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Transgender and Intersex Beauties - The World Tour!

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(UPDATED: May 19, 2017)

Can transgenders be beautiful? I will attempt to answer that question with a resounding yes. None of the ladies featured were born female. They may be part-time females (transvestites) or even have had surgery (transsexuals). They may even be intersex- having both male and female organs. No matter what, this is another opportunity for me to celebrate the beauty of certain individuals. Besides, that's what I do with all of my "Beauties"-themed posts. These are all my own thoughts on who I think looks lovely. You know what to expect if you've seen any of my past posts regarding beauties. If not, then get ready for me to share some transgender beauties. You can be beautiful even if you weren't born one specific gender. I'll prove this point in this blog post... or will at least try to prove this point.


NOTE 1: Most of what you will see in this post are mostly male-to-female transgenders of some capacity.

NOTE 2: This post contains a lot of YouTube videos, which may hinder your viewing performance of this blog. Be mindful of this. If you want to view a certain video outside of this blog, links to each featured video are featured below the embedded videos. I thank all video makers who allowed for their videos to be embedded.

WARNING: This post may contain links to websites not suitable for all audiences. To keep this post as world-friendly (my term for "safe for work") as possible, I have carefully selected sites and personalities to minimize this post being too adult-oriented.

A Special Hello...

I'd like to extend a special hello to all of you who may be transgender or intersex in any capacity. I also want to extend a special hello to everyone in the LGBT community who may be reading this blog post.


MAY 19 2017 - removed one personality

Transgendered Beauties: Before I Begin...

I want to incorporate this section into this Beauties post before I begin.

The majority of personalities featured here are all male-to-female (M2F) transgendered people. I may even feature some female-to-male (F2M) just to keep the F2M crowd happy.


My latest attempt to showcase a world of lovely people takes me into the "T" of LGBT. The "T" stands for transgender- meaning these are persons who are either are part-time members of one's opposite birth gender or those whom have had proper surgery to be full-time members of one's opposite birth gender. Also among this crowd are those whom are intersex. Intersex people are those born with both male and female reproductive organs. In fact, instead of LGBT, there is the acronym of LGBTI, in which the "I" includes intersex types. I actually enjoy showcasing a variety of people in my Beauties-themed posts. I feel it is a great way to not only make mention to certain people, but also to enjoy trying to bring certain people to light. This collection is fairly difficult in that I am not sure how my audience would respond to me featuring such persons as what you are about to read in this post.

The most difficult part of this post is mostly in trying to figure out what personalities I should feature. While that isn't a serious issue, the challenge is magnified here since I am featuring persons based on a rather shaky category such as that of transgender and intersex people. How am I going to be able to feature certain individuals when there are those who either love or loathe such people? I do try to feature whomever I like. After all- this is my post. I shouldn't have to adjust my train of thought just to please certain would-be critics. The main constant is that I feature those whom I think look attractive, appealing, beautiful, cute, sexy... whatever you want to characterize certain entities as. Having said this, it is time I try to feature any number of individuals to fit the bill of this blog post.


This is the criteria of who qualifies for this post:

• must be a transvestite (not a full-time member of one's opposite sex)
• must be a transsexual (a full-time member of the opposite sex through surgery), even including adult entertainers
• must be intersex (born with male and female characteristics)

Transgender and intersex are two different things, but I will include anyone intersex if I do indeed find any to feature here. It is important I explain the difference between transgender and intersex because there are some people who don't understand what either term means. They are NOT interchangeable terms or umbrella terms.

There were a few personalities I had to take out because the focus of this post is on transvestites, transsexuals, and intersex people; not androgynous persons. That may be the focus of a future blog post related to this topic. Stay tuned to "John's Blog Space" for if and when I post a topic regarding androgynous beauties.

A Warning...

Here is a warning I want to stress... I will use "transgender" and "intersex" to describe certain featured persons. I will NOT, however, use "shemale" to refer to anyone transgender. Using "shemale" to describe anyone transgender or intersex is strongly discouraged and is only reserved for the pornographic industry. Even though I will make mention of some transsexual adult entertainers in this post who would be fitting of the term, I will not use the term "shemale" in this blog post.

Another reason why I'm doing this is to limit unnecessary and unwanted traffic to my blog.

What Do I Hope to Accomplish Here?

Because my reading audience is diverse, I am hopeful to accomplish these:

• that beauty exists in all things, including transgender and intersex people.
• (hopefully) instill some confidence to the transgender audience
• at least one transgender from every continent (except Antarctica, obviously)

The purpose of topics under this label is to celebrate the beauty of various people. In this blog post, I devote the beauty towards transgender and intersex types. You certainly have my word- I will discuss these individuals with class and respect. I don't post anything just to get on someone's bad side. I am professional with my work. I don't use my content to attack or demoralize anyone.

