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Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is someone you either love or loathe. You either regard her as a superstar that transcends music or think she's just a singer with no true musical talent. You either think she's a bit strange with her outfits or think she's a complete nobody who doesn't deserve media attention. In my view... I wish people would stop hating on her so much. I'm not going to say "stop hating on her so much" in terms of singing ability, but I wish people would stop hating on her so much for her personality and character in music. Her songs and her style catch on like monkeys grasping on tree branches. This blog post is all about Lady Gaga.

This initial blog post is mostly a digest on her. I may edit this in the future with more content depending on traffic and interest from others.


FEB 17 2012 - made several edits

--- Lady Gaga ---

Unless you've been hiding away for a couple of years, this is Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga
^ from: chismetime.com - Lady Gaga is one of the most unusual, yet most unique pop stars out there. She incorporates art and certain dances into her routines.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is better known as Lady Gaga. This (born: March 28, 1986)-year old Italian girl went from struggling to get noticed her native New York City, New York, USA scene to being a world-renowned music superstar. She is a sweet petite- standing all of 5'1" (or 155 centimeters). Despite her diminutive frame, she is big on talent. What I respect most about Lady Gaga is how much she transcends music, often incorporating elements of art into her music and her routines. Another way she transcends herself from music is in her philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. She has also donated to various charities (including raising $1.5M to support fund the Japanese Disaster Relief through Zynga from the Sendai Earthquake and Pacific tsunami) as well as being an advocate of various LGBT causes. She calls her fans "monsters." And if that's true, then there's a whole world full of monsters that love and respect Lady Gaga and her music. Her success is insane. Lady Gaga has amassed the amount of success she has gotten including those one billion or so search engine hits. She's completely real and genuine despite being so Avant-Garde.

The biggest part of her rise to stardom has been the amount of support she has received from the LGBT community. She has garnered so much support from the gay community to help her rise to fame. Her "Born This Way" song even became respected as a gay anthem. "Born This Way" is up there as a gay anthem about as much as "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross.

One thing certain people questioned about Lady Gaga is if she's a real woman. Some wondered if she is a hermaphrodite or a man. A curious incident was shown in a video that went viral. At a show in Glastonbury, England; Lady Gaga was sitting on a motor scooter wearing a red mini dress and a pair of slouchy, calf-length black boots. She faintly mentions that she wasn't wearing panties. The moment she got off, well... the rest was history. At a future show, Lady Gaga jokingly answered if she had a (certain male genitalia). What was her answer? Have a listen to her sarcastic answer:

Lady Gaga in Style.

While a lot of other female pop stars are predicated on skimpy styles, Lady Gaga is more artistic. I once read in a magazine about how she's sexy in her own way. She doesn't have to be scantily clad just to arouse even the most discriminating male. I think she's a lovely lady. Sweet smile and cute face with some lovely hair. Speaking of hair, I made mention of her and a hair bow using her own hair in a very old blog post called "Hair Bows and Headbands."

The fact that she incorporates art into her music and routines really sets herself apart. She's different for a reason, people. I am an art person myself. Speaking as an art person, I can appreciate what Lady Gaga brings on the front of art. Lady Gaga even says she is an artist and not a celebrity. She is not at all a fan of being at hot parties, but she is definitely a party girl.

Lady Gaga is even known for her many strange outfits. At one point, she's dressed up with an outfit that has a lot of bubbles on it, and then there was her controversial meat dress. Each outfit has a story. For example, that meat dress was worn to represent gay military soldiers discharged from the military because of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. That's what she told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview. Some may even remember Lady Gaga emerging from an egg at this year's Grammy Awards. She is just not someone who dresses up for the heck of it. There is meaning to her outfits and routines. So it may be weird to you, but it really shows the level of creativity Lady Gaga has with all of her material.

Lady Gaga in Music.

I honestly wish people would stop hating on her so much. Maybe she won't be liked among the "real music" lovers, but I actually respect her music and her work. Her music and style catch on. It all began with "Just Dance." Hearing this track got me hooked to Lady Gaga. Here are some other songs of hers as I remember them...

• "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick..." you know what song I'm talking about. "LoveGame" is one of my favorites of Lady Gaga.

• I think "Poker Face" is an alright song. According to Wikipedia, this song was about her bisexuality.

• "Paparazzi" is perhaps her smoothest song. Sweet vocals and an overall fun style make this one wonderful. The video to this song is quite strange.

