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Take Your Pick - Mykonos or Santorini?

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Take your pick- Mykonos or Santorini? Many people instantly fall into the appeal of the Greek capital of Athens, but some may not know of the beauty of the South Aegean islands of Mykonos and Santorini. These are two beautiful Greek islands with immense charm. Semi-inspired by my blogging friend Jelena of "Glam and Fab Chameleon," I'd like to offer this "Take Your Pick" on two of Greece's most beautiful islands of the South Aegean region.

A Special Hello...

If any of you are from Greece or are Greek, I'd like to extend a special welcome to you to "John's Blog Space!" I do get a good deal of hits from Greece, so it's nice to welcome you Greeks and Greek-based folks over to my blog. Enjoy your stay. Hope this blog is to your liking.

--- Take Your Pick: Mykonos or Santorini? ---

They are two beautiful Greek islands- Mykonos and Santorini. They both have sapphire or turquoise seas. Angelic white buildings and structures. Both are eccentric party locations with great nightlife scenes. For all intents and purposes, these are islands with heavenly beauty.

--- Why Mykonos? ---

I have been more educated with Mykonos than I have been with Santorini. Mykonos just appealed to me more as I didn't know as much about Santorini than before I prepared this blog post.

Here is a video of Mykonos:

After looking at this video, my love of Mykonos has been verified. It seems like the kind of place an A-List celebrity can hang out at and enjoy life. Ancient and modern come together so nicely with an island like Mykonos.

--- Why Santorini? ---

How about a look at Santorini now? Santorini seems to be a lot less of glitz and glam of Mykonos, while still remaining a fantastic place. It has very gorgeous appeal that seems a lot less modernized than Mykonos. It also seems like you can do a bit more if you're the adventurous type compared to Mykonos.

Or if you want a video reason of "Why Santorini?", this is for you:

I'll tell you what- I now know more about Santorini after preparing this post than I have previously.

--- Which Would I Pick? ---

If I actually did travel, I'd want to visit both islands. Mykonos tends to appeal more to me than Santorini. Of course, that's not to say that Santorini doesn't have any appeal, because Santorini has PLENTY of appeal.

--- A Quick Salute ---

It was Jelena of "Glam and Fab Chameleon" who semi-inspired me to make this post. For you fans of fashion blogs, Jelena is a fashion blogger from Serbia based in Greece. She even designs her own jewelry with a line called Glam Chameleon Jewelry. For as much as she makes her own jewelry, Jelena is a beautiful gem herself, and so is her blog.

Here are various posts of Jelena in Santorini. The link is from a search result for "Santorini" when I visited this blog recently: "Santorini" pictures of Jelena

Jump into Jelena's Glam and Fab world by visiting "Glam and Fab Chameleon" today! You may also visit her blog and "like" her Facebook fan page. More information when you visit her blog. If Jelena herself is reading this, let me welcome you to John's Blog Space and thank you for your continued support of my work!

That concludes another "Take Your Pick" along with another blog post. I thank you for visiting. Which would you favor more- Mykonos or Santorini? Feel free to share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading!

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GlamChameleon said...

Dearest dearest John u made not only my day but I think the whole week, with the post and especially with the mentioning of my name and blog.  I can not thank u enough, I'm really blessed I met such a wonderful person even if it's in the virtual world!!
When it comes to your post, it might be one of my  favorite ones!:) Santorini is close to my heart for all beautiful moments I spent there, but I don't hide the fact I would like to visit Mykonos as well!:) And yes I wish you to visit both islands, and very soon!:)

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