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Soul Searching

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The concept of soul searching involves looking within oneself to try to find a way to overcome obstacles in life. As my Houston Texans lost 27-24 on Sunday Night hosting the Indianapolis Colts, the Texans were already looking for ways to snap their (then) 5-game losing streak. The Texans are now 2-6 after now losing their sixth straight season in which many fans thought the Texans would make the playoffs for the third successive season. The Texans have too much talent to have such a disappointing record.

This blog post is about soul searching. It is another one of those posts inspired either by thoughts of mine or in taking certain experiences to be inspired to blog about.

Sports as a Soul Searching Example.

I know a lot of my readers don't care about or really follow sports; however, sports sometimes teaches us life lessons. Almost anyone can relate to having enough talent and ability to not have a certain status or a certain level of success. Another example of this would be a pitcher in a baseball/softball game who does a great job pitching and have the rest of the team put up solid run support... all to ultimately lose the game. Did you do a successful job because you did everything possible to win the game, or did you do a terrible job because you ultimately end up losing when you would have and should have won?

The Origins of Soul Searching.

This process of asking why when you've done almost everything possible to give yourself a chance ends up in failure is what initiates soul searching. You sometimes do your best and still fail. This disappointment either stems from not doing enough or just being unsure as to how you could have done better. When defeated or entering a slump, you are wondering what more you have to do to finally achieve victory or reverse a negative trend. How important it feels to reverse any sort of decline can trigger the level of urgency and desperation to get out of a funk can express differing levels of soul searching.

Someone who may be desperate to get out of a negative situation will have to look within deeper than someone who only had a bad hair day (so to speak). Soul searching involves trying to find that winner within all of us. A person serious about being better than what results he/she is making obviously has to look within himself/herself to find that winner. As much as people have something within that makes them failures, there is also something within others to make them winners. Being a winner and a leader is what even the most cursed and uninspired person wants to be. What will it take to be that winner? Depends on the person and the situation.

After Soul Searching... Then What?

Once one determines what it takes to reverse a negative trend or right wrongs, that person has to drive himself/herself to be better than before. Almost every problem has solutions. Almost every negative trend can be defeated for a positive trend to take form. Futility can be reversed. If one doesn't look within his/her soul to find out what it takes to get over that hump, that person may never become any sort of success that is possible.

In Other Words...

Look within yourself and try to find the winner in you as life gets tough. When you do find out what it will take for you to become a winner, take full advantage of every opportunity to make yourself better. Reversing a feeling of being borderline cursed will take a good deal of soul searching. If you have been able to slay some demons in your life previously, doing so again in more recent times should be no different. This is what it takes to not only soul search, but hopefully find a winner that helps you deal in rough times:

1.) Look within your soul and character.
2.) Find a winner and/or a winning spirit.
3.) Find how to win with that winning spirit.
4.) Put everything together and work towards success.

And this is optional:
5.) Have some luck on your side.

Good luck soul searching!

--- Soul Searching: An Omitted Note ---

I would be remiss if I failed to mention one aspect of that Colts at Texans game. The Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed at the end of the first half. The Texans were leading 21-3 at the half before ultimately falling 27-24 in that game. Kubiak's collapse sort of triggered an psyche change that ultimately helped contribute to the Texans' downfall tonight.

I sincerely wish Gary Kubiak well in recovering.

So that concludes my blog post regarding soul searching. I hope this helps my readers/visitors who look for positive and uplifting material from my main blog. Thank you for reading!

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