Transgender Beauties: an Example

This blog post is a World Tour of transgendered beauties. Here is a look at what each featured personality is like:

[FirstName LastName, Stage Name, or Nickname] (Nationality).


• (any extra links or videos)

Click on the heading to each featured personality to view personal websites, fan pages, or whatever else. Any link pointing to anything besides any official home page will be noted in the description. Any transsexual adult entertainers will be featured with red headings. While I won't post a link to their sites, I will make mention of certain ones to make mention to them. You can still search them online away from this blog to learn more about them. After all, there's already enough porn online for you to look up if you're into that sort of thing and if you're really into certain personalities. Why should I contribute to it? So search elsewhere for certain adult-oriented material featured in this post.

This is still a Beauties post- meaning I celebrate someone as being beautiful (or at least attractive or appealing).

Okay? So let's begin!

Transgender and Intersex Beauties: The World Tour!

Let's begin my own World Tour of transgender folks. You are free to follow any blog, YouTube channel, or whatever if you fancy their material. That is for any featured personality that may have any such resource available within their sites. I will only feature as much as possible to describe each personality. To save space and not consume lots of bandwidth, don't expect too many pictures or videos with some featured persons. You will instead have to visit certain links (that I will provide) for you to learn more about each featured person in case certain personalities interest you.

I will try to find replacement material if there are images I can't use (because of copyright issues, for example).

NOTE: Some of the featured personalities may be featured in blog posts in the future, as well as past blog posts I've done on some of these personalities. So keep up with John's Blog Space in case I do feature them in individual blog posts. Let's begin!

Jazz Jennings. (USA).

(ADDED: August 28, 2015)

Jazz Jennings
^ from: (her Twitter feed) - Jazz is one of the most popular young transgenders today.

There was once a boy... who became a girl named Jazz. As this Jazz got older, the Florida native went through a handful of issues and got into trouble, such as being punished for using the wrong bathroom for example. Through it all, Jazz is super strong. Her life is chronicled in The Learning Channel series "I Am Jazz." Today, (born: October 6, 2000)-year old Jazz Jennings is one of the brightest stars of the LGBTQ community and transgender youth. Here is a powerful look at Jazz:

Story of Jazz | A Transgender Child (embedding was disabled)

Sunny Dee-Lite (USA).

Sunny Dee-Lite
^ from: - This diva is a stylish ray of sunshine. She is... Sunny Dee-Lite!

The winner of Miss Big Apple 2011 is Sunny Dee-Lite. Born in Miami Beach, FL, USA but calls New York City, NY, USA home; Sunny Dee-Lite is a very beautiful transsexual with her own unique charm. Here is a video review featuring the lovely Sunny Dee-Lite:

^ "Sunny Dee Lite's TS Party Fri. Nites!"

Candis Cayne (USA).

Candis Cayne was born Brendan McDaniel. The Hawaii-born candy-sweet Candis Cayne was known for playing Carmelita in the hit ABC drama "Dirty Sexy Money." She has the sort of privilege most transgender folk would want- the opportunity to perform in primetime on a major network on a major network show or movie. Candis Cayne has also shown to be philanthropic as she acted out for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

MY PAST BLOG POST ON HER: "Candis Cayne" (John's Blog Space)

Jamie Clayton (USA).

From San Diego, CA, USA; Jamie Clayton is a transgendered actress. Her looks even earned her the title of second most beautiful girl in New York City once. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine being even in the Top 5 of beautiful women in a major city like New York City? Tremendous honor, right? Video insight on Jamie Clayton can be seen right here:

^ "Transsexual Jamie Clayton"

Nikki Araguz (USA).

Nikki Araguz has been famous as her firefighter husband was killed in action a few years ago. It was discovered that beautiful Nikki was born a man. Her story and legal battles were portrayed in a reality TV series called "Being Nikki." Less favorable about her was that she stole a Rolex watch. She was arrested and jailed for two months. Despite her crimes, Nikki is now very active in various LGBT functions and is a motivational speaker. You can visit her official website listed in the heading to this section to learn more about Nikki Araguz.

Janet Mock (USA).

Janet Mock is a transsexual activist. She, like Candis Cayne, was born in Honolulu. Janet was born a boy named Charles. The boy named Charles would transition to Janet at 18 years old. Janet Mock is named since she loves Janet Jackson and looks like Janet Jackson. Quoting Janet Mock, "she was born a baby, not a boy." Part of her struggle is to try to battle against the media's perception of transgendered folk. Janet Mock famously had an on-air argument with Piers Morgan when she was interviewed on his show. The disputes were mostly regarding how the transgender community took Piers Morgan's comments and even how Janet Mock was portrayed during the interview. Here is a sample of Janet Mock speaking out in regards to one article regarding a transsexual who was killed in a fire and how media portrayed the slain transwoman:

^ "Transgender advocate Janet Mock criticizes the media's image of transwomen "

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... can buy her book by using this item:

Or, you may visit the Books link of her official website for more information on this book.

