Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Past Ambition

John Marine | 2/23/2012 02:43:00 PM | |
On YouTube long ago, I once told a story of how I even remotely became interested recording myself on video cameras or camcorders. It was about 1994 after I had been on a field trip. My (5th Grade?) class and I went out to Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park here in Houston. I began to envision having my own daytime talk show in the likeness of certain famous personalities. This dream show of mine was to be simply called "The John Marine Show." It was merely a dream, but it was a dream that I wouldn't mind making into reality.

Fast forward to 2008- more than 14 years later. I started making and uploading my first video of any kind. I joined YouTube with the intent of offering videos to the online realm. Even looking back to my past, I remembered my ambition to make certain videos special. Most of my videos were 320 × 200 in resolution. I did not want to make videos of larger resolution unless they were really special videos I think people would want to enjoy. The idea of High Quality and High Definition videos were a new concept around the time I joined YouTube. I did not want to make any High Quality videos unless they were actual video projects where I felt like looking and performing at my best were paramount. I had even planned on using a certain musical theme to denote my special videos. At this point, these was where I wanted to make my "John Marine Show" videos. No such video EVER materialized.

So where do I stand today? Like a lot of vast dreams I've had, they remain just those- dreams. I don't have any sort of aspirations being in the business of daytime (or even nighttime) talk shows. At least the ambition to make my own daytime talk show resonated with me for quite some time especially in the mid-1990s. This ambition is perhaps my only driving force to record myself on a webcam or a video camera prior to joining YouTube. Even today, I feel lending my voice and offering my image is important in the various topics I discuss and share. Some people have made several rants about me ranging from how I look to how I sound. The most important thing to me is in projecting my points in my own way whether you agree or disagree with them.

Follow your dreams and make the most of making those dreams reality. In the future, I may consider doing a blog post about daytime talk shows, including the ones that inspired me the most to consider getting into the daytime talk show circuit. For now, though... thank you for reading! And don't forget- visit to see my YouTube videos and to subscribe (if you love my videos)!

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