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Western European Beauties

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(UPDATED: February 26, 2014)

A new Beauties series starts up with a look at those from Western Europe. I already did a blog post long ago on the United Kingdom and Ireland, which is part of Western Europe. So most of what you will see here are mostly continental European beauties in Western Europe. Beauties from Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (or Holland) will be featured in this post. How about we start a new series of posts?

A special hello to all of my Western European readers! I will feature fewer videos to improve the performance of my blog as it is viewed. You can always click on the links to videos in case you have trouble viewing embedded videos or in case you can't view embedded videos.


FEB 26 2014 - added another personality (Hint: Spain)

--- European Beauties: The Series ---

When a new post on each region is complete, expect to see updates linking you to posts in this series. Here is a look at this series of posts. The items in parentheses () indicate all the nations in each given region for which I hope to showcase proper in each post:

Western European Beauties --- YOU ARE HERE ---
^ beauties from Western Europe (excluding UK and Ireland- I've already made a post on these beauties. To see my post on UK and Ireland beauties, please visit: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties). Featured persons from this region are from Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands.

Central European Beauties
^ beauties from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Southern European Beauties
^ beauties from Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria

Eastern European Beauties
^ beauties from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian Federation (west of Ural Mountains)

Northern European Beauties
^ beauties from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Iceland, and Greenland

Transcontinental European Beauties
^ beauties from the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

You will see a number of different personalities representing this specified region. In parentheses () is the nation represented in this post. Someone must either be from that nation or is of some sort of decent from that nation. So for example, an American-born person of Spanish decent or part-Spanish decent would qualify as a Spanish person in this post.

Initially, I had planned on this post being a country-by-country featuring of beauties. Because I've had such trouble, you will see the featured personality and that person's nationality in parentheses.

This Region - Western Europe.

Western European beauties consist of beauties from the following locations:

• United Kingdom (already did a post on this location - see: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties)
• Ireland (already did a post on this location - see: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties)
• UK Dependencies (already did a post on this location - see: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties)
• Spain
• Portugal
• Gibraltar
• France
• Monaco
• Luxembourg
• Belgium
• Netherlands

I already did a post on the United Kingdom, Ireland, and U.K. Dependencies (such as the Isle of Man). What you will see here is essentially western continental Europe and its beauties. Remember that my "beauties" may not exclusively be feminine. I do reference bloggers in my Beauties posts. To avoid any kind of copyright issues, I will not hotlink any images of the bloggers in question.

--- Before I Begin... Lighthearted Musings ---

Let me kind of warm up the mood before sharing some beauties. Maybe you can respond to some of these...

• I have always regarded Spain as a lovely country. I most love Spain for its architecture.

• I know very little about Portugal, but I have known some nice folks from Portugal online.

• I'd still love to go to Paris if I ever travel the world. It is, after all, one of my favorite cities in the world.

• The Principality of Monaco is best known for the lovely city of Monte Carlo. Racing fans into Monte Carlo knows of the street course around Monaco. Most others just know this place as a playground for the rich. They do have a beautiful football (as in association football (or soccer)) stadium called Stade Louis II.

• Is it the Netherlands or Holland? I refer to the place as the Netherlands, but some others call it as Holland. To all my Dutch readers... help a brother out!

That's all from me. Time to begin the blog post.

--- Western European Beauties ---

THIS REGION: Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands

I will try to feature as many personalities from each of the aforementioned nations. Here are beauties of Western Europe!

(United Kingdom, Ireland, and U.K. Dependencies).

The three locations mentioned have all been featured and are all part of Western Europe. To see UK and Ireland beauties, see "United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties."

Penélope Cruz (Spain).

Actress Penélope Cruz immediately comes to mind for me in regards to beautiful Spanish women. She was born in Alcobendas, Spain. Her acting career dates back to when she was 16 for the (born: April 28-1974)-year old. I read she's often called the "Spanish Enchantress." Some do knock her on her Spanish accent. Get to know Penélope as this Spanish siren is interviewed here:

^ "Penelope Cruz (Ellen)"

Charo (Spain).

