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Sweet Petite!

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(UPDATED: July 8, 2012)

Are you ladies 5'5" (165 cm) or shorter in height? Petite Fashion was designed to make short women fabulous. Most fashions suit females 5'5" or taller. A lot of fashion designers offer fashions for petite sizes so that even the short femme can look as fabulous as taller girls. Just because you're not the ideal height doesn't mean that your style can't be taken to new heights. As I have been with my blog entry on plus size fashion, I am equally careful in discussing petite fashion. I don't have fashion advice for this blog entry. What I DO have, however, is some fashion insight for you petite ladies out there!

A Special Hello to You Petites!

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JUL 8 2012 - added ShopStyle widget

--- Petite Fashion at a Glance ---

There are an abounding number of fashion options for average-height women, but what about Petite women? Depending on how short you are, some fashion options may not be as readily available as they may be for average/appropriate height women. My blog entry on Plus Size fashion was to help plus size women find cute/sexy/stylish fashions for Plus Size figures. What I've done for the Plus Size crowd is what I hope to accomplish in this blog entry.

Now for some photo inspiration:

kimono dress Petite
^ from: - a Petite-size kimono dress from Banana Republic.

Paula Abdul
^ from: - Paula Abdul and her 5'0" (152 cm) frame.

A number of people have their thoughts on what makes a woman beautiful. Petite women often are ridiculed for their size. Most usually favor women 5'6" or taller. There are even modeling agencies which require certain women be of an average (as in normal) height. What petites may lack in height they make up for with amazing beauty. Jokingly, some petites like to say that they aren't short; they are fun-sized. I've known quite a few adolescent and adult females 5'4" or shorter. One of my friends from middle school was 4'8", for example.

Being vertically-challenged doesn't mean you have to settle for less when shopping for fashion. From certain petite fashion bloggers I've followed and read, many struggle to find the perfect fit with a certain number of clothes to fit their bodies. Many petites have to settle for tailoring clothes to their bodies. I have even read of petites who wear children's clothing- all trying to find the best-fitting and most stylish clothes for their petite bodies. Various petite bloggers offer their expertise to fellow petites for various insight.

Throughout this blog post, I will showcase the beauty of petite women while also offering various resources for petite women.

--- [Some] Famous Petites ---

To give you a little insight on petites, here are some famous petites. I'm going to go on 5'4" or shorter for this list. (Credit: for some of the height figures)

(ADDED: November 3, 2011) If any official websites are offered, you may now visit their official home pages to learn more about each featured petite. The links may take you to certain fan pages.

Madonna (5'4" (or 162.6 cm) tall)
from: - Madonna is one of the finest in pop music, basically defining '80s pop.

Danica Patrick (5'2" tall)
Danica Patrick
^ from: - Danica Patrick. When she won her only race at Motegi, it was evident how tall she was compared to the big trophy she won.

• Sarah Jessica Parker (5'2" tall)
Sarah Jessica Parker
^ from: - Sarah Jessica Parker, of "Sex and the City" fame among others.

• Eva Longoria-Parker (5'1" tall) -Texas' own, born in Corpus Christi!
Eva Longoria-Parker
^ from: - Texas native Eva Longoria-Parker from Corpus Christi.

Kylie Minogue (5'1" tall)
(~~~ picture coming soon ~~~)
^ from: ??? - Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue, who stands all of 5'1".

Shakira (5'1" tall)
^ from: - the beautiful Columbian recording artist, Shakira.

Lady Gaga (5'1" tall)
Lady Gaga
^ from: - Did you know that New York City's Lady Gaga is only 5'1" tall?
ADDED May 22, 2011: my blog post on Lady Gaga

Nicole Richie (5'1" tall)
Nicole Richie
^ from: - Nicole Richie is 5'1".

• America Ferrera (5'1" tall)
America Ferrera
^ from: - America Ferrera stands 5'1" and is beautiful either as herself or as Ugly Betty Suarez.

• Hayden Panettiere (5'1" tall)
Hayden Panettiere
^ from: - I know very little about Hayden Panettiere, including the fact she's 5'1".

