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Friday, May 27, 2011

(UPDATED: June 10, 2012)

British beauty Leona Lewis has one of the loveliest singing voices of any recent singer. This London-born lady of Afro-Guyanese descent has one of the loveliest voices whether singing or simply speaking to others. Her sense of style is divine. This young singer is really one of the best out there right now. It was her "Bleeding Love" song where many people got to hear the real depth and richness of her music and her musical style for the first time.

This initial blog post was primarily designed to be just a simple post on Leona Lewis' music. I may edit it in the future to include more about her.

--- Leona Lewis ---

Here is the lady I'm blogging about here:

Leona Lewis
^ from: - Leona Lewis. As beautiful in looks as she is in singing.

From becoming champion of "X Factor" 2006 to being a singing goddess, Leona Lewis really made her mark with her sensational voice and goddess-like beauty. She has a great singing voice. But when talking normally, the (born: April 3, 1985)-year old British beauty has a VERY cute speaking voice. Very cute speaking voice with a nice British accent. I think Leona Lewis has a powerful voice and sweet voice in her singing. When I first heard "Bleeding Love," her singing and tone are somewhat along the lines of Mariah Carey when Mariah Carey started out. For as long as she is, I think she will have a very wonderful career ahead of her with perhaps a multitude of awards and honors in the future.

Leona Lewis Videos.

Let's check out some videos now.

Many people heard Leona Lewis for the first time with this song:

^ from "leonalewisVEVO" on YouTube

This song is another favorite of mine from Leona Lewis. She delivers another sweet and powerful performance that gets "Better in Time."

--- What I Would Tell Leona Lewis (if she were to read this) ---

You are one of the most beautiful and brightest young singers today. You have an amazing voice whether speaking or singing. I wish you nothing but the best in continuing your career. Also wish you the best if you have any sort of humanitarian and/or philanthropic efforts you are working on or considering. Leona Lewis, you are amazing!

Would I Want to Meet Leona Lewis (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! It would be like meeting Queen Elizabeth, and Leona Lewis is singing royalty. One of the loveliest young singers today. Definitely worth meeting.

Want more Leona Lewis? Visit these links:
Leona Lewis official home page
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Leona Lewis on Myspace
Leona Lewis' Facebook fan page
Leona Lewis' YouTube channel and Leona Lewis's VEVO YouTube channel
Follow Leona Lewis on Twitter!
Leona Lewis on

Here are Leona Lewis items on Amazon (I would appreciate your business if you found/bought something you like from this widget):

Thank you for reading!

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