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Apple Appreciation

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(UPDATED: May 1, 2012)

Many people use Apple computers or products. I use Windows because I'm comfortable with Windows products. The following blog post is... not sure how to explain it. Maybe call it an Apple appreciation post. It is my post of random musings regarding Apple computers and products. I will even share with you some Apple interests of mine.

I would like to give a special hello to all of you worldwide who may be visiting "John's Blog Space" on any Apple product! I hope you can appreciate my Apple chatter from a Windows/PC guy. :)


MAY 1 2012 - added some more links in Resources

--- Beginnings of Apple Appreciation ---

Let's set the mood with a picture:

Apple Inc. logo
^ from: - Micro... who? In case you didn't realize, this post salutes Apple and its products. I chose the rainbow Apple logo for nostalgia.

For most of my life, especially in school, I've always been around Apple computers mostly. I can recall in my elementary school and middle school days playing games like "Number Munchers" and "Oregon Trail" (MECC (Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation) for the win!). There were times when we had these programs to try to learn things as well as to refresh my mind.

I had used Mac computers in my Middle School when I took Business class as well as for basic computing skills. I have a banner hung on my wall over my bed that says "John" that I made back in my 8th Grade (1996-1997 for me) days. I then wrote on it with some messages.

Being so used to PCs and Windows, I have not been too comfortable or wanting to religiously use Apple products. Having a one-button mouse is most unusual when I'm so used to two-button mice. I am still comfortable with a two-button mouse than a one-button mouse.

My Apple Computer Experience(s).

The main computer I best remember is the Apple IIgs. In the early 1990s, I would be at my grandmother's house and play on the Apple IIgs computer in a back room. Most of what I played were games stored on 5 1/4 floppy disks. There were maybe two 3.5 floppy disks that were part of the Apple IIgs the computer had. One of them had a tour of the Apple IIgs where you controlled one man who is trying to escape through an underground tunnel. Along the way, you were taught things like pointing and clicking and dragging. The tour would finish up with a look at how to do other things, like word processing, spreadsheets, and more.

Maybe one game I best remember playing was this Donkey Kong game on a 5 1/4 floppy disk. At fortunate times, there would be a glitch to where I could easily clear stages without having to worry about dying just because I forget to jump or run into a barrel.

Some people say that the Apple II series (especially the Apple IIgs) is still one of the best Apple computer series of all time, let alone one of the best computers of all time. I still have my fair share of memories with this PC.

Apple Store.

At times, I used to drop into the Apple Store at malls. The one mall I best remember going to an Apple Store the most was the Apple Store at Baybrook Mall here in the Houston/Galveston area (in Friendswood, TX, USA). Apple Stores are stocked with loads of Apple products and accessories, including games made specifically for Apple computers. You could even get yourself an iPod or an iPad. You can surely demo these products (and more) while at the Apple Store. About the only other Apple Store I know of around here is the Apple Store at the Houston Galleria shopping mall.

There. These are some of my beginnings of Apple.

--- My Recent Fascination With Apple ---

These times have been a bit trendy for me seeing a good number of YouTube videos regarding Apple products. As of this post, I have NEVER owned a single Apple product.

It was about late last year when I became interested in getting an iPod Touch 4G. Part of the reason was because I wanted to step up from my SanDisk Sansa Fuze (I have a 4 gigabyte model Sansa Fuze). I was working myself up slowly to return to YouTube video making and watching. I started watching a handful of videos regarding the iPod Touch 4G, including even watching videos of unboxings from the YouTube channel, "DetroitBORG." I've even looked at channels like "SoldierKnowsBest" and "jon4lakers" for insight on Apple products.

I was looking at the Apple Store online and seeing video previews of various Apple products. For the most part, I was pretty impressed with a lot of what these Apple items offered and what they were capable of. So imagine how I felt about seeing certain recent Apple products in YouTube videos. Before preparing this blog post, I recently saw videos regarding the Apple IIgs computer I once used and some games I played on the IIgs. Needless to say- while I don't consider myself an Apple person, I do respect and admire Apple for what they offer.

You now know about my recent Apple fascination. Check out the next section for more appreciation for Apple.

--- Apple Interests of Mine ---

Let me share with you some interests of mine regarding Apple and Apple products.

Basic Apple Chatter.

