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Charlotte Church

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(UPDATED: November 2, 2017)

Charlotte Church first captured the hearts of many (myself included) with her lovely soprano singing. It all began with "Voice of an Angel" in 1998 when the Welsh sopranoist was just 12 years old. I became introduced to Charlotte a year later with the Ford Global Anthem, "Just Wave Hello." It was then that I started following Charlotte more and enjoying her style of music. She would come along with not only musical success, but also had a number of acting roles. I've always respected and admired Charlotte Church. As she grew up and away from the innocent teenage girl image, I've REALLY grown to admire her when The Charlotte Church Show debuted. I saw YouTube videos of her show, and she's hilarious!

Needless to say, I've been wanting to do a blog post on Charlotte for the longest, but never found the energy or courage to do so (until now, obviously). So this blog post is about one Charlotte Church.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church
^ from: - Charlotte Church.

Charlotte Church was born Charlotte Maria Reed on February 21, 1986. Throughout her career, she has been very much into music. She further expanded her career by taking on acting as well as later having her own chat show. Charlotte has toured the world and has captivated audiences all the while.

The Soprano Years.

I first started listening to her self-titled album (her second). It was the one that included "Just Wave Hello." I later started to listen to "Voice of an Angel" and all the songs on there. I thought Charlotte had such a beautiful voice. The Welsh songstress was wonderful in her singing.

Later on, "Dream a Dream" came along. Charlotte Church wanted to try out Christmas-themed music. It was where I became introduced to the likes of Billy Gillman and Amanda Dunbar (who painted the cover art for "Dream a Dream").

Between "Charlotte Church" and "Dream a Dream," Charlotte wanted to shy more away from traditional soprano songs and take on more contemporary music. The change REALLY came when "Enchantment" came along. Perhaps the most beautiful song on this CD was her rendition "Carrickfergus." She was spectacular in this song. Maybe one of her most beautiful singing performances since "Pie Jesu" and "Just Wave Hello." Showing further evolution in her music style, you have to hear "Habañera." Charlotte supplements her voice with a beautiful Latin-style guitar piece. I remember seen the Jay Leno show when Charlotte performed Habañera. Enchantment even introduced me to a singer I have tremendous respect for- Josh Groban. Charlotte Church and Josh Groban sang "The Prayer" on there. Man... BOTH of them were sensational.

The swan song album for sopranoist Charlotte Church was encapsulated in "Prelude: The Best of Charlotte Church." This was a Greatest Hits package for Charlotte Church fans even including some exclusive new tracks. Songs like "All Love Can Be" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" were featured on this CD.

From Soprano to Pop.

"Tissues and Issues" was Charlotte's debut into the pop realm back in 2005.
My personal favorite song of hers from "Tissues and Issues" is Moodswings. I've seen the video to Moodswings on YouTube, and it's pretty cool. Moodswings itself is a great-sounding song. Sometimes (as a sign of getting old), you look to how someone grows up. I'm one of many people who still remember Charlotte when she was that Welsh teenager singing soprano music beautifully... then, you see and hear her as a pop star. Charlotte takes her classical style and goes with some old-school, sexy, sultry vocals. She sounds so much different to where you have to remind yourself that this is the same Charlotte Church that floored people with "Pie Jesu" back in 1998!

I just learned TODAY (as in November 3, 2010 at 4:12 AM CDT) that Charlotte Church has a new album out called "Back to Scratch." It's great to see the Welsh singer with another song and a new album. Some of the new songs on this album feature "Back to Scratch," "Cold California," and "Logical World." She has now shyed even further away from her soprano roots. All you have to do is listen to "Cold California" to see how far she's moved away from soprano-style music. She still has a great singing voice. Not groundbreaking in any way with pop music, but she's far from terrible. She has a very good voice (still does). Really, I like to look at the song "Back to Scratch" as a convergence of past and present. "Back to Scratch" features her amazing voice that she's demonstrated in her classical songs along with some of her talent in singing pop songs. It is a wonderful convergence to me.

