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Alexz Johnson

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(UPDATED: October 29, 2014)

Alexz (pronounced like "Alex") Johnson is both a singer and an actress. The young Canadian lady makes some enjoyable music. She has a smooth and sexy voice when speaking and a fun voice when singing. A blogging friend actually inspired me to at least learn more about her and blog about her. With this inspiration, it is time to blog again. So here is my blog post on Alexz Johnson.

A little note before I begin... "Alexz" is pronounced the same way you'd normally pronounce "Alex." So don't be confused by how the name "Alexz" looks in trying to pronounce it. Also, I mostly will focus more on her music than her acting. Anyhow, I would like to send a special hello to the Canadian audience who may be reading this blog and this blog post. This American here is about to blog about one of your own Canadians!


OCT 29 2014 - simply updated the post

--- Alexz Johnson ---

(Some information provided by Wikipedia)

So how about we get started and take a look at her at a glance? This lady is (born: November 4, 1986)-year old Alexzandra Spencer Johnson (Alexz Johnson):

Alexz Johnson
^ from: (best I could find) - This is Canadian pop singer and actress, Alexzandra (Alexz) Johnson. Isn't she a cutie? :)

Alexz Johnson sort of has the pop singer flow with the beautiful singing style the likes of Leona Lewis, or one of her fellow Canadians- Celine Dion. She was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. She has a beautiful singing voice. Many people know of Alexz Johnson best from "Instant Star." Alexz Johnson has a musical style that ranges from fun pop songs to even some more beautiful songs of hers. She has a singing style that is pretty deep and hot. When not singing, she has a sultry and silky deep voice. Some of her singing is sort of like old-style or old-time singing with a modern twist. I think Alexz is a lovely lady.

In addition to singing, she is also an actress. Among some of her work includes roles in "So Weird, the "Instant Star" series, and "Final Destination 3" among others. I also learned that she's a petite- Alexz is 5'4" (the same height as Madonna). Maybe I should add her to my "Sweet Petite!" blog post (and I did. See for yourself: "Sweet Petite!" on John's Blog Space). In fashion, Alexz Johnson is big on vintage fashion. I like her creativity in fashion.

Really, it was Gabriella of the blog "Principessa Gabriella" that inspired me to blog about Alexz Johnson.

--- Alexz Johnson Songs ---

So you've never heard of Alexz Johnson or her singing? That changes today! I selected these videos to showcase Alexz Johnson and her style of singing. If a video does not enable embedding, I will share with you a link rather than a video. Thanks to everyone who allowed videos to be embedded. The songs I've chosen for this blog post are semi-random. I wasn't really considering the most popular songs to feature here. So check these out:

• "Trip Around the World"
Let's have some fun! This one is a very fun song from Alexz Johnson. I love the old style of her singing and the cinematic feel. It's kind of like a song you might hear in a fashion video. Very fun song! See/Hear for yourself:

And here is a BONUS VIDEO! This is a live version of the song you just heard above:

I am about to break this post up to improve the performance of this blog for those not viewing the full post. If you are not reading the full post and want to enjoy the rest of this post (as well as find out what I'd tell Alexz Johnson if she read this), then please click on "Read More" to read the remainder of this post and to see more music videos from Alexz Johnson. Disregard this section if you are reading the full post.

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• "I Still Love You"
This song is beautifully-sung with lovely vocals and a mellow piano. Have a listen to Alexz sing sweetly:

• "I Just Wanted Your Love"
Alexz Johnson wants to rock out here. If "I Still Love You" was too soft for you, see if this one tickles your fancy:

• "Perfect"
How about another Alexz Johnson song? This song called "Perfect" has a rock edge while being a fun and smooth style. This is Alexz Johnson singing "Perfect" below:

• "Skin"
Very old YouTube video, but it still is a song from Alexz Johnson. The background song is "Skin" from Alexz Johnson. She delivers a powerful and emotional singing performance with a somewhat mellow guitar background.

• "Hurricane Girl"
(ADDED: February 23, 2012) I added this song to this post because I heard the live version. Here is a look at "Hurricane Girl" below:

• "Weight" (ADDED: April 9, 2012)
Get ready for a powerful singing performance by Alexz Johnson here.

• "Damaged" (ADDED: April 9, 2012)
Smooth singing with mellow background instrumentals describe this performance. Some powerful singing and powerful lyrics don't hurt, either:

That's Alexz Johnson for you! You like? Her singing and her talent are just amazing. How can you not love a voice like what she has as well as how wonderfully her songs flow? I have new respect for Alexz Johnson thanks in part to influence from my friend Gabriella (of "Principessa Gabriella").

--- What I Would Tell Alexz Johnson (if she read this) ---

Thanks to a blogging friend of mine, I was inspired to learn more about you. I have some great respect for you and your singing because of this inspiration. You are certainly a star as of right now. You are an awesome singer. Had it not been for inspiration and motivation from a blogging friend of mine, I wouldn't have cared to blog about you. So I'm glad I did get this motivation. I wish you continued success in all that you do.

Would I Want to Meet Alexz Johnson (if given the chance)?

You know, I sure would. Why not?

I am done covering Alexz Johnson. And if Alexz Johnson surely gets to tour the United States, I especially want my friend Gabriella (of "Principessa Gabriella") to get to see her because it was Gabriella who inspired me to learn more about and blog about Alexz Johnson. Had it not been for Gabriella (as well as me being curious about Alexz), this post wouldn't be possible.

If you want to know more about the lady you've just read about, please visit the links below for more information and to get social with Alexz Johnson:

Alexz Johnson official home page
Alexz Johnson fan site
Alexz Johnson on IMDb
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Alexz Johnson's Facebook Fan Page
Alexz Johnson's YouTube channel
Follow Alexz Johnson on Twitter (@alexzjohnson)!
Alexz Johnson on
Alexz Johnson on iTunes

Alexz Johnson on Amazon

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John B. Marine said...

i will go with  the track skin,the song has a hold on me,thanks for sharing

John B. Marine said...

I love this post!  Alexz is my favorite singer ever!  Her voice is so beautiful.  My computer is full of every song she's ever sang and I love them all, lol!  I've always mean to blog about her but never got around to it yet, I will eventually.  I love "Skin," it's such an emotional and beautiful song, one of my favorites.  She was actually in all 4 seasons of Instant star by the way; she was the main character.  I loved that show so much when I was in high school.  I've been a fan of her since I was about 10, I think, when she was on a Disney Channel show called "So Weird."  Great song choices, she has so many beautiful songs, even though she's not as well known as other artists. Hopefully she will be one day.  She's currently raising money to go on tour (here: and I'm definitely going to see her when she does.  She just released an EP recently too with some great songs. I love "Give me Fire" and "Skipping Stone."  I'm glad I inspired you to learn and blog about her and her music. :)


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