Jada Pinkett-Smith (4'11" tall)
Jada Pinkett-Smith
^ from: - Jada Pinkett-Smith is only 4'11", but is very beautiful.

Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) (4'9" tall)
Nicole Polizzi, or Snooki
^ from: - Nicole Polizzi, or "Snooki," is 4'9". She stood next to 5'11" Wendy Williams when Snooki was on "The Wendy Williams Show."

Some Other Petites (5'4" (or 168 cm) or shorter)...

• Queen Elizabeth II (5'4" tall)
• Alexz Johnson (5'4" tall)
Sheryl Crow (5'3" tall)
• Penelope Cruz (5'3" tall)
• Kim Kardashian (5'2" tall)
• Megan Fox (5'2" tall)
• Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen (both 5'2" tall)
• Reese Witherspoon (5'2" tall)
Fergie (5'2" tall)
• Ellen Page (5'0" tall)

There's your petite inspiration. You have any other famous petites you want me to feature? Feel free to contact me via E-mail to tell me of any other famous petites and how tall they are. Remember- they must be 5'4" or shorter!

--- Petite Resources ---

Here are a bunch of resources for Petite women. This includes links as well as YouTube videos. Feel free to get some inspiration from here.

Dressing for Petite Sizes.

I am NOT a fashion expert. I don't know these things to be truly professional. So what I've done instead was offer help from a website. Here are ten tips for petite fashion, courtesy of

1. Dress in one color.
2. Wear clothes that fit well.
3. Select garments with vertical lines.
4. Choose V-Shaped tops and jackets
5. Wear high heels
6. Avoid bulky garments.
7. Avoid oversized handbags.
8. Skip minis.
9. Keep belts narrow.
10. Choose pants with straight legs.

For more styling tips, read Petite Fashion on or any of the sources on that site, including the 10 Styling Tips for Petites I posted above.

Should Petites Shop at Childrens' Sections?

(ADDED: April 1, 2012) It is tough for some petites to find good fitting clothes. Therefore, some very petite women shop for childrens' size clothing for great-fitting clothes. Whatever fits you best.

--- Petite Resources ---

Here are some websites you can visit if shopping for Petite sizes. They even include advice from people much more qualified than I:
Petite Resources (very useful for Petite shopping)
Bella Petite - fashion and lifestyle for women 5'5" tall and under
"My Top 10 Petite Shopping Rules" on Really Petite
Petite Republic (added: May 12, 2012)

--- Petite Blogs Around the Blogosphere ---

They may be little petites, but they are BIG on fashion! Here are some petite blogs for you to check out:

Sydney's Fashion Diary - Petite Lookbook, Fashion Steals and Deals.

Sydney's Fashion Diary (formerly known as PetiteLittleGirl) is a very cute Asian lady who expresses her lovely style. You may be a short lady, but you can still be big on style. This Vietnamese beauty from central Ohio certainly shows it. Her sense of style is as sweet as her smile.

Extra Petite.

PetiteLittleGirl is a bit more casual, but Extra Petite is a Blogspot blog featuring more classy fashions. Jean's "Extra Petite" blog on classy petite fashions also features some beauty advice. Look to this blog from this Boston, MA, USA petite (and visit this blog's YouTube channel) for classy petite fashion advice.

i am Khatu.

The Vietnamese beauty known as Khatu has her blog on petite fashion. Unlike the mostly professional fashions of Extra Petite, Boston's Khatu has a combination of classy and casual looks. I read Khatu stands all of 4'11". Despite her short height, she is one to truly exemplify that "big style comes in small packages." She is very stylish for her 4'11" frame. See for yourself by visiting her blog!

Stylish Petite.

This young petite's blog is another blog on Blogger/Blogspot in the struggle to find great-fitting and great-looking petite clothes. Annie, the creator of Stylish Petite (formerly "Really Petite"), is 5'0" in height. This sweet-faced petite has a lovely hair, a lovely smile, and plenty of style. Annie also has a YouTube channel where she further expresses some points in her blog. If you think Annie looks lovely, you should hear her speak because her voice is very lovely as well. In fact, here is a video preview featuring Annie:

Visit "Really Petite" to become enamored with her loveliness both outside and within.

cute and little.

