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United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties

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(UPDATED: March 16, 2014)

The United Kingdom and Ireland boasts some beauties worthy of being posted on John's Blog Space. I will try to feature some of the many in this Beauties-themed post. I regularly get hits from the United Kingdom, so I hope my UK readers can find some enjoyment in this post. This is a look at many different ladies born in this specific region.


I'd like to send a special hello to those of you from the United Kingdom and Ireland. I hope I can showcase some of your lovely ladies in this post. This is the least I can do since I get so much support and views from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

I will update this blog post if there are pictures that I can not use. I don't have pictures for every featured personality, but I will do my best to keep my audience entertained with pictures I can actually use. Please let me know I can not use certain pictures for some of the people I will feature here, and I will find some other way to showcase the featured people here. All images were as a result of Google Image searches.

WARNING: This post features many YouTube videos. You may have some trouble viewing this blog post if on a slow connection.

About the Label: "UK and Ireland"

All topics relating to or about either/or the United Kingdom or Ireland are featured under this label. They may even partially involve topics relevant to being featured under this label.


MAR 16 2014 - added another personality (hint: Ireland)

--- United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties ---

While I do value my readers all around the United Kingdom, there are some who may feel sad that I may be neglecting certain parts of the United Kingdom. Like there are some people who are proud the UK is represented, but would feel better if the various individual nations of the UK are featured. So I broke this up into the different representative countries to spread the wealth (so to speak). Because I also value my readers from Ireland, I lovingly included Irish beauties. This is how my post will work:

• England - ladies born in and/or of British descent.
• Scotland - ladies born in and/or of Scottish descent.
• Wales - ladies born in and/or of Welsh descent.
• Northern Ireland - ladies born in and/or of Northern Ireland descent.
• Ireland - ladies born in and/or of Irish descent.
• UK Crown Dependencies - ladies born in or of descent; such as those from the Isle of Man, Jersey, or Guernsey among others.

The featured ladies may be fully of certain descent or of part descent from the nations represented in this post. So let's talk lovely ladies of the United Kingdom and Ireland! Please remember- you can visit official websites, fan pages, and other material if you click on the heading of each featured beauty.

One thing to note about my "Beauties" posts is that this is not a post featuring all of the various beauties. These are usually people I find off the top of my head or during searches. They are all whom I think are lovely. And often times, I do include others that I think people MAY appreciate I make mention to. Otherwise, these are all my own personal picks for lovely ladies of the blog post's category.

Some of these featured beauties have been covered in my blog before, so click on any blog post links I've included to read my blog post on certain ladies featured here.

--- United Kingdom Beauties: England ---

(THIS REGION: England)

I love all of my readers worldwide. One of the biggest regions regularly is the United Kingdom. One of the biggest countries? England. When I usually learn of people who visit my blog(or even my YouTube channel), I don't usually get that it's a certain country within the United Kingdom. It just comes out at United Kingdom. However, a good number of hits I get usually come from England. Most of the hits I usually see are usually from around either London or Manchester. Regardless, I love and respect all of you people from England. It's time I talk about some of the loveliest British ladies. Cheers, mates!

Leona Lewis.

Leona Lewis was the champion of the UK's X-Factor in 2006. Leona has a beautiful voice both singing and in speaking. She is an Afro-Guyanese singer born in Islington in London, England, United Kingdom. This (born: April 3, 1985)-year old has come up with great songs such as "Bleeding Love" from her debut album, "Spirit."

My blog post on Leona Lewis: "Leona Lewis" - John's Blog Space. And if you've never heard her sing, introduce yourself to Leona Lewis by listening to this song:

Layla Kayleigh.

Layla Kayleigh
^ from: recent-movies.com - The gorgeous Layla Kayleigh.

