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My Best, My Worst

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A famous Marilyn Monroe quote inspired this topic. Marilyn Monroe once mentioned being prone to mistakes; but she stresses you don't deserve her at her best if you can't handle her at her worst. It all comes down to love. Do you love someone enough to accept them at their best AND at their worst? I figure I will share my thoughts on accepting people at their best and their worst in this blog post.

My Best, My Worst

Everyone performs at levels which we can gauge them at their best and their worst. We obviously don't want people we care about to be at their worst, but there are those times where their worst times shine. We surely praise people for being at their best. What side of someone shows up at times? The way to envision this is to imagine athletes and sports teams. A team can completely hammer some other team almost any given game, but the same team may find every way to lose and feel hopeless.

In regards to relationships, whether among friends or lovers, we certainly are exposed to what good and bad qualities others have. There are many things we are happy for being with certain people and being associated with certain people. People at their best make life easier and enjoyable. And then... for as much as we love certain people at their best, we can absolutely HATE somebody at their worst or for their worst qualities. People can improve upon their weakest qualities, but a lot of us ultimately just hate someone to some extent for their worst qualities or at their worst performance. True love and true respect relate to how well you can unconditionally love someone overall for their good and bad qualities and personality.

That covers others at their best and worst. How about evaluating yourself at your best and at your worst and how you wish others perceive you? It takes some courage to honestly admit things about yourself. Myself personally, I can have some anger issues and feel vengeful when people see me less than what I am or what I am capable of. I had people look at me and think of me as a liability. I've been potentially not good enough to meet certain peoples' needs. I know I can't please everybody. I sometimes don't even think I can please myself. I still give my best effort to others because I want to assure myself that I mean something to people I care about and to people whom I want to impress or reassure respect.

Everyone can always improve on their worst qualities. Certain personality traits will always exist within ourselves. The only issue is if we let those poor qualities define us to others or if we can work around our deficiencies and try to show our best performance. For example, if someone admittedly has an attitude problem, can that person put aside those attitude issues and still manage to produce and execute at certain tasks given to them? Or will that person do everything possible to disgrace and shame others around him/her? These qualities ultimately determine how we feel about people in general. This goes back to me discussing the good in others. Can you still love someone enough (worst qualities notwithstanding) for their best and worst qualities? This, more than anything, determines ultimately what people mean to us. If it seems like you can't take someone much anymore and feel they don't serve any greater purpose for you any more, the best thing may ultimately be to let that person go and cut him/her out of your life.

People at their best and worst...

At Best...

People being at their best is obviously what we want. Having good times and being productive leads to more enjoyment of life and greater self-esteem. We don't DESERVE great efforts, but we at least would like people we care about to give their best in everything to help make life better and fun. If we have reason and encouragement to do our best, then we are going to give our best effort to try to make things great for everyone.

I always give my best as a blogger because I feel great importance in offering quality content done in a quality way. Not many people actually tell me how I am doing- then again, I rarely get feedback from anybody about anything. There is still importance in posting material of fine quality to me. I at least give a decent effort, even if not my "best" effort. It is not as if I am expecting to win a major prize or some honor for my work.

At Worst...

If you care about someone, you don't want that person to fail or be at their worst. People have attitudes and sometimes can be lazy. Some others may simply act as if they don't care or don't listen. These are times when we are exposed to the worst of people. We all want jobs done properly. Trouble is, some people just don't perform on a level worthy of properly completing tasks. Tasks are done because we care about certain individuals, and we want to do everything possible to assure and ensure our love and respect. So what happens when our worst traits come alive? We end up frustrating people to no end.

I can tell you right now I have had problems trying to stay focused on certain tasks, such as releasing material in a timely fashion. You won't even believe how many blog posts and other material go unpublished or finished. Some topics I ultimately release have been the work of stuff I could have posted a long time ago. There have been tasks I've done successfully for others, but I always imagine what if I screwed up incredibly? For instance, I remember trying to haul a big television out of my room and stopping every so often because I was feeling tired lifting the doggone thing. What if I dropped that TV and had to face the wrath of my mother? Again- this didn't happen, but I always consider the worst scenarios aside from the best. Experiencing the worst scares me incredibly. This motivates me to try to do things at my best even if I make common sense errors. I am not perfect or smart; but please, spare me if I make errors about things most people normally wouldn't.

Overall Evaluation.

When you take someone at best and at worst, how do you ultimately judge someone? Do you still have the heart to accept and love someone for their qualities? Remember that people are not always at their best. Conversely, not everyone is at their absolute worst all the time. Does the balance of good and bad convince you enough to accept someone for who he/she is? Can you possibly work with someone to improve upon their worst qualities?

If you love someone despite their good and bad qualities, that makes others feel good because they know they can screw up or be poor and still garner one's unconditional love. But if someone is not loved despite the good and bad qualities, it can lead to a shaky relationship or always feeling he/she will never truly win the good graces of someone. Not being able to win one's good graces can lead to isolation and not getting the best out of someone or have someone on his/her best behavior. Unless someone just isn't sociable or simply can't stand around and among people, we all want to be loved and respected- even among ourselves. Some of those worst qualities ultimately define us, almost as if our negatives outweigh our positives.

Someone who we love but can't stand being with for too much longer may have one ultimate solution- just cut that person out of your life and let him/her go. You want to be careful making that decision, though. Really think about how much someone means to you and people around you. Also consider if you want that person to be associated with you for much longer. Can you live with yourself better without the person in question? Or is it possible that someone who can be better simply can't be coached to do better or be better? If you are totally and completely confident in letting someone go and never have that person be associated with you ever again, then by all means... cut that person out of your life and let him/her go. Addition by subtraction.

I hope you were able to take something away from this blog post. Let's discuss...

Do you deserve peoples' best if you can't handle them at their worst? Do others love and accept you at your best AND your worst? Can you improve on your worst qualities to improve your relationship with others?

This concludes another blog post of mine. Put this advice and this insight to good use. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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