For one thing, at least one petite is brutally honest. Kileen (pronounced "kai-leen") of "cute and little" means what she says- she is a very cute petite. One thing Kileen is famous for in the blogosphere is her Color Brigade series, featuring her wearing various colorful outfits in her posts. She also salutes fashionable ladies who also play around with colors to make great looks. Enter her realm of exceptional style with her vast array of stylish outfits. Become caught up in the cuteness and charm that is Kileen and "cute and little" by visiting her blog!

Little Petite.

One of the most beautiful women in the blogosphere (let alone one of the most beautiful petites) is a Latina named Adriana. "Little Petite" is a blog that started out in June 2011, Adriana is a Californian petite who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She offers up a good deal of insight on her sense of style. She even shares some fun posts regarding beauty tips, advice, and a lot of just-for-fun posts. So there is a little of everything from this petite beauty. This is one petite who is very stylish dressing mostly in casual girly fashions. One only needs to visit "Little Petite" to see how beautiful Adriana is. So go visit already! :P

Lucky Packet.

(ADDED: November 25, 2011) Laiqah (pronounced "la-ee-kah") is a young South African who is short. This petite cutie boasts lovely hair, a cute face, and a cuter smile. Her sense of style is very girly and sweet. She is a short girl who is very much a style star. In case you wonder about the name of this blog, Laiqah goes by the nickname of "Lucky." Her blog will greatly interest you if you want to see a lovely petite woman with great style.

The Fancy Teacup.

While not a blog primarily focused on petite fashion, Jamie of "The Fancy Teacup" is a California petite who has very lovely and charming style. This young fashionable girl has many charming outfits put together to exhibit her sense of style to all of you.

These are all among blogs I follow. Here are some petite bloggers that may interest you:

PetiteFashionista (a Blogspot blog!). is a blog offering fashion advice and other tidbits for all ladies 5'4" and under. Lots of resources and other materials are offered to all readers.

Proudly Petite.

Here is one lady who tries to go for lovely petite fashions. So much so, that she's... proudly petite. The blonde-haired Californian named Aubrey showcases a variety of casual and classy fashions.

Petite Early Morning Style.

Not only is Callandra a petite, she is a curvy petite. Her fashions are mostly casual to office-style wear. Feel free to visit the 5'1" petite lady's blog to see her style in action.

I Have A Degree In This!

This petite is very opinionated in regards to fashion. Let Kimberlee share you her mind on various trends and such in fashion (not only in just petite fashion).

Stylepint (WordPress).

This blog is made by a Vietnamese girl named Jess, who stands 5'1" and like most petites, are in search of stylish clothing that fits. Feel free to check out her blog to get a feel for her style.

TJ Petite (Wordpress).

My blogging friend over at TJ Petite offers up petite fashion goodness on this Wordpress blog. Visit this blog for all things petite fashion!

If you are a petite fashion blogger and want to join some petite fashion blogging communities, here is one I found:
Petite Fashion Blogs.

More blogs will/could be added in future edits. If I mentioned any of you in this section, I want to say hello to you! :)

--- Petite Fashion Shopping and Other Resources ---

Now for the part where I do have somewhat of a say in- petite fashion. The next section concerns fashion for petites with items found both on Amazon and elsewhere. I can point you towards fashion items online if you are looking to do some shopping. Click on the links to visit their official pages or their Amazon links.

NOTE: Some items in this section may be featured again in this section. All references to sizes are for US Women's sizes. All references to size are in Imperial measurements (though I will make some metric conversions at times).

Sweet Petites Apparel.

Though this blog entry is called "Sweet Petite!", this blog entry is not about the company of the same name. Sweet Petites Apparel specializes in petite active fashions. This is where you'd look for a variety of stylish athletic clothing for petite women. It's one of the best ways petite ladies work out and get sporty.

I Am Petite.

The name says it all and evokes the proper emotion. You are petite and proud! Why not show it by visiting this all-in-one petite shopping resource? This features fashion items for Petite women 5'4" or shorter. There are multiple resources available for all petites who visit this site.