London is a lovely city, and one of its loveliest natives is Layla Kayleigh from South London. This (born: January 26, 1984)-year old first caught my eye during G4TV's coverage of E3 one year. A lovely face with gorgeous hair and a lovely voice made me fall head-over-heels in love with her. Her media work has mostly been as a reporter and as a correspondent. Layla Kayleigh was also the lovely lady who covered The Feed for G4TV's "Attack of the Show!" For the longest, I've wanted to do an individual blog post on her. Never found the time to do so (or at least make a quality post). So therefore, I am here to announce it- Layla Kayleigh is one lovely London lady. Here is a sample of her speaking:

Layla Kayleigh, ladies and gentlemen...

Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne
^ from: www.stylenow.info - British beauty Kelly Osbourne.
If you are a regular watcher of "Fashion Police" on E!, you may have heard of Kelly Osbourne. I only know of Kelly Osbourne as the daughter of the great Ozzy Osbourne as well as in hearing a remix of "One Word" by her. She's from Westminster, England, UK.


Adele is among my Plus Size Beauties. She was born in Tottenham, North London, England, United Kingdom; but her origin is from West Norwood, South London, England, United Kingdom. Her brand of music is primarily rather soulful and with passion. Adele is very loved by many people. While I'm not any crazy fan of hers, I do respect the (born: May 5, 1988)-year old. "Rolling in the Deep" remains my favorite song of hers... and really the only song I really like from her. Others enjoy some of her other songs, like "Someone Like You," "Set Fire to the Rain," and songs like that.

If you are on YouTube, you can check out Adele on YouTube through this VEVO channel: "AdeleVEVO" on YouTube.

Natasha Bedingfield.

She has a pocketful of sunshine. Today is where your book begins, and the rest is still unwritten. This lady can only be one (born: November 26, 1981)-year old Natasha Bedingfield from Sussex, England, United Kingdom. I personally love both "These Words" and "Pocketful of Sunshine" from Natasha Bedingfield. Have a listen to Natasha:

Melissa Peachey.

Melissa (or Mel) Peachey was a host of a former Game Show Network show called "PlayMania." PlayMania was a phone-in show whereas people called on their cell phones to play games to win cash. This British beauty was one of the hosts of the show along with Missouri native Shandi. This video below features her as the host of a game show similar to PlayMania in Scotland called Brain Box. Here is a look at Mel Peachey:

Kate Moss.

Kate Moss
^ from: topnews.in - Kate Moss- perhaps the world's most famous muse.

Who into fashion HAS NOT heard of Kate Moss? The (born: January 16, 1978)-year old is perhaps one of the world's most famous models. She was born in Addiscombe, Croydon, London, England, UK. She has gone from a controversial sort of figure to a style icon. She was best coined as exhibiting "heroin chic" as well as even being caught doing cocaine. Look at this video to get a profile of Kate Moss and her style: "Fashion File: Kate Moss" - YouTube.

Vicki Butler-Henderson.

I was first introduced to the sweet and sultry Vicki Butler-Henderson back when Speed Channel shown episodes of "Fifth Gear." I have even seen Vicki cover pit reporting duties for ITV Sport for the British Touring Car Championship. Vicki has been racing in her past and still does a good bit of racing. She hails from Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Here is a sample of Vicki Butler-Henderson in a car as sexy as she is:


Pippa Mann.

Do you know what makes my own picks different from others? I actually can talk about certain people based on fields and sports I am familiar with. One of those is motorsport. Among the many ladies I featured in my "Women in Motorsport" blog post, (born: August 11, 1983)-year old Pippa Mann is a beautiful British blonde who knows a thing or two about going fast. One of her best performances was when she led the most laps at an Indy Lights race at Kentucky in 2010 and ended up winning the race. She is immensely talented. Then again, can you expect anything less from a factory of racing talent like the United Kingdom?

If you're interested in seeing Pippa Mann talk about her win at Kentucky in Indy Lights long ago, I invite you to have a look at this video: "Pippa Mann Wins Kentucky" - YouTube

Katherine Legge.