I sense I get blog hits from Apple computers and Apple products. For example, I learn of people who visit using an iPod or an iPad. Apple's premier browser is Safari, and there are some who visit using Safari. There is also Mobile Safari for mobile users. As I've learned, Safari doesn't have Flash, so I wonder how it's possible to view certain Flash media in my blog (or in others) for Safari for my Apple visitors.

I saw one video about the Apple headphones that have a microphone for them and some remote access. These headphones are pretty ingenious in their design. I thought it was pretty cool how these headphones could also be used with certain headphone-enabled mobile phones for chatting and listening to calls.


One of the reasons why I considered doing tech reviews was because of the iPod Touch. I have been fascinated with the iPod Touch and what all it was capable of. Maybe what I am most intrigued about this device is the WiFi ability of the iPod Touch. To me, the iPod Touch is more about having a marvelous piece of technology rather than having marvelous technology from an Apple product. I am starting to feel like the iPod Touch would be great for me for reasons other than music. I'd want the 8-gigabyte model for two reasons- (1) I don't have many gigabytes of MP3s on my computer, and (2) I'm not entirely app-crazy. Maybe there are a few games I wouldn't mind paying for (like Real Racing and Real Racing 2), but I wouldn't be too app-crazy. I am not sure if I'd go accessory and dock crazy either. If I was interested in doing Facetime with friends, I wouldn't mind doing so in chatting with others. I also would be interested in how blogs and sites look using Safari. I did a John's Corner on mobile blogging, and I still am very interested at if I could make my blog better for my mobile users.

Previously, I was interested in the 5th-gen iPod. The 5th Generation iPod Nano was what I was interested in as my YouTube video career was just getting warmed up. I wanted the 5th-generation Nano for its video-making capabilities. Ever since the Nano dropped the camera and went with the 6th-generation changes, I didn't want a Nano any longer.

I still enjoy my 2008-ish 4GB SanDisk Sansa Fuze. However, I want to eventually step up to the iPod Touch. I would prefer getting the iPod Touch 4G. I want a black one more than I'd would want the white model. There is no difference in performance with either the black or white iPod Touch 4G. Heck, I don't care if the iPod Touch 4G came in blue and gold (the official colors of "John's Blog Space")- I would really want to get an iPod Touch 4G. One thing I'd fear is getting the iPod Touch all smudged up and everything. So I would need to get a case to keep the iPod Touch as clean as possible while using it or accessing it.

Now before you spammers and scammers try to rip a brother off, I would rather pay for one at a store or online with my own money. I would rather even get one as a gift from a trustful person (like a family member or a friend) rather than get one through some seedy or suspicious offers. So don't even think about taking advantage of me with some sort of seedy offer.


You know, I always wondered what it would be like to use the iPad. I would never want one, but I'd just be fascinated at what all could be done with the iPad. Many people just look at the iPad as a deluxe-size iPod Touch. What you can do with the iPod Touch, however, is much different than with an iPod Touch or an iPhone. I think having an iPad is like having a computer that you can carry around. What you're able to do with it is incredible to me. Imagine being on the go and be able to view the latest YouTube videos or read blogs or websites all on an iPad. Trust me- its allure and appeal are both there. I am not any kind of hater of the iPad. I wouldn't want one, but I think it is very cool.

I mentioned doing tech reviews for the iPod Touch 4G as part of my deal in reviewing products. Well, the iPad is another one I probably wouldn't mind doing a product review for either.

iLife and iMovie.

Many people make movies from their Apple devices. One of the premier programs in making movies is iMovie or iLife. You may remember I did a post here on John's Blog Space where I talked about certain popular iMovie songs you hear featured in YouTube videos. I mentioned songs like "Headspin" and "Stepping Out" among various other songs. Well, I've always had respect for this program because some high-quality videos were made using iMovie. It even has some effects I wish I could use or fake from Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9 (that I use to edit my videos). Even if just for the iMovie jingles and some of the video effects, I'd really want to use iMovie to edit my videos and add some extra flavor to them.


Even if I had some money lying around, I probably wouldn't mind buying songs from iTunes. Same would apply for getting apps. Maybe my biggest motivation to use iTunes would be to subscribe to podcasts. I try to find some stuff (usually free) to enjoy listening to away from the PC. So speaking as a lover of electronic dance music, I'm subscribed to things like Trance Around the World, VONYC Sessions, and stuff like that. Haven't downloaded anything recently, though.

Would I Jailbreak?