Cuchi-cuchi! María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Gutiérrez de los Perales Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Hinojosa Rasten... is better known as Charo. This highly-entertaining Spanish woman is best known for her acting in Love Boat as well as her flamenco guitar performances. Charo is also very caring about animals as she is very much against bull fighting- which is VERY popular in her native Spain. This video showcases the (born: January 15, 1951)-year old in a commercial, being her weird and comical self:

• "Banned Commercial - Geico - Charo (Recommended)"

If you want to read my old blog post on her, take a look at my old blog post: "Charo" (John's Blog Space). Yes- Charo and I share the same birthday along with a more important figure than either of us- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

Alba, of "* Petit and Sweet Couture" (Spain).

Meet Alba. She is a petite blogger from Spain. This little lady has big style. You can see it when you look at her many different blog posts. A lot of her outfits are themed on certain colors or patterns. Click on the heading to visit Alba's blog.

Rakel, of "Lovely Style".

Rakel shows lovely style in this Spanish woman's blog posts. A lot of her fashions consist of very chic and appealing pieces complimented by her fabulous sense of style.

Amanda, of "Something Fashion." (Spain)

Amanda is a young Spanish fashion blogger behind "Something Fashion." She is a sweet and cool person with some very easy and chic fashion style. Her outfits are mostly casual. I salute her as being a very lovely lady. Feel free to drop by her blog if her work interests you.

Lara, of "BY MY HEELS" (Spain).

Spanish siren Lara of "BY MY HEELS" is a fashion blogger. She offers up a variety of fashions ranging from very casual to very chic. Most of her blog is in Spanish, but her material is also offered in English.

WOWS (Spain).

WOWS stands for "With or Without Shoes." This is a fashion blog from a Spanish blogger. She has some amazing style with a variety of chic outfits. Visit WOWS to take a look at her lovely looks and chic outfits.

, of "Addict Be Iconic" (Spain).

(ADDED: February 26, 2014)
Marta Purriños is one of the most stylish women in the blogosphere. She hails from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain- which is part of the Spain's Canary Islands. She may look like a boy with her shaven head, but what makes her beautiful is how she is able to boast such beautifully feminine looks while also combining a little boyishness. I levitated towards her loveliness once I started seeing more of her outfits on LOOKBOOK. One thing I will always respect about someone or something is in making something wonderful and marketable, while also being a bit unusual or unexpected. She does just that. When you see some of Marta's more alluring outfits, she presents her style in a way that brings feminine allure but with a boyish touch provided by her shaven head. Some girls try to be head-to-toe boyish, but Marta does boyish charm while still being purely feminine. That's what I love about her and her outfits. Visit "Addict be Iconic" to take a look at her wonderful style. Or for a little video showcasing this Spanish lady's unique beauty, please take a look at the video below:

^ "Addict Be Iconic"

ANDROGYN.BEAUTY'S BLOG (Spain - Honorable Mention!).

This Spanish fellow has an incredible sense of style. Remember that my Beauties posts, while I do mention women in Beauties posts, isn't exclusively about women. So this androgynous fellow is deserving to be among the lovelies posted in this blog entry. It is also very special I introduce this person because he is a great supporter of my blogging work. So I'm paying respect to this person here. And if he's reading this right now, thank you.

That concludes my mention of Spanish beauties. More to come in this Beauties-themed post! More countries to get to in Western Europe. I've only discussed Spain while making mention to UK and Ireland beauties. There are still more to mention! To improve the performance of this blog from the main page or through the archives, I am including this Jump Break. I have only covered one nation's beauties among the Western European nations. To see more, make sure you are reading the full post. Click "Read More" to continue (or disregard this section if you are reading the full post). Feel free to connect with me by using this table below if you enjoyed my work so far:

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Madalena Antas (Portugal).

(ADDED: August 29, 2013)
Let's just say that Madalena Antas is a girl who loves to get dirty. Off-road racer Madalena Antas is a Portuguese racing beauty whom has shown her craft racing off-road. She has competed in one of the most intense of off-road races- the Dakar Rally.

Honestly, I let my "Western European Beauties" blog post sit for some time while all of my feeds were being updated. I only came up with Madalena Antas while researching my blog post on Central European beauties! It goes to show you just how much a perfectionist I try to be and even some things you learn when you think you've mastered everything in preparing a blog post.