As one of many of England's finest racing talent, Katherine Legge of Guillford, England, United Kingdom has loads of experience in single-seat formula cars as well as some DTM experience. The (born: July , 1980)-year old was someone I first heard of in the former Champ Car World Series. I think she is a very solid racer. I love Danica Patrick, but I have immense respect for Katherine Legge.

I think this video tells you everything you need to know about Katherine Legge:

Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley (also known as Liz Hurley) is a lovely British actress. She hails from Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Among her many roles has been in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" as well as "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" among others. The (born: June 10, 1965)-year old has been involved in many different arenas. Despite her age, she looks as fabulous as any much younger celebrity.

Alexa Chung.

(ADDED: June 18, 2012)
It's on with Alexa Chung! Though British, (born: November 5, 1983)-year old Alexa Chung has some Chinese blood in her. Her father is of Chinese-British descent. What I respect most from a fashion perspective on Alexa is that she doesn't play by any fashion rules. Her own fashion style is... well, hers. This was the best I could find and embed to introduce you all to Alexa Chung:

(A possible blog post on her is something I'm not ruling out in the future.)

Sarah Brightman.

Sarah Brightman
^ from: amazon.com - Sarah Brightman sings as beautifully as her looks.

One of the loveliest and most diversified singers is (born: August 14, 1960)-year old Sarah Brightman. Her music career spans a few decades, starting out in 1976 including many lovely soprano pieces. I am a fan of hers. I've had two of Sarah Brightman's CDs- "Time to Say Goodbye" and "La Luna." I absolutely love her "La Luna" CD much more than "Time to Say Goodbye." My favorite song of hers is "La Luna" from her 2001 CD. If you've never heard Sarah Brightman sing, I invite you to look around on YouTube or something to hear Sarah Brightman sing. Sarah Brightman hails from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England. She is a beauty both in looks and in singing.

Georgina Doull (Cupcake's Clothes).

The delightfully sweet fashion blogger Georgina Doull has a very lighthearted blog called "Cupcake's Clothes." This plus-sized British beauty is very creative with her fashion style. Many of her looks are very cute and charming. Georgina really has fun showcasing her looks and her outfits. I got exposure to her blog based on a post from my blogging friend, Principessa Gabriella. Besides fashion, she also takes part in making accessories through her Dolly Darling (formerly Dolly Mixx) line.

Charlotte Doull (Sugar and Spice).

Georgina's younger sister, Charlotte, is the creator of "Sugar and Spice." Charlotte Doull is every bit as beautiful as her older sister. The fashions aren't as fantasy-like as on "Cupcake's Clothes," but Charlotte does a great job showcasing very cute and girly fashions in her blog. Her contribution besides fashion is in her Pet Pawtraits, a collection of lovely pictures drawn by Charlotte featuring animals.

Queen Elizabeth II.

I believe this is the very first time I have featured a political leader in my "Beauties" posts. This is probably the best way to thank my readers from the United Kingdom than to offer my respects to Queen Elizabeth II. She was born in Mayfair, Greater London, England. She has reigned as Queen for over 60 years. Only Queen Victoria has reigned longer- 63 years.

Queen Elizabeth turned 86 back on April 21, 2012; so happy belated birthday to Queen Elizabeth II! Here is a video showcasing Queen Elizabeth II from her younger days to now:

More may be added in future edits, so if you enjoyed this post, I may feature a few more!

That concludes England, but I still have many more parts of the United Kingdom to mention! Also, I haven't even discussed Ireland yet! Nor have I mentioned the United Kingdom Crown Dependencies. I am including this Jump Break to improve the performance of this blog post for those who are not reading the blog's main page or some archived page. Are you reading the full blog post? You are NOT reading the full post if you see "Read More" below this paragraph. So click on "Read More" to continue your reading experience if you enjoyed this post! Or of course, disregard this paragraph if you are reading the full post.

--- United Kingdom Beauties: Scotland ---

(THIS REGION: Scotland)

How about I pay some respect to you Scottish folk? Here are some Scottish sweethearts I'd like to feature in this section...