• Another fun song of hers is "Telephone" with (Houston's own) Beyoncé. This is like "Paparazzi," but a bit more upbeat.

• "Bad Romance" was overkilled on radio here in Houston, so I got tired of it rather quickly. It's a cool song, but when you've heard it about five times a day or something, you tend to want to hear something else. The song itself is cool- don't get me wrong.

• Maybe my least favorite song of hers is "Alejandro." Just didn't connect much to it.

• The hottest track of late is "Born This Way." A powerful message is delivered in this positive song. Maybe the most questionable part of the song is "don't be a drag, just be a queen."

• One of Lady Gaga's latest songs is called "The Edge of Glory," which I've heard for the first time on May 16, 2011 in preparing this blog post. She has a powerful singing performance almost like some of Whitney Houston's finest songs in this song along with great vocals. It is really a great song. Have a listen to what I recently heard on YouTube:

^ (courtesy of: LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube)

I don't really have a favorite song of hers as I like most all of her music. Lady Gaga has a great singing voice. Her music is very electronica-driven. That's the main reason why I resonate with her music so much. If you feel the need to dance to her music, it's justified. Her music is great to dance to, and I'm not talking about dancing to her music playing the Just Dance games on the Nintendo Wii.

--- What I Would Tell Lady Gaga (if she were to read this) ---

Lady Gaga, you are one of the most unique superstars out there today. I respect you most for your personality and your character. Hardly anyone is on the same caliber of what you bring to music. Your popularity is well-established. I only wish you the very best throughout your career and through all of your humanitarian efforts. Many more awards and honors are in the future for you. But as I'm sure, you'd rather work towards these awards and honors rather than just randomly earn them out of the blue.

Keep up the great work and keep working hard! Also, I appreciate your benevolence and humanitarian efforts. Keep that up too!

Would I Want to Meet Lady Gaga (if given the chance)?

Wouldn't you? Someone as world-famous and popular as Lady Gaga is surely worth meeting. You would probably (do something illegal) just to meet someone like Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is someone that I think people shouldn't keep hating on all the time. Argue about a synth voice in songs. Argue about any actual talent. But if there's one thing you definitely can NOT fault Lady Gaga for or argue about, it is that she is 100% real. In no way is Lady Gaga someone overly annoying or always in the news for something bad. Even the LGBT community have helped her to get noticed. She even owes a lot of her success to the LGBT community. Outspoken. Straightforward. Distinctive. Real. Benevolent. There is only one Lady Gaga. There may never be another superstar to reach the level of stardom going from one Stefani Joanne Angeline Germanotta to Lady Gaga, and especially not in the way she has reached this level of superstardom. Some may come close, but not to the level of the very Avant-Garde Lady Gaga. She's by far the most interesting music superstar so far this century.

You likely can't get enough of Lady Gaga if you are a fan of hers. So feel free to get social with Lady Gaga by checking out these links and resources:

Lady Gaga Official home page
Lady Gaga Now, a fan site
Lady Gaga's official store
Lady Gaga on Myspace
Lady Gaga's Facebook Fan Page
Lady Gaga's YouTube Channel, as well as Lady Gaga's VEVO YouTube channel
Follow Lady Gaga on Twitter!

If I find more material, I'll post links to those items as well.

Here's some Lady Gaga stuff on Amazon. Feel free to look around:

I always say this and I mean it, but I REALLY mean it for this one: thank you for reading! It's people like you all over the world that keeps me going blogging. Share my content with the world so maybe they can enjoy my content as well. Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

 I love Lady Gaga, her music is very creative and super-fun!  I love her new song, "Judas."  :)  Just as much as her music, I love her unique style and personality.  She always seems to put on a great show and is super sweet to her fans, I don't understand why some people hate her...I guess there are always people who hate others for whatever ridiculous reason... and super-fun!  I love her new song, "Judas."  :)  Just as much as her music, I love her unique style and personality.  She always seems to put on a great show and is super sweet to her fans, I don't understand why some people hate her...I guess there are always people who hate others for whatever ridiculous reason...

John B. Marine said...

i thik she's TOO MUCH - but being to much makes her famous. i guess!

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John B. Marine said...

your blog was one of the first that came up in google search John, just wanted to find a post on lady gaga as I just wrote one myself, from a personal and faith perspective. from UK. liked yours. all the best!

John B. Marine said...

ps my blog http://www.brushwoodthicket.blogspot.com/

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