As I understand it (maybe you all can help me understand better), jailbreaking is the process in which you basically hack into an Apple product to make it be able to run more programs, most of which not authorized by Apple. Jailbreaking will go against your Apple warranty for a product. However, it is not considered illegal to jailbreak from what I'm told. So would I jailbreak? I wouldn't chance anything. So, no.

And that concludes some of my various Apple-related thoughts.

--- Would I Want... ---

Would I want any of the following Apple products? Answers and thoughts to come:

Would I want...

• iPod (regardless of model)?
Sure- the iPod Touch 4G! I would pass on the Classic, the Nano, and especially the Shuffle.

• iPhone?
No, and for three reasons- (1) I am not much of a phone person to begin with, (2) I'd rather an iPod Touch anyways than an iPhone, and (3) I'd rather not have to deal with a phone contract tied to a device like this. I'm okay even if I don't get to use things like Siri.

• iPad?
Not really, but I'd surely enjoy playing around with one and seeing what all it has to offer.

• Apple TV?
I saw videos about the Apple TV on YouTube. Nice package and everything, but not for me.

• ...a Mac Mini?
Maybe, but I'd barely realize it's there. So much computer from one tiny device. Very interesting piece of hardware.

• ...a MacBook (regardless of Air or Pro)?
No. I am not out and about constantly, so I don't think I'd need a laptop. Only reason I'd own a MacBook is if I wanted to manage my music selection on the go using Apple products.

• iMac?
This is stepping into the territory of owning an Apple product and using it. I still consider myself a Windows/PC user, so I'd pass on the iMac.

• ...a Mac Pro?
The Mac Pro has to be the ultimate Mac computer. Its specifications are staggering. Even if I had the money for one, I'd pass on it.

So there you go. You now know what I would be interested in from Apple if I was shopping around for Apple products.

--- Final Thoughts on Apple ---

Apple has been great for a reason. There isn't a monopoly in the computer market to where you are forced to go with Microsoft and Windows. Apple has made its own mark in technology with their products and has distinguished itself in its own way even outside of computers. What all Apple has been able to accomplish since its founding in 1976 is nothing short of incredible. Apple really established itself outside of computers when they came along with the iPod starting in 2001. Since then, Apple extended its appeal from computers to portable media. The iPod- especially the iPod Touch- is an even bigger portable gaming device than even the latest portable gaming systems. So all in all, Apple is distinguishable and distinctive in its own rights.

One Last Thing...

...I'd be remiss if I didn't pay tribute to one fellow who helped made Apple such a success (besides the many Apple lovers). You all know who I'm talking about- Mr. Steve Jobs. People on YouTube will commonly post something similar to "RIP Steve Jobs" whenever he's shown in videos. Goes to show the amount of love and support people have for a visionary like Steve Jobs. Thanks for all you have done to make Apple such a hit with computers and with the iPod range, including the iPhone as well.

--- Apple Resources ---

This blog post is over for the most part. Do you want more Apple? Here are some links for you to visit:

Apple Inc. home page
Apple Company Store
Official Apple Store
iTunes « download the latest iTunes software there, too.

Apple iPod - official
Apple iPhone - official
Apple iPad - official
Apple Mac - official

Apple Inc. Wikipedia entry
9to5Mac - a blog about Apple products
Apple Inc. Facebook Fan Page
Apple's YouTube channel
Macworld (ADDED: May 1, 2012)
Cult of Mac | Breaking News for Apple Fans (ADDED: May 1, 2012)
Mac Rumors: Apple Mac iOS Rumors and News You Care About (ADDED: May 1, 2012)

More links may be added in future edits.

That concludes my Apple Appreciation post. I hope this was to your liking. I expressed everything in a professional manner. If you enjoyed my blog and/or this blog post, Subscribe and Follow Thank you for reading! Now here is how you get social with me:

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Gabriella Cozza said...

Steve Jobs was quite the genius, wasn't he.  I love Apple products, but strangely I've never owned one either...  I never had an iPod because I mostly use my computer or laptop to listen to music.  I love the iPhone, but it's a bit expensive and not available through my cell phone company (Tmobile).  I do really want a Macbook laptop though, though they are a bit expensive, maybe I'll get one after I graduate college and have an actual job, lol.  Nice post, John.
P.S. Sorry, I've been mostly missing from the blogging world lately.  I haven't had time to read anyone's blogs lately, the only things I've had time to read are textbooka and stuff for school, lol.  I'm done school for the semester now though, so I'll be catching up on all your posts. :)

  ♥ Principessa

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