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Canadian Beauties

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(UPDATED: January 5, 2015)

Canada has some lovely people. Among some of the loveliest will be the ones featured in this blog post. I do enjoy posting about beauties from various places or of certain categories. And in this blog post, you will see some Canadian beauties. Let's say this one has a little of everything.


JAN 5 2015 - made some edits, added another personality

--- Canadian Beauties ---

It's time to share some of the beauties that represent Canada. This is all about Canadians and French-Canadians. I'll name some of the many whom I either like or respect (or both). So get ready to check out some lovely Canadian folks. I will find replacement images if I am unable to use certain images. Let's go!

Céline Dion.

French-Canadian Celine Dion is a (born: March 30, 1968)-year old highly accomplished singer. She was born in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada from a large family. I highly respect Céline Dion and her amazing singing. The one thing I do remember most is how much "My Heart Will Go On" was SO overkilled on the radio back in the 1990s from the equally overkilled "Titanic" movie. If you've never heard her classic song, or if you want to re-remind me of this overkilled song, here is a music video showcasing Celine Dion's 1996 classic. Just remember- I got tired of this song and this movie very quickly despite the fact it's such a beautiful song:

^ "Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On"

Pamela Anderson.

Baywatch fanatics know of a woman running down the beach, breasts jiggling, and becoming the wet dream of many a heterosexual male. This native of Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada is a (born: July 1, 1967)-year old lady best known for her acting. However, she is also respected in modeling, being an author, as well as being an activist. Most of us guys know her as one of the sexiest women alive with an extremely hot body- even for her age. Here is a fun fact about Pamela Anderson- she was the first baby born on Canada's 100th birthday! This is probably plenty of reason for her to be proud of her Canadian roots. Here is Pamela Anderson... to the rescue!

^ "Pamela Anderson in Baywatch"

Alexz Johnson.

Alexz Johnson is a singer and an actress from Westminster, British Columbia, Canada (which is not very far away from Vancouver, BC, Canada). I learned of her through my friend Gabriella of "Principessa Gabriella," who is a big fan of hers. Alexz has a very nice voice whether singing or speaking. The 5'4" Canadian is also big on vintage fashion. Here is one of her many songs. This one is fun and one of my personal favorites of hers:

^ "Trip around the World (Music Video) - Alexz Johnson"

My blog post on Alexz Johnson: "Alexz Johnson" (John's Blog Space)

Carly Rae Jepsen.

"...and this is all so crazy... call me maybe?" Carly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter famous for her Summer pop anthem, "Call Me Maybe." The (born: November 20, 1985) hails from Mission, British Columbia, Canada. One of her other hot songs is "This Kiss." Carly was among one of the finalists of Canadian Idol. Unfortunately, she placed 3rd in Canadian Idol's 5th season. It still (obviously) didn't stop her from releasing one of the hottest songs of 2012. And what is that song? This one:

^ "Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe"

Nelly Furtado.

Whoa, Nelly! Nelly Furtado is a Canadian-Portuguese recording artist and actress. I best know her for songs like "Like a Bird" and "Turn Off the Light." The (born: December 2, 1978)-year old received the honor of being part of Canada's Walk of Fame in 2010. Here is a sample of Nelly Furtado. Delve into her awesomeness:

^ "Nelly Furtado - I'm Like a Bird"

Shay Mitchell.

Shay Mitchell
^ from: - "Pretty Little Liars" actress Shay Mitchell is a pretty lovely lady.

While I have never seen a single episode of "Pretty Little Liars," I do know that one Shannon "Shay" Ashley Mitchell from the Canadian province of Ontario is one pretty lady. The (born: April 10, 1987)-year old hails from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Morgan Webb.

(ADDED: February 22, 2013)
As G4 TV is croaking (or so it seems as it will soon become The Esquire Network), it is the end of an era for a channel that was devoted to gaming and the youth lifestyle. Part of that gaming era of G4 was "X-Play," which was once "Extended Play" during the TechTV days. Part of that X-Play era was Canadian beauty Morgan Webb from Toronto. She was as much a tour de force on X-Play as long-time host Adam Sessler. Her involvement in G4 programming also involved "Attack of the Show!" and G4's coverage of various conventions, including the E3 Expo. You see, people... I tend to be too much of a perfectionist. I thought about adding Morgan Webb to my "Canadian Beauties" list today as I began to think about more people to include in my Beauties-themed posts. Here is a sample of Morgan Webb and what she brought not only to X-Play, but also G4 in general (this is an OLD video):

^ "Morgan Webb legs and thighs XPlay 2003 couch"

I will break off the post here for performance purposes. If you are not reading the full post and want to continue, please click on "Read More" to continue. Disregard this Jump Break section if you are reading the full post. What other Beauties have I listed? Find out after the Jump Break!

Trish Stratus.

Trish Stratus
^ from: - Stratusfaction guaranteed when Trish Stratus crosses your eye!