Ashley Jensen.

Ashley Jensen
^ from: www.dailymakeover.com - Scottish actress Ashley Jensen.

Christina on "Ugly Betty" is Scotland's Ashley Jensen. She is from Annan, Scotland. Her television and film resumé extends as far back as 1990. I became fond of Ashley Jensen in "Ugly Betty" as she played Christina. This is a beautiful blonde with plenty of acting talent.

Susie Stoddart (or Suzie Wolff).

Another British girl that knows how to go fast is (born: December , 1982)-year old Suzie Stoddart (now Suzie Wolff). She was born in Scotland. So I have her in the Scotland part of my blog post. She was born Suzie Wolff. Her racing resume ranges from single-seater races to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). She was recently (as of April 2012) signed as a development driver for Williams F1.

Watch as Suzie pilots the beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 and talks about her progression through racing: "Susie Stoddart tries the Mercedes SLS GT3" - YouTube.

I may have some more Scottish ladies I may want to feature in future edits. These will do for now.

--- United Kingdom Beauties: Wales ---


Wales can be quite a beautiful place. I usually know Wales for their great rugby football. The only two cities I know of in Wales are Cardiff and Swansea (I know of Cardiff more than I do Swansea). Here are some Welsh ladies whose beauty are as hard-hitting as the Welsh national rugby team:

Charlotte Church.

Charlotte Church captivated audiences worldwide with her glorious singing voice as a teenager. This singing beauty was born Charlotte Maria Reed from Cardiff, Wales on February 21, 1986. She was marketed as having the "Voice of an Angel." She would later progressively change her music style from soprano to pop. One of the most transitional pieces was felt in her fourth album, Enchantment. Her pop debut came with her "Tissues and Issues" album in 2005. One constant has remained true ever since the world learned of her- Charlotte Church is one beautiful lady from Wales.

More thoughts on Charlotte Church can be seen in my blog post on her: "Charlotte Church" - John's Blog Space.

Sophie Moulds.

The winner of Miss Wales is one young (19 years old as of this initial post) Sophie Moulds. Many say her looks vastly resemble Kate Middleton. This beauty will be among many to contest for Miss World for 2012 in Mongolia. The young beauty from Ferndale, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales stands 5'10" (177.8 cm) and beat out Theresa Ashley and Alice Ford (both from Cardiff) for the honor of Miss Wales.

See this link for more images of Sophie Moulds, and how much do you think she looks like Kate Middleton? See for yourself: "Sophie Moulds, Kate Middleton’s Look-A-Like, Crowned Miss Wales" - The Inquisitr

--- United Kingdom Beauties: Northern Ireland ---

(THIS REGION: Northern Ireland)

This one was tough. I had to basically look on Wikipedia to find certain ones to feature here.

Charlotte Coyle.

Charlotte Coyle
^ from: celebguru.com, by way of www.instablogsimages.com - Curvy Irish beauty Charlotte Coyle.

Born in 1982, Charlotte Coyle is a plus-size beauty from Derry, Northern Ireland. She is perhaps best known for her reality TV series called "Plus-Size Beauty Contest," dedicated to finding the most beautiful plus-size women in a pageant setting. You can learn more about this lovely lady by reading this page on www.judgmentofparis.com.

Nadine Coyle.

Representing the group Girls Aloud, Nadine Coyle is a (born: June 15, 1985)-year old beauty from Derry, Northern Ireland. She has both beauty and singing talent. How hot is Nadine Coyle? I think this music video says it all:

I can't find too many more to feature.

--- Irish Beauties ---

(THIS REGION: Ireland)

I don't know as much as I'd like to about Ireland, but I do know there are lovely places like Dublin, Limerick, Galway, and places like that in Ireland. Time to showcase some Irish beauties that are as beautiful as some of Ireland's many lovely locations. You ready?

Anouska Proetta Brandon.

