Thursday, April 26, 2012

Be Amazing EVERY Day!

John Marine | 4/26/2012 02:16:00 PM |
Need motivation today? Recite any or all of these quotes to yourself as your own personal mantra and give yourself empowerment on making this day special. Give yourself a chance to read these quotes while also trying to live up to these quotes. Remember- be AMAZING today! Here's my inspiration to you all:

• Every day is a chance to be amazing and do something amazing. Today is one of those chances.

• I will make the most of this day to make myself amazing.

• I will work to make today an amazing day.

• I will work as best as possible to make today a great day, even if it ultimately ends up a bad day.

• If today ends up a bad day, then at least I did my best to make it as best of a day as possible.

• I will not let anything stop me in making the most of this day.

• I was granted the opportunity to be great today, and I will not fail myself or others.

• Being amazing grants me strength and power. You, nor anything else will not break me in my attempts to make myself stronger.

• Even if uninspired today, I am inspired to be amazing and do amazing things regardless of what today brings or will/could bring.

• Even if I lack motivation to be amazing today, I still willingly drive myself to be amazing in some sort of way today.

While I may commonly say "have a great day" to friends, every day is a chance to be amazing in some sort of way. Your life is a book with many pages and chapters left blank. How will you fill in those pages? Don't tell me your answer(s) to that question- answer this on your own with your own input. Who wants to read a book on someone whose life was without promise, without hope, and without any real determination to make himself/herself better than the day before? Every day is a chance to be amazing. So...

(a public service announcement by John B. Marine)

Thank you for reading! Hope this gets you going for the day! :)

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marina miouprincess said...

thanks for sharing this with us John,it's good to keep these in mind! :) I love the diversity of your posts

GlamChameleon said...

AMAZING!!! That's the best word to describe this utterly inspirational post and all lines above!! I needed this, especially this morning!! Thank you John!!!!!! Have an amazing day as well!;)

Gabriella Cozza said...

Love this post!  Very inspirational and happy! :)  I am feeling pretty amazing today, as should you. :)

♥ Principessa

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