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus was perhaps the finest Diva in the (then) WWF Attitude Era. She demonstrated her worth in the ring with her all-around average offense. Stratusfaction guaranteed when Toronto's Trish Stratus is in action! For WWE fans, some of you may know she was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for the Class of 2013. Congrats on a well-earned and well-received honor.

Gail Kim.

Gail Kim
^ from: - Gail Kim's wrestling career spans many years as a multi-time pro wrestling champion.

Gail Kim is a very accomplished wrestler. She became the first-ever TNA Knockout champion (Knockouts is the women's division of TNA Wrestling). The beautiful Asian also carried the distinction as a multiple-time championship title holder. This beautiful Asian is a current TNA wrestler but also has had some time in the WWE. Gail Kim's wrestling career has lasted a number of years. I put her among the Canadian beauties since she hails from Toronto, Ontatio, Canada.

Marisa, of "Viva Voluptuous!".

Marisa is a plus size beauty from the Canadian province of Alberta. She is "your voluptuous diva" sporting a variety of cute and stylish outfits as well as offering inspiration to her fellow curvy ladies. The single biggest blog post in my time visiting "Viva Voluptuous!" was when she showcased herself in a boudoir photo shoot in one blog post.

Christine, of "Heart Made Fashion."

Christine is both a blogger and a visual merchandiser. She is a very pretty lady showcasing her wonderful style. It was a long while ago when I first got to see this pretty lady and her style. She is charming in every sense of the word.

Marilou Moles, of "Twenty York Street."

This fashion blog features a lady named Marilou Moles, or ML for short. The lady from the Canadian province of Ottawa mostly does mostly a blog about lifestyle and fashion. I first learned of this blog when she followed and supported my own blog work. I certainly appreciate Marilou for her continued support of my work. So I would be remiss (and dumb) to not feature Marilou in my post on Canadian beauties.

Gazel, of "Bonjour Gazel."

Canada's Gazel (pronounced "gay-zell") is the creator of one of the most popular plus size fashion blogs online- "Bonjour Gazel." While I am not subscribed to it, I do respect Gazel and think she's very pretty. A lot of her posts are primarily a style journal of hers.

Harija, of "My Lyfe ; My Story."

(ADDED: January 5, 2015)
This fashion blogger from the Toronto area is the beautiful Harija Ravi. She expresses her fashion insights in her blog called "My Lyfe ; My Story." Her sweet smile brings sunshine. With her many different outfits, she expresses a very varied array of styles. As a supporter of my work, I feature her in my post here.

Katia, of Bewolf.

(ADDED: January 5, 2015)
Bewolf is not only an online fashion store, but it also the blog of Katia Nikolajew. Katia is all about bold accents and fashions. Though she's from Montreal, Quebec, Canada; she has spent a good amount of time in the Cayman Islands. Katia's unique and bold fashion style hardly ever fails to impress. The link takes you to the Bewolf store. Featured on the site is her blog, which you are free to visit.

Jay Manuel (Honorable Mention!).

Okay - a straight guy like me will admit Jay Manuel is a handsome fellow. He is a Canadian-American makeup artist. A number of people know him best for his involvement with "America's Next Top Model." The guy is still fairly charming.

GregoryGORGEOUS (Honorable Mention!)

Again- straight guy showing appreciation for another male. YouTube's "GregoryGORGEOUS" is one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. The fierce fellow from Toronto is known for his makeup videos as well as his unique style. The openly gay Internet sensation is actually pretty funny and very entertaining. Readers of "John's Blog Space" and "StyleSpace by JBM" may have seen me make mention to him in some of my fashion posts. He is one of the few males who could wear feminine clothes without looking the least bit awkward. Name me any other males who could confidently wear a mini dress and a hot pair of pumps. Allow me to say something pretty powerful about him, and it's my own opinion and with respect- "Gregory GORGEOUS" is Canada's Andrej Pejic in the sense of a male who has feminine beauty. His message to the world would be his sign-off: "stay gorgeous!"

(UPDATE: January 5, 2015) A long while ago, GregoryGORGEOUS became GigiGORGEOUS, as the young Toronto native transitioned from a male to a female. Without spoiling anything, GigiGORGEOUS is featured among the many different beauties in my "Transgender and Intersex Beauties - The World Tour!" blog post.

Suki, of "suki pooki (Honorable Mention!)."

Suki is a girly girl from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada mostly loves to showcase highlights of her travels as well as various fashion outfits and makeup touches. She is also big on Disney, as she has been very fond of various Disney characters. Her blog is no more (for what I know), so this is Honorable Mention to her.

Hope this serves my Canadian readers well. I may add more personalities in edits to this post if I find any others I like or if I need to use something different to showcase each personality.

I've been trying to work on various Beauties-themed blog posts for the longest. I chose to release this one among my many different Beauties-themed posts. I appreciate your visiting to this post and my blog. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I love Canada and Canadians (especially Alexz Johnson! yay for including her!). Nice post, John. :)


John Marine said...

I had no idea that Celine Dion was from Canada! I love her soulful songs and your interesting post! Thanks for sharing (:

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