Charlotte as an Actress.

A long time ago, I bought "I'll Be There" on DVD. The movie from 2003 was about an '80s pop star who discovers he has a teen daughter (Charlotte Church). It was a pretty cool movie. She's had other different acting roles, but I know her best for "I'll Be There."

The Charlotte Church Show.

Charlotte Church has the voice of an angel and a good deal of acting talent. So imagine what happens when Charlotte comes along with her own talk show? You'll know that I praised this show when I saw YouTube videos of it. "The Charlotte Church Show" was a show that aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on Friday nights. Charlotte Church is VERY funny. This show is no longer on TV (from what I've read), but Charlotte Church was awesome on this show! Shame on you if you don't crack a smile or share a laugh with some of the jokes pulled on "The Charlotte Church Show!"

To say the least, Charlotte Church personifies and defines awesome. Nothing short of spectacular.

A Salute to

These are all my personal favorite songs of hers:

"Voice of an Angel" Favorites:

• Pie Jesu
• Panis Angelicus
• Camina Burana-In Truina
• Ave Maria
• My Lagan Love
• Suo-Gan
• all three Welsh Bird Songs (Y Gylfinir, Mae Hiraeth Yn y Môr, and Tylluanod)

"Charlotte Church" Favorites.

• Just Wave Hello
• La Pastorella
• Barcarolle (Night of Stars)
• O Mio Babbino Caro
• Lascia Ch'io Pianga
• Plasir d'Amour
• Summertime
• Voi Che Sapete (Tell Me What Love Is)
• She Moved Through the Fair
• Songs My Mother Taught Me (other true favorite besides "Just Wave Hello")
• If Thou Art Near
• The Last Rose of Summer

"Dream a Dream" Favorites.

• Dream a Dream (featured country singer, Billy Gilman, who sang handsomely despite being so young then).
...there are a few others from "Dream a Dream" that I liked, but none immediately comes to mind when preparing this blog post. So maybe I'll add some newer favorites in future edits.

"Enchantment" Favorites

• Carrickfergus
• Habañera
• Papa Can You Hear Me? (powerful and beautiful song)
• From My First Moment
• Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (fun to listen to)
• A Bit of Earth (beautiful song)
• Somewhere (powerful song)
• The Prayer (Charlotte Church is incredible along with Josh Groban)
• Tra Bo Dau
• Elegie

"Prelude - The Best of Charlotte Church" Favorites (excluding past songs).

• All Love Can Be
• It's the Heart That Matters Most
• Tantum Ergo
• Bridge Over Troubled Water
• Sancta Maria

Favorite Post-Soprano Songs.

• Moodswings
• Crazy Chick (didn't like it at first, but nowadays having new respect for it)
• Call My Name
• Back to Scratch
• Cold California

Honorable Mention:

The very first Charlotte Church Show theme song, in two versions: clean and dirty!

^ (mostly) clean version

^ dirty version

Now you have an idea as to how amazing her music is and how beautifully she sings.

A Salute to

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was part of a site formerly known as This was the message board and website I joined to keep up with all the latest news on Charlotte Church. I came across a great number of people who also loved Charlotte Church and her music. These days, it's now As a weird analogy... I like to think of to Charlotte Church as to the Gran Turismo series. It has been a wonderful site to keep tabs on Charlotte Church news.

If anyone from is reading this, I want to salute you and! Thanks for visiting John's Blog Space and this blog entry!

What I Would Tell Charlotte Church (If She Were to Read This)

Charlotte Church, I have long respected and admired you and your career. From the years as a teenage soprano to your current state, you are truly amazing. I've had the utmost respect for your work and greatly appreciate your talent. Keep up the great work with whatever goals and ambitions you have. Best wishes to you from me!

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Charlotte Church on Amazon.

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Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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