Brook Ferreros (USA).

A Houston-area transvestite is Brook Ferreros. Brook is a makeup artist (MUA, as we say) whom I came across as I was researching this topic. She shares her beauty insight in her videos. You can visit her Facebook fan page or Brook's YouTube channel.

Sidney Star (USA).

The link directs to her YouTube channel.

The hip-hop honey known as Sidney Star is a hot woman. However, this hottie was born a man. I first saw her randomly when I was doing a search online for another topic. I later saw her during Season 1 of "The Bill Cunningham Show." When I saw her on The Bill Cunningham Show, I knew the name "Sidney Star" was familiar to me for some reason. Turns out, I was right- the Sidney Star I glanced at online and saw on the show were one in the same!

This video showcases Sidney Star as she talks about being transgender and the various struggles she faces (WARNING: bad language featured):

^ "Sidney Star Speaks on Being a Transgendered Woman and struggles"

Jeffree Star (USA).

Recording artist Jeffree Star will freak you out if you dislike Goth or punk style people. (Born: November 15, 1986)-year old from Orange County, CA, USA doesn't care if he doesn't win any beauty contests or be among the prettiest celebrities in the world. What he will do is put on a wicked cool pop music performance for you. I have included this video to showcase a sample of his music (WARNING: some bad language):

^ "Jeffree Star - Prom Night [Official Video]"

Carmen Carrera (USA).

Carmen Carrera is a lustfully lovely lady. This transsexual first found fame as a contestant on the third season of the reality TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race." She is a model under Elite Model Management. She even modeled for companies like Marco Marco earlier in 2013. Carmen even received an outpouring of support for her to be a Victoria's Secret Angel. So it is safe to say she is a modern trendsetter as well as someone who really changes perceptions regarding the LGBT community. That in itself is as beautiful as Carmen Carrera. You couldn't tell (or even care) if she's a real woman or not because she is so passable.

Isis King (USA).

Born Darrell Walls, Isis King was a contestant on the 11th Cycle of "America's Next Top Model." She became the first-ever transgender model in the popular TV series' history. Isis is both a fashion designer and a model.

Claudia Charriez (USA).

This model named Claudia Charriez is a model of Spanish descent. She was an America's Next Top Model contestant. The link directs to her Model Mayhem page, where you can see pictures of her.

Kylan Wenzel (USA).

Kylan Arianna Wenzel
^ from: - Meet Kylan Arianna Wenzel of California.

The first-ever transgender contestant of the Miss USA pageant was Kylan Arianna Wenzel. Representing Century City, California, USA; this model took advantage of a rules change in the Miss USA pageant that allowed her entry into the 2013 competition.

Fallon Fox (USA).

One MMA fighter made serious waves when a male-to-female transsexual fighter took on stars like Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Erika Newsome among others. Fighter Fallon Fox is a (born: November 29, 1975) year old who came out transgender starting with hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery (GRS) in 2006. Fallon Fox will have no problem beating you down or making you tap out if you get on her bad side.

Ava Masaniai, or Ava Sabrina London (USA).

(ADDED: November 26, 2015)
Ava Sabrina London is a transgender individual who is a star on YouTube as well as a model. Ava gained notoriety as she had a paid sex affair with former pro football player Hank Bassett. Hank cheated on his wife Kendra Wilkinson with Ava. In an interview with [U]National Enquirer[/U], Ava released saucy details of the romantic encounter she had with Hank Bassett, explaining everything from Hank admittedly knowing Ava was transgender to Hank playing with and fondling her privates. I guess if you could look as hot as Ava does, it would be irresistable to cheat

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... Ava Sabrina London's YouTube videos can be seen here (may or may not be "safe for work"): Ava Sabrina London's YouTube channel. If you want to see the interview I mentioned, click here: Ava Sabrina London Interview.

Lindsey Walker (USA).

Lindsey Walker
^ from: - Slam dunking with style, this former basketball center stylishly stands seven-feet tall.

At seven feet tall, Lindsey used to be a male basketball player. On record, her height of seven feet (or 213.36 cm) tall makes her reportedly the world's tallest transsexual. She hails from the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area.

Lindsey Walker set up an old blog about herself and features a few different stories about her. It hasn't been updated since 2012, so don't expect anything new here. Take a look if interested: Making Lindsey: A Story About a Self Made Woman.

Eric/Erica (USA).

