Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Power of Prayer

John Marine | 7/03/2016 06:31:00 PM | | | |
In tough times, prayer offers some hope. Most people don't believe in prayer mostly because it will not immediately solve problems. It is granted prayer is not a cure-all. However, it is something to fall on for help and guidance. It is rare I discuss any sort of religious matters in my blog. Despite this, I do believe in hoping times get better and look for any source or motivation to keep going.

Another aspect of prayer is in the sense of offering spiritual guidance and support for when we are unable to try to help someone. It is not a sign of weakness or a lack of dedication to say you are wishing someone well in spirit. We can't always have the answers and solutions in trying to help others out with their problems. Think about cases of certain impending or possible danger- such as a dangerous weather or a pressure-packed situation. Offering prayer and praying doesn't mean everything will be better in the end. It just means there is spiritual support for when times are horrible or could be horrible. I am not one to tell anyone how to live or what life choices to make. All I do know is in trying to offer some kind of hope in tough times, prayer doesn't hurt. At least it is better than thinking everything will be okay and that the most positive outcome(s) will result. What if the desired results DON'T happen? What if you think everything will be okay and things actually get worse? Like what if a loved one is barely hanging on to life and you don't even hope and pray he/she will live? Having prayer at least assures some extra hope for when times are rough.

Often times, especially in social media, there are those who want to pray for certain individuals, cities, and nations in the wake of disaster. Some of the most recent incidents include the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, bombings at an airport in Istanbul, and a hostage situation in Dhaka. Prayer is a way of offering support and love for when we can't do too much to try to ease tensions or solve problems. It is a way to show love for people who may need or otherwise wouldn't mind gaining support of some kind. Some people can be inconsiderate or fussy about others trying to offer such love, but most usually wouldn't mind someone worrying about them. I even become concerned about friends and family with whatever goes on in the world. A nice thing about Facebook is that there is something that allows people to be marked as safe in the wake of certain disasters. Even still, I am pleased knowing so many fine people from around the world that I often hope they are okay even in the wake of some of the most horrific incidents. A lot goes on in this world and in this society. All I can hope for is the best for everyone. I don't have to know people personally to have legitimate concern for them. Especially for loyal and respectful people, the last thing I want to be told is for certain people to have hit rock bottom in their lives or face complete depression and hopelessness.

If you don't believe in spiritual matters, that is okay. I am not convincing anyone or forcing anyone to start believing in these things. Conversely, if there is a problem or an issue, at least it is nice to know there are some things you can look to for help and protection. Prayer will not protect you physically or give you any legitimate edge. There is hope and something you can believe in for the weakest moments. There are people I like and dislike. I have learned as I have gotten older to love and appreciate everyone regardless of how I personally feel about certain others. So in the case of offering some prayer and hope for myself and for others, I look to spiritual and heavenly guidance to help make times better or to have some extra assurance rough times will get better. At least having some hope is better than thinking the world will come to an end and that we won't have much longer to live. You are better off having hope than being given absolutely no shot at having a positive or favorable outcome. So have prayer in your heart and in your spirit. Better than nothing.

I hope I have provided some positivity and some insight for you. We can always use something positive and useful even with all the usual nonsense cyberspace can provide. This concludes a thoughtful post of mine. Perhaps you can use its contents to good use. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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