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The Heavy

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The Heavy is a very cool soul-rock group known for some of their very cool songs. This British group has made a bunch of songs that are just catchy and cool. I think you're in for a treat if you've never heard of this group before. If you just like cool-sounding music, The Heavy will not leave you hanging.

--- The Heavy ---

Meet The Heavy:

Chris Ellul (Drums)
Spencer Page (Bass)
Kelvin Swaby (Vocals)
Daniel Taylor (Guitar)

The Heavy is an independent rock group that formed in 2007. They hail from Bath, England, United Kingdom. A lot of their rock music is very influenced by soul. Their combination of these two styles lead to the unique style that has defined The Heavy and their music.

"Big Bad Wolf."

As Gran Turismo 5 was in the works, one such song used to promote GT5 was "Big Bad Wolf" by The Heavy. This song has a funky tone to it with some pretty hot drums. Check this out:

^ The Big Bad Wolf - The Heavy - The Glorious Dead [with Lyrics]

It used to be that there wasn't a long version of this song posted online. So when I found this video, I finally got to hear the full version of this song prior to posting it in this blog post.

"How You Like Me Now?"

You may recall this song as the theme song to "Intentional Talk" on MLB Network or from a past Kia commercial. This classic from The Heavy is what you mostly hear this as the theme song to "Intentional Talk" on the MLB Network these days. At least you know that Chris Rose and Kevin Millar will be ready to have some lighthearted fun talking about baseball... and other things. Here's this classic song from The Heavy:

^ The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (Official Video)

So how you like me now? :D

"Short Change Hero."

The theme to "Borderlands 2" is "Short Change Hero." This funky joint is the song you hear in the introduction to this game. I was immediately hooked when I heard it. Even more so when I found out The Heavy made this song. There is a smooth and cool feel to this song that makes it so great to listen to. If you've never heard this song before, here is some more lovin' from The Heavy:

^ The Heavy - Short Change Hero

How can you not like this?

"What Makes a Good Man?"

I heard this song for the first time in preparing this blog post. If you liked the other songs I posted, I'm pretty sure you'll like this one too. Have a listen:

^ "The Heavy - What Makes A Good Man? (Official Video)"

The song seemed familiar as I was listening to it. I don't really recall where I may have heard this song before to be honest.

And there's your look at The Heavy.

--- What I Would Tell The Heavy (if they read this) ---

You all make some awesome music! Can't help but get in the mood to this music. Keep up the great work!

Would I Want to Meet The Heavy (if given the chance)

Sure would.

--- For More Information... ---

Learn more about The Heavy by visiting www.theheavy.co.uk. And for much more, check these links out:

The Heavy on Myspace Music
The Heavy on Facebook
Follow The Heavy on Twitter (@theheavy)!
The Heavy on YouTube
The Heavy on last.fm
The Heavy on iTunes

Feel free to get social with things you love- even including The Heavy!

What do you think about The Heavy? Did you enjoy their music? I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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