5ft2in has very few items, but this company specializes in classy pants for petite women (5'2" (or 157.5 cm) or shorter).


Shoe sizes for petites (US sizes) 2 through 5 can be found online at

Petite Feet.

Shoe sizes for petite women can be tough to come by. If shopping online, consider visiting this website to shop for petite shoe sizes (up to a size 6) via Zappos. For a little comparison, there was one petite woman I read about who is 4'11" and wears a size 5.5 shoe. So there is an example of shoe sizes for petite women.

Giordano's Petite Shoes.

Another site you can check out for petite footwear is New York City-based Giordano's. Since 1981, this retailer has offered various styles of chic footwear for petite feet. Many different brand-name shoes are offered from Giordano's. If you have feet size 4 or up to 5.5, this is another site you can visit to shop for petite-size footwear.

The Little Shoe Store.

The Little Shoe Store was discovered by me when I was reading Sydney's (PetiteLittleGirl) blog. This is an online shoe store for women whose feet are between the sizes of 4 to 5.5. In fact... this store was set up by Sydney herself. So feel free to shop for shoes if you have feet in the range of 4 to 5.5 and want a lovely pair of shoes to compliment your petite feet.

TJ Petite.

Based in Sarasota Springs, Utah; TJ Petite is named for its founder, 4'11" Tammy Jensen. It is a Wordpress-type blog about fashion for petite women. It's worth a visit to check out this page if you're a petite woman. (PERSONAL NOTE: If TJ Petite is reading this blog entry, thank you for your continued support! If people are visiting this blog entry from TJ Petite, I want to say hello to you, and welcome to John's Blog Space!)

Bella Petite.

Entertainment and lifestyle material for petites!


LiTiNi specializes in socks specifically made for Petite women. Check out this lineup of socks for petite women. Here is a preview of what LiTiNi offers from this YouTube video from "Really Petite":

Allison Izu.

From Allison Izu Song, her fashion line is dedicated to premium denim for women 5'6" or shorter. So you CAN look hot wearing petite denim thanks to Allison Izu! The denim line includes both jeans and jean skirts. New to her collection is her line of petite tops. There is a little of everything for petite women when you visit Allison Izu's line of fine garments. Petites need denim love too! :)

Rosenberg Shoes (Australia).

(ADDED: May 22, 2012)
Rosenberg Shoes of Australia offers shoes for males and females. Relevant to this blog post, this Australian dealer offers shoe sizes for petite women's feet. The link takes you to the dealer's petite-size shoes. I would like to thank the loyal reader for telling me about this site.

Various Petite Fashion Collections...

These are various designers and retailers offering fashion items for Petites:

ASOS Petite (USA ASOS Site)
Dresses for Prom and gowns for Petites from PromGirl
David's Bridal Wedding Dresses for Petites (5'4" with sizes offered in 0P to 16P)

If I find more websites of petite fashion specialists, I'll update this section as much as as I can.

The Amazon material from this blog has been moved to my secondary blog, John's Shop Space. Click on the graphic below to visit my "Sweet Petite!" blog entry on my secondary blog:

Sweet Petite on JSS
^ Click on "Sweet Petite!" on my secondary blog to shop for Petite Fashions I've found for you!

Or, you may find some general petite fashions on Amazon by finding items in this widget (read "An Important Amazon Note" in the sidebar for more information on all featured Amazon items):

For all petite fashions...

For Petite Shoes...

All petite clothing on ShopStyle:

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog entry on Petite Fashion. I will be sure to continually update this blog entry with many more Petite fashion items. I want to keep people like you interested as well as be able to find fashion items you'll love to wear again and again. If I didn't work as hard as I could to provide lovely fashion items, I wouldn't have put in this kind of effort. The end goal is to make one person happy- you reading this blog entry. I hope you can find something you'll love from this, and all of my other blog entries on fashion. So find something you're looking for, even if I didn't provide something for you that you love in my blog entry. Take care and have a fantastic day/night!

To all the Petite ladies out there, dress and shop with confidence! Rock your petite chic and thank you for reading!

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