John's Blog Space," I am not afraid to place a curvy woman among much slimmer and much more sexy women. I placed a curvy lady like Nikki Blonsky among my American Northeastern beauties among the likes of Taylor Swift. I am also not afraid to place an older woman among beautiful, much younger celebrities. Here are three of the oldest personalities I have ever featured in my Beauties-themed posts: Joan Rivers (American Beauties - Northeast), Shirley Temple (American Beauties - Pacific), and even Queen Elizabeth II (UK and Ireland Beauties). Also, you can be short or tall. You could be 6'2" Oluchi Onweagba (African Beauties) or 4'11" Nikki Blonski (American Beauties - Northeast). Also, I am a blogger; so I also think some of my fellow bloggers are as beautiful as any other public figure. So I feature bloggers in my Beauties posts as well. I like being unconventional. I also like being full of surprises.

These are "Beauties" posts after all. My job in these posts is to introduce you to lovely people in a way only I can. My "Beauties" posts are not exclusively feminine. In fact, I have featured a number of males as well as some transgendered personalities. I featured Andrej Pejic among my Southern European Beauties. Transgendered pop singer Kim Petras is among my Central European Beauties. Just know that I am here to provide entertainment showcasing these personalities the way that I am. Some other beauties get mentioned often times. However, if I can't pull up anything to discuss them as best as I can, I just ignore them. The biggest bonus to doing these posts is that I get a unique education about some of the featured locations. For example, I never got any sort of idea of Serbian pop music than when I did my post on Southern European beauties. It is my own unique way of opening myself up to the world.

Regardless, I hope you have enjoyed my posts under Beauties as any of my other topics. My biggest weakness often times is being a perfectionist. Or at least... feeling like I have to get it absolutely right the first time to feel happy about my work.

Thank you for checking out my European Beauties series. To see any other posts in the European Beauties series, click on the links in the first section that link to other posts in the "European Beauties" series. Remember that I may add more personalities to these posts if I find any more that are of interest. I also want to thank you for continually supporting my work in any such manner. I am doing everything I can to stay relevant on the blogging front. Perhaps if I can get my blog back to the popularity I once had, I'll certainly be happy. But until then, I will keep working hard to make this blog great. Thank you for reading!

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