(ADDED: March 16, 2014)
If you are on LOOKBOOK, someone you may see among the hottest outfits on LOOKBOOK is of a lady named Anouska Proetta Brandon. While I'm not Fanned to her, I do respect the lovely lady from Dublin, Ireland. Anouska is someone whom I've added to include among Irish lovelies. I often include certain personalities in the sense of what people probably wouldn't mind seeing be featured among them. Well, here is one for you. I do respect Anouska and her style.

Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

Here is a beautiful lady from Ireland with an eye for girly and vintage fashions. Dee is a lovely young fashion blogger. Her blog posts feature a handful of lovely looks of hers. Become enveloped in her beauty by visiting "Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles."


M.N.A. is an Irish pop trio featuring three lovely ladies. From youngest to oldest, MNA consists of Shauna Buckingham, Shauna Kavanagh, and Jenny Bowden. All three are from Ireland. This is their song, "Flying" from Eurovision Ireland in 2009:

Maggie Flecknoe (Honorable Mention!).

While she was born in Aurora, Colorado, USA; Marguerite (better known as "Maggie" or nicknamed "Blondie") Flecknoe has some Irish heritage in her. Many people know Maggie for her voice overs as well as various anime roles. She is now popularly known for "Online Dish With Maggie" as part of the CW Networks' Eye Opener program. "Online Dish With Maggie" is all about Maggie expressing her opinions on certain interesting topics. Through it all, the native of Aurora, Colorado, USA delivers with sassy style and a voice that is both sultry and sweet at the same time.

I cover "Online Dish With Maggie" in more detail here: "Online Dish With Maggie" - John's Blog Space.

Ana Ortiz (Honorable Mention!).

Ana Ortiz is perhaps best known for her role as Hilda in Ugly Betty. The reason why she is featured here in the Irish section is because she has both Puerto Rican (father) and Irish-American (mother) heritage. Ana Ortiz was once a fledgling actress before finding real fame playing the saucy Hilda on Ugly Betty. In addition to being a great actress, she also has some great singing talent.

--- Beauties from U.K. Crown Dependencies ---

(THIS REGION: Isle of Man, [Bailiwick of] Jersey, Guernsey)

I will try to feature some ladies from the United Kingdom Crown Dependencies. This one will be tough, but I'll do my best. Remember that in regards to Jersey, I am talking about the Bailiwick of Jersey, not the state of New Jersey, not the Jersey Shore- I'm talking about the Bailiwick of Jersey.

I'm sorry I couldn't find a famous lovely lady from the Isle of Man. So I'll move on. My apologies to my readers from the Isle of Man. Maybe I'll replace this part with a Manx lady in the future. For now, let's move on.

Nerina Pallot.

Though born in London, Nerina Pallot's origin is from Jersey. She is a singer-songwriter representing the Bailiwick of Jersey. Meet Nerina Pallot now. Here is her in one of her songs, "Put Your Hands Up." Pretty good singing voice in my view:

Heather Watson.

Heather Watson is a tennis player whose origin is from the Bailiwick of Guernsey. This (born: May 19, 1992)-year old resides in Florida but was born in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey. There is a little South Pacific in Heather because her mother is a national of Papua New Guinea. Here is a look at the young Guernsey girl:

That's it.

Just so you know... I've done North America, South America, Africa, Asia, the South Pacific... and I hope to do a series of Beauties posts regarding continental Europe. If I do, then my beauties of continental Europe will be broken up into multiple sections. That's for if I eventually do beauties for Europe. Thank you for reading!

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Great post! You got to summarize very well their beauties...
Hugs from Rio!

Gabriella Cozza said...

Lovely post, full of lovely ladies!  This is a little related but sort of random...but I have always wanted to visit the UK.  I love a lot of British writers and there are a lot of beautiful pkaces there I want to see...maybe someday.  :)

♥ Principessa

John Marine said...

Says that in England there are no beautiful women as all beauties were killed by Inquisition. But looking at your post I think it is not the truth

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