Micaela Reis (Portugal - Honorable Mention!).

Though born in Portugal, Angolan-Portugese model Micaela Reis was Miss Angola in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant. The (born 1988)-year old was the offspring of her Angolan mother and her Portuguese father. As I've learned about Angola, Angola was under Portuguese rule for a long time until gaining its independence from Portugal on November 11, 1975. Micaela Reis is a beautiful young model who is immensely lovely and has a pretty nice voice and accent. She won the Miss Angola pageant in 2007. Visit her Facebook fan page by clicking on this section's heading. Or, you can visit Micaela Reis' YouTube channel.

Nelly Furtado (Portugal - Honorable Mention!).

She's like a bird, and this (born: December 2, 1978)-year old Canadian-Portuguese singer is one of the finer musical talents past or present. Other popular tracks of hers include "Turn Down the Lights" and "Promiscuous Girl." From my "Canadian Beauties" blog post, here is Nelly Furtado:

^ "Nelly Furtado - I'm Like a Bird"

Katy Perry (Portugal - Honorable Mention!)

Here was a striking fact I learned about Katy Perry. Did you know the name on her birth certificate is "Katy Pereira?" (Born: October 25, 1984)-year old Katy Perry was born to a Portuguese-American mother. I had listed her among my American Beauties (Pacific) beauties. You can read more about Katy Perry in either of these posts: "Katy Perry" (John's Blog Space) or "American Beauties - Pacific" (John's Blog Space).

This fact I pulled up on Katy Perry was supplied thanks to GoLisbon (click on the link for the actual source).

Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar).

Gibraltarian Kaiane Aldorino won Miss Gibraltar 2009 and Miss World 2009. By accomplishing those feats, she won the GMH (Gibraltar Medallion of Honour) in 2011; and she was the ONLY recipient of the GMH in 2011. Here is a sample of Kaiane Aldorino: Kaiane Aldorino (Miss World 2009) discusses Gibraltar's culture.

Surianne Dalmedo (Gibraltar).

Though she was born in London, Surianne Dalmedo represents Gibraltar. Surianne is a recording artist. Here is a music sample of Surianne:

^ "Surianne Stronger Than Before"

Marine Lorphelin (France).

Miss France 2013 is (born: March 16, 1993)-year old Marine Lorphelin. She was born in Mâcon, France. I couldn't find anything English to showcase Marine to you all, but I will offer you a YouTube video you can look at to see Marine Lorphelin. Be warned- it is ONLY in French: Miss France 2013 : les "indispensables beauté" de Marine Lorphelin

Malika Ménard (France).

Malika Menard
^ from: - Malika Menard won Miss France in 2010.

The winner of Miss France 2010 is a lady named Malika Ménard. The (born: July 14, 1987)-year old was born in Rennes, France. She represented herself as Miss Normandie in one pageant and even represented France in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

Marion Cotillard (France).

Marion Cotillard is an award-winning French actress. In 2008, this (born: September 30, 1975)-year old Parisian won Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in "La Vie en Rose." She also has served roles in "The Dark Knight Rises," "Inception," "Breaking Bad," and more.

From 2008, here is the beautiful Marion Cotillard:

^ Marion Cotillard winning Best Actress

Isabel Marant (France).

French fashion designer designer Isabel Marant has been making waves in fashion since making her debut in 1994. The most popular items from Isabel Marant today are her very popular "Bekket" wedge sneakers. You can visit the official home page of Isabel Marant's if you click on the heading to this item. In my fashion blog- "StyleSpace by JBM," I offered my thoughts on the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. You can read my thoughts about them in my blog post here: "Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers" (StyleSpace by JBM).

Coco Chanel (France - Honorable Mention!).

Coco Chanel
^ from: - Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel.

"A girl should be two things- classy and fabulous." "To be irreplaceable, one must be different." Coco Chanel was born in August 19, 1883 as Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and is often called the Queen of Style. Coco Chanel died back in 1971, but her insight and influences remain in the fashion world even to this day. Chanel remains one of the finest designers today. Today's Chanel is run by designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel's website can be visited by clicking on the heading to this item.