This may be the only intersex individual I will discuss in this blog post. Dr. Drew's Lifechangers featured a mosaic hermaphrodite named Eric/Erica on one show. This is an intersex beauty whom was seeking love. I think Eric/Erica is a beautiful person regardless. Despite this person's beauty, this person shares a very sad story in this video:

^ "Heartbreaking Marriage Tales & Tragedies"

Here is another video featuring Eric/Erica. This time, involving this person living in society:

^ "Horrifying Childhood Bullying & Hate Crimes"

Very sad. You have to feel for Eric/Erica.

...rather than me provide misinformation on mosaic hermaphrodites, you can learn more about mosaic hermaphrodites by reading this Wikipedia page on True Hermaphroditism. Mosaic hermaphrodites are VERY rare.

Crystal, of "Crystal Clear Concepts." (USA)

(ADDED: May 31, 2016) Formerly Christopher James, Crystal James is a fashion blogger and a magician. As Christopher, I was attracted to his style as he would wear skirts and feminine shoes. I was surely attracted to how lovely his legs were and the unique fashion style. It was some time earlier in 2016 when Christopher wanted to transition from Christopher to Crystal. As Crystal, the one born as Christopher is even lovelier and has a sweet sense of fashion style. The original blog was changed up from "Legstyle" to "A BeYOUtiful Life." You can visit this blog by clicking on the hyperlinked material in the heading to this entry.

Shybiker (USA).

This person simply refers to himself as Shybiker. This person is someone who rides motorcycles as well as practices law. What you will find in this blog is a look at some of his outfits when dressed up girly. In addition, you may find some other readings outside of any outfits. Feel free to visit Shybiker today.

Candice, of "Candice if you want to know." (USA).

Candice was one of the first transgender bloggers that I've ever followed. This is a Californian transvestite who dresses up as Candice. And as Candice, she shares some of her outfits and thoughts in her blog. The blog is rarely updated, but there are posts as old as from 2010 in her blog.

Bailey Jay (USA).

Despite being one of the most popular transsexual adult entertainers today, Bailey Jay is a cute-faced transsexual who isn't as innocent as she looks. One of her sort of things she partakes in is cosplay. She is an award-winning adult film star, having won awards in the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards in 2011 and 2012 for Transsexual Performer of the Year.

Here is the cleanest video I could find on Bailey Jay, so you can see what she looks like:

^ "Bailey Jay at brooklyn"

Vicki Richter (USA).

Multiple-time award winning transsexual adult entertainer Vicki Richter is a veteran in the adult film industry. She has won awards as Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2005 and 2009. The (born: 1977)-year old was even nominated for Transsexual Performer of the Year a number of times throughout her adult film career.

Gia Darling (USA).

Gia Darling
^ from: - This is the very popular transsexual adult film star Gia Darling.

One of the most popular transsexual adult entertainers is (born: July 30, 1977)-year old Gia Darling. The award-winning pornographic actress from Los Angeles, CA, USA is often referred to as the "Transsexual Barbie." Gia Darling has made a number of appearances on TV aside from her adult film career.

Laura Amato, of Laura's Playground (USA - Honorable Mention!).

Laura's Playground is perhaps the most popular online resource for transgender folk. It was created by a transsexual named Laura Amato. The site provides services and resources for transgendered folk. It is no way a gossip site. In fact, I recommend you visit it to properly educate yourself on transgender issues and matters. Laura's Playground has gotten over 29 million hits in its long history online. I am mostly including this site for those concerned with transgendered matters.

Gwen Araujo (USA - Honorable Mention!)

In 2002, a teenage boy who went by Gwen Amber Rose Araujo (born Edward Araujo) went to a Halloween party. Gwen was murdered at this Halloween party once four men were sexually intimate with her, all to find out she was biologically male. She was 17 years old at the time of being slain. The story of Gwen was portrayed in a 2006 movie called "Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story."

On a greater scale, Gwen's murder speaks to the level of stupidity of anyone to exhibit this extreme act of homophobia. It is fine to not like anyone for any reason- even including members of the LGBT community. What did Gwen do to deserve being killed? Gwen was simply being herself. The shock factor to this entire incident is the fact the fact that Gwen- whom her killers thought was a real girl- ended up beating her to death because she was not a real girl once someone got intimate with Gwen. The issue of disclosure is often times a touchy subject among transgenders. Certain types who don't disclose their true gender are often times victims of violence (and even death) when certain people find out about one's true gender through intimacy or through disclosure of one's gender.

Regardless, it is really a terrible shame that this teenager had her life taken away so early. I certainly feature her among my transgender and intersex beauties to show my support and respect for the slain Gwen Araujo.

Last, but not least... I'd be remiss if I didn't include THIS person:

RuPaul (USA).

RuPaul is considered a deity in the transgender realm. The transgendered star is from San Diego, CA, USA; by way of Atlanta, GA, USA. The (born November 17, 1960)-year old was born RuPaul Andre Charles. There is no denying just how celebrated and revered RuPaul is among the LGBT community.

Time to break off some of this post. Most of what you've seen so far are American transgender beauties. Up next are non-American transgender beauties from around the world. So keep on if you are enjoying this post so far.

Jenna Talackova (Canada).

Jenna Talackova
^ from: - Jenna Talackova may not have been born female, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful women PERIOD.

Jenna Talackova was set to campaign to be Miss Universe in representing Canada... until she was disqualified going on her birth sex, though she labeled herself as female. The Canadian transwoman from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There was controversy in the notion that you had to be Canadian... but there was no gender requirement. It didn't matter since this is one gorgeous Canadian.

Speaking of gorgeous...

GiGi Gorgeous (Canada).

GiGi Gorgeous
^ from: - If you loved GregoryGORGEOUS, meet the sassy and fierce GiGi GORGEOUS.

The link directs to her YouTube channel.

Remember GregoryGORGEOUS? Well, Gregory is nowadays Gigi Loren Lazzarato... or at least transitioning to GiGi. This Canadian beauty (also featured in "Canadian Beauties") has been not only a beauty guru on YouTube, but also a vastly entertaining individual. GiGi is every bit as fashionably fierce as Gregory. Remembering this person as GregoryGORGEOUS, the native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been seen as an inspiration among many people. Even I admire Gregory/GiGi personally. His ability to dress in outfits that would make almost any woman hot is surely unworldly. This person has no problem wearing short shorts and platform high heels, a club mini dress with some platform high heels, or anything like that. With all due respect, GiGi Gorgeous is Canada's Andrej Pejic.

Miriam Rivera (Mexico).

There's Something About Miriam. That isn't just the best way to describe her, but it was the name of the show where Miriam got her fame. "There's Something About Miriam" was a reality TV dating show aired by SkyTV in the United Kingdom where several men compete for the love of Miriam... a very sexy and attractive lady. The guys all want to be with her... until they find out the Mexican-born beauty is a male-to-female transsexual. The disgust in finding out Miriam was born a man led to some suing SkyTV and even one person wanting to physically attack certain producers of the show. Miriam Rivera revealed that she was a transwoman in "There's Something About Miriam." Here is a video briefly highlighting on (born: 1981)-year old Miriam:

^ "There's Something About Miriam"

If you want to see an article about Miriam Rivera with pictures of the beauty, check this out: "Transsexual reality star Miriam Rivera is a £300-an-hour 'escort'" - 3am and Mirror Online.

[Brayan] Kim Zuluaga (Colombia).

With doll-like curves and proportions, [Brayan] Kim Zuluaga is a very hot model from Medelin, Colombia. This video is a sample of Kim's style:

^ Kim Presentando El Freedom 2014

To see more of her videos on YouTube, visit this link: Kim Zuluaga on YouTube.

Ingrid de Souza (Brazil).

Best known for her role as Fernanda in "Princesa," (born: April 5, 1976)-year old Ingrid de Souza is a Brazilian transsexual. The movie "Princesa" was a 2001 movie about a young transsexual who wants to live a dream of being what almost any woman wants- being a married housewife. She moves from her native Brazil to Italy to pursue living as a woman, and she works as a prostitute to help build up the money to finance her sex change operation. This also means Fernanda has to deal with the seedy underworld of transgender hookers and prostitutes. Besides her acting in "Princesa," this is all I really know about Ingrid de Souza.

Lea Tisci (Brazil).

Lea Tisci- better known as "Lea T"- was born on April 19, 1981 and hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Brazilian is a model and an icon in fashion. She has walked for the likes of many a designer including (but not limited to) Herchcovitch, Blue Man, and perhaps the biggest name she's modeled for- Givenchy. It is safe to assume that the fact she is a transwoman doesn't hinder her ability to look fashionable and chic. Being so revered, it is also inspiring that anyone- let alone the transgender set- can be world-renowned models as well as world-renowned fashion muses.

Roberta Close (Brazil).

Not all women in Playboy were born female. Meet Roberta Close- the first pre-operative transsexual to pose for the Brazilian version of Playboy. The native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was born on December 7, 1964. Visit her Facebook fan page (included in the heading) to see more pictures of her and to learn more about her.

Florencia de la V (Argentina).

Florencia de la V
^ from: (link directs to profile) - This transsexual actress is Florencia from Argentina.

Argentinan transsexual Florencia Trinidad is best known by her stage name of Florencia de la V. Born on March 2, 1976; Florencia achieved fame for her many acting roles ranging from movies to telenovelas.

Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham (England, United Kingdom)

Link directs to her Facebook fan page.

British beauty Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham is a transsexual makeup artist. Hailing from Wakefield, England, United Kingdom; Drew-Ashlyn achieved great fame as the star of the show "My Transsexual Summer." You can find her on YouTube here:

Caroline Cossey (England, United Kingdom).

The link is to a Facebook fan page.

The English model named Caroline "Tula" Cossey is a transsexual actress famous for being a Bond Girl in "For Your Eyes Only." A certain aspect of Caroline is that she developed a variation of an intersex condition known as Klinefelter's Syndrome. She has an XXXY chromosome set as opposed to XXY chromosomes in those who have Klinefelther's Syndrome. Caroline was born Barry Kenneth Cossey on August 31, 1954 in Brooke, Norfolk, England.

Nadia Almada (Portugal).

(Born: January 28, 1977)-year old Portuguese transsexual Nadia Almada was the first transsexual winner of "Big Brother" Season 5. Here is a little look at this Portuguese beauty:

^ "Nadia Almada VT - Ultimate Big Brother"

Francesca, of "contessa francesca di parma." (Netherlands/Holland)

(ADDED: November 26, 2015)
This Dutch transvestite named Francesca Di Parma showcases her fashion style in her self-titled blog. She lives as a male but is fabulous as Francesca. I learned of Francesca through LOOKBOOK.

Natassia, of "Natassia's place for fashion, high heels, and geekiness." (Netherlands/Holland)

Also hailing from the Netherlands/Holland is a transvestite named Natassia Crystal. I learned of her through LOOKBOOK, then, I eventually found her blog. She is a quite charming individual with her sense of fashion style.

Kim Petras (Germany).

Kim Petras was born Tim and wanted to be an international pop star. The (born: August 27, 1992)-year old is as lovely as the city she was born in- Cologne (Köln), Germany. Her strides to become that international music star means she takes on various challenges in her path to stardom. Among the many challenges is the fact she's a transgender. If you ask me personally, Kim Petras is a very beautiful person- born female or not. Her music is pretty cool as well.

MY BLOG POST ON HER: "Kim Petras" - John's Blog Space

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Here is one of her original songs, called "One Piece of Tape": Kim Petras - One Piece Of Tape [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO].

Conchita Wurst (Austria).

The winner of Eurovision 2014 is Conchita Wurst. Born Tom Neuwirth in Colombia and raised in Germany, the (born: November 6, 1988)-year old is a transvestite star. Conchita's winning performance was done with her "Rise Like a Phoenix" performance.

In my honest opinion, I think Conchita is quite lovely for a "bearded woman." I read that there were some people really outraged that she won Eurovision when someone not transgender could have won- especially in Russia. All I can say is... Conchita won a contest based on talent, not on looks. It isn't as if she won just so the competition could have an LGBT representative claim victory. It's a TALENT competition. So either Conchita's talent was immense enough for her to become champion, or everybody else didn't step up enough to challenge her for top honors. A lot of the pictures I've seen of Conchita Wurst are quite lovely to be honest.

Allow me to congratulate Conchita Wurst on winning Eurovision 2014. For a sample of Conchita and her powerful singing, take a look at this video (or click on the link to view in YouTube):

^ Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Second Semi-Final

Nadine, of "Nadine´s Crossdressing Abenteuer" (Austria).

(ADDED: August 1, 2015)
Nadine is a crossdressing woman representing beautiful Vienna, Austria. Her LOOKBOOK outfits are quite classy. Nadine has a great sense of style with what she wears. The link directs you to her blog, but you can also find her on LOOKBOOK.

Francesca, of "contessa francesca di parma" (Netherlands/Holland).

Contessa Francesca di Parma is a Dutch transvestite whom I first encountered on LOOKBOOK. North of age 50, Francesca has a great sense of style showcased in her LOOKBOOK outfits and her blog posts. Francesca is surely a unique personality with unique fashion charm. This person is also a fine supporter of me and my work. So I'm pleased to feature Francesca in my blog post here.

Iris Sahhara Henson (Nigeria).

Born Oche Clifford, Irish Sahhara Henson is a transgender model and pageant participant (2012 Miss International Queen Beauty Pageant - 1st Runner Up). Also knwon as Miss Sahhara.

Caster Semenya (South Africa).

This person made waves when she was running for her native South Africa in the 2009 World Championships. The (born: January 7, 1991)-year old Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite- meaning she has both male and female reproductive organs. She has three times the testosterone men have, doesn't have a womb, and can't make children. Caster Semenya was ultimately disqualified from competition by the IAAF. This video highlights on Caster and her mother, Dorcas:

^ "Dorcas and Caster Semenya.mp4"

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (India).

India has many beautiful women, even including transgender women. (Born: 1979)-year old Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is an Indian transwoman who has been on the beauty pageant circuit as well as being the first transgender to represent in the United Nations. She is also a transgender activist. Laxmi is certainly beautiful in her own special and unique ways.

For more insight on Laxmi, I have provided this link for you. Have a look: Project BOLO - Indian LGBT Oral History Project :: Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Rose Venkatesan (India).

(Born: 1980)-year old Rose Venkatesan is India's first transgender TV host. Rose was born Ramesh Venkatesan in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Ramesh felt he was a girl trapped in a boy's body since age 5. Ramesh would still pursue his education in his native India. In her 20s, Ramesh started dressing more feminine. Enter Rose. Rose would move from Chennai, India to the United States to further her education. Rose would later graduate from Louisiana Tech University. Rose debuted in television in 2008 with her show "Ippadikku Rose." A few years later, she would leave the TV ranks to have a career in radio. Here is a video sample of Rose:

^ "Rose Venkatesan first transgender filmmaker- Match Fixing"

Chamila Asanka (Sri Lanka).

Chamila Asanka
^ from: - "Chami" hails from Sri Lanka.

Meet Sri Lankan model Chamila Asanka (nicknamed "Chami"). She competed in the 2011 Miss International Queen pageant but didn't win (Thailand's Sirapassorn Atthayakorn won the 2011 competition).

Purnima Shrestha (Nepal).

The link directs to a Facebook fan page.

The winner of the 2012 Pink Pageant is Purnima Shrestha of Nepal. The 2012 Pink Pageant was held during the closing ceremonies of the South Asian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Games in Kathmandu, Nepal (the capital of Nepal). The Pink Pageant was held to honor the most beautiful of the LGBT community.

Thailand is a hotbed of transgender folk. So therefore, I feel like I would do Thailand a disservice if I didn't feature at least one transgender Thai to feature here. Let's continue on with this post on that note. One good thing about blogging- you can spell things you can't pronounce! So get ready for a few complicated names to try to pronounce...

Nong Toom (Thailand).

Parinya Jaroephon (better known as Nong Toom) is a kickboxer whom has won fights both in the ring as well as outside the ring. One of her biggest victories was in her fight to win the right to wear a bra in the ring. This kathoey has been a very capable fighter. I saw in a video that Nong Toom won 20 of her 22 fights. She used a lot of her fight winnings to help finance a sex change operation. She admits that when she got breast implants, Nong Toom's performance decreased as a fighter. Her story was portrayed in a movie called "The Beautiful Boxer." She is now an actress as well as a teacher of muay thai.

Embedding was disabled for this video. So if you want more insight on Nong Toom, I invite you to click on this link: Nong Toom - Transgendered thaiboxer (YouTube).

Treechada Petcharat Poyd/Saknarin Marnyaporn/Nong Poy (Thailand).

Actress and model Saknarin Marnyaporn (better known as Nong Poy) is deliciously feminine... though not born a woman. (Born: 1986)-year old Nong Poy is a sweet-faced lady with a charming hairstyle and smile. Let me tell you something... Nong Poy has some of the most divine looks of anyone- let alone for a transwoman. She is a crazy beautiful girl even if not born a girl. Nong Poy's loveliness could even put some of today's beautiful genetic female celebrities to shame. Want to gauge her beauty for yourself? This video will do more than enough to show you how beautiful she really is. Even if you don't speak or understand Thai (I don't), just know her beauty translates well in ANY language. How beautiful is she? This video gives you an idea:

^ "Nong Poy 2013 : The secret of Nong Poy"

Well? What do you think?

Nuntita Khampiranon, or Bell Nuntita (Thailand).

In the "Thailand Got Talent" competition in 2007, there was one (then) 27-year old contestant who was a beautiful girl... who then became a very handsome guy. Meet (born: December 20, 1983)-year old Nuntita Khampiranon- better known as Bell Nuntita. Nuntita transforms vocally in this video. Prepare to be shocked:

^ Thailand's Got Talent - Bell Nuntita Audition (English Subtitle / Eng Sub)

Venus Flytrap (Thailand).

The link directs to a Myspace page.

Meet the first-ever transgender music band- Venus Flytrap. All five members of this Thai pop group are transsexuals. Think of this group as a transgender Thai version of the Pussycat Dolls. Here is a music video showcasing these Thai transsexual beauties:

^ "Venus Flytrap - Visa for Love"

Nguyen Huong Giang (Vietnam).

Nguyen Huong Giang
^ from: - Nguyen Huong Giang HAS to be a great singer. After all, the transgendered singer advanced to the Top 16 in Vietnam Idol.

Vietnam probably never thought a transgender could be such a sensational singer. That was until Nguyen Huong Giang took on the challenge of Vietnam Idol. She became a finalist of the 2012 competition by being among the Top 16.

Kevin Balot (Philippines).

Kevin Balot
^ from: - Meet the stunning Filipino beauty queen Kevin Balot.

The link points to a Facebook fan page.

Filipino model Kevin Balot is a two-time winner of Miss International Queen in 2012 and 2013. I've known a female named Kevinah, but never any female named Kevin. Anyhow, Kevin Balot is a fabulous Filipino with immense style. Click on this link to see a video interview of Kevin Balot: Meet Miss International Queen Kevin Balot (YouTube).

Justine Ferrer (Philippines).

Justine Ferrer of the Philippines was a contestant on "Survivor Philippines: Palau." She didn't win the competition. For a look at her, I have included the following:

^ SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES PALAU Justine Ferrer's Revelation

Angel Montero (Philippines)

From my Myspace days, I came across a transsexual named Angel Montero. This fabulous Filipino transsexual has a number of outfits ranging from chic night-type outfits to very casual and active outfits. Her beauty is truly enticing to say the least. A lot of her pictures feature this lady in some outfits ranging from cute casual styles, active outfits, chic outfits, and even some beach outfits. No matter what the case, Angel is divine in her loveliness.

Geena Rocero (Philippines).

The eye candy of a swimsuit model Geena Rocero flaunts her deliciously sweet body and curves in some fabulous bikinis. The transsexual model became a U.S. citizen when she moved to San Francisco in 2006 at the age of 17. Geena is a transsexual advocate as well as the founder of Gender Proud- an organization designed to raise awareness of and express the rights of transgenders. She is about as beautiful as a lot of genetic girls. I'd say she's really passable.

I recommend you visit the Gender Proud website to learn of the story of Geena Rocero. Her story is quite moving.

Chen Lili (China).

Born in February 1980 and from Nanchong, China; Chen Lili is both a singer and a model. This Chinese transsexual was granted entry into Miss Universe 2004, until she was eventually disqualified for being a transsexual. This video has many pictures of Chen Lili and includes more information on her:

^ chinese newhalf Lili Chen

Kayo Satoh (Japan).

Kayo Satoh
^ from: - Japan's Kayo Satoh is extremely passable.

Japan has some very cute ladies. Can even transgendered Japanese girls be as kawaii as their genetic counterparts? Yes- and if you're talking about Kayo Satoh (also known as "Kayo Police"). Born on December 26, 1988 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan (the prefecture where Nagoya is located); Kayo Satoh announced she was born a male in September 2010. She is a very famous Japanese TV personality as well as an avid gamer.

Haruna Ai (Japan).

Haruna Ai
^ from: - Japanese transwoman Haruna Ai has an athletic build and immense beauty.

Also flying the flag for Japan is Haruna Ai. She is a Japanese transsexual with an athletic body and beautiful looks. Her talents are in modeling and in singing. Haruna Ai was born on July 21, 1972 in Osaka, Japan. She is famous for impersonating Aya Matsuura (whom I've featured in my "East Asian Beauties" blog post).

Harisu (Korea Republic).

Harisu is a beautiful transsexual woman. However, you could hardly tell she was born a man because of her immense beauty. It is called being "passable" in the transgender realm- basically the ability to be passed off as someone of one's opposite sex. Harisu is IMMENSELY passable. She is also immensely talented, taking part in acting as well as singing. Harisu was born Lee Kyung-yeop back on February 17, 1975. Want to hear and see Harisu? You're in luck! Check this out:

^ "HARISU - Foxy Lady"

You're welcome. :)

Choi Han-Bit (Korea Republic).

To keep the Korean love flowing for transgenders, let me present (born: June 16, 1987)-year old Choi Han-bit to you all. She's from Gangneung, South Korea and is both a model and actress. Here is a video you can see to see Choi Han-Bit and her hot looks with this video (WARNING: age-restricted video): newhalf Choi Han Bits..., show her body .

Estelle Asmodelle (Australia).

Estelle Asmodelle
^ from: (links to profile) - This transsexual beauty is from Australia, and her name is Estelle Asmodelle.

(Born: April 22, 1964)-year old Estelle Asmodelle from Bowral, New South Wales, Australia has taken part in many different fields- she is a model, a belly dancer, a writer, an actress, and an artist. Estelle Asmodelle is also a musician. The Australian has created a number of albums and songs in her time. Her style of music is generally in the realm of electronic dance music. So she's an EDM kind of girl. It is also safe to say Estelle Asmodelle has been around the block in a number of different fields. That even includes interest in astronomy. This is about the only Oceania representative as of this initial blog post. Maybe I'