Morgane Gerard (Monaco).

Morgane Gerard
^ from: (best I could find) - Miss Monaco for 2009 - Morgane Gerard.

One of the challenges of doing these Beauties-themed posts is in trying to find as much material as possible to introduce people to others. I, unfortunately, found little or no information on Morgane Gerard except that she's from the Principality of Monaco and that she won Miss Monaco in 2009. I had to find someone to represent Monaco for a post like this.

Mandy Minella (Luxembourg).

Representing Luxembourg in my post is (born: November 22, 1985)-year old Mandy Minella, a tennis player. She was born in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg who started her pro career in 2001. She is as tall as Taylor Swift- 5'11". Here is a video interview of Mandy Minella you can see if you want to learn a little more about Mandy Minella: Interview with Mandy Minella, pro tennis player.

Vanina Ickx (Belgium).

Vanina is the daughter of Belgian racing legend Jacky Ickx. She has taken on many driving roles ranging from being a driving instructor to being a full-on race car driver. Her racing experience ranges from doing the Dakar rally to touring car racing to competing in one of the world's greatest races- the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Part of her drive to be a race car driver comes from the lineage of her legendary father Jacky Ickx. She was born and raised in beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Get to know this Belgian beauty Vanina Ickx:

^ "The Ickx-Factor - Faces - Inside Racing 2011 - ep.6 "

Cindy, of "YOUR DAILY DOSE OF FASHION." (Belgium).

The beauty behind "YOUR DAILY DOSE OF FASHION." is a young Cindy Van Dyck. This short-haired Belgian fashion blogger features some of her own styles as well as insight on various street style posts. When I first learned of her blog, it was long known as "Glamour Bbey." It has since become one of the most popular fashion blogs online. This is really one of the first fashion blogs I actually loved as I was just getting started here on Blogger/Blogspot. I still vastly respect Cindy and her posts, even though I'm not really a regular visitor much to her blog anymore.

Marie-Claire Chalmers (Amber) (Netherlands).

The artist known by the stage name of Amber is a lovely woman known to most others as Marie Claire Chalmers. This Dutch diva was born in Ubbergen, Netherlands. One of her first hits was "This is Your Night" back in the mid-1990s. She would go on to make several more hit songs including "Above the Clouds," "Sexual (Li Da Di)," and others. Never heard Amber before? Here is some classic '90s dance for you:

^ Amber - This Is Your Night (Official Video HD).1

Candy Dulfer (Netherlands).

Candy Dulfer is an incredible saxophonist who is from the Netherlands. She has had a long history of performing well at various shows. The (born: September 19, 1969)-year old saxophonist from Amsterdam, Netherlands is very funky and cool. She has made fabulous renditions of classic songs like her renditions of "Pick up the Pieces" and "For the Love of You." If you care anything about smooth jazz, Candy Dulfer is outstanding. Get a taste of Candy Dulfer:

^ "Candy Dulfer Interview"

Rebecca Romijn (Netherlands).

While most know her as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, she is now just Rebecca Romijn. This Dutch diva was born in Berkley, CA, USA on November 6, 1972. She qualifies as part of this collection of beauties since her father is Dutch. She was voted as having one of the sexiest celebrity bodies. (IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED) Find out where she ranked among E!'s Top 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies in this video: Rebecca Romijn.

Dominique van Hulst (Do) (Netherlands).

(September 7, 1981)-year old Dominique van Hulst is better known as recording artist Do. If you are familiar with a classic trance tune from DJ Sammy called "Heaven," Do provided the vocals to the trance masterpiece called "Heaven." Do is the vocal goddess behind this trance classic: DJ Sammy - Heaven [Musicvideo] & [Lyrics].

This was as many Western Europe beauties as I could find. Remember that this list consists mostly of continental European beauties in Western Europe. Look at my post of beauties from the United Kingdom and Ireland for more. Remember that I may add more personalities in future edits to showcase in my Beauties posts. Just make sure to check for updates.

More beauties to come in more posts as this series continues! The next in the "European Beauties" series involves beauties from Central Europe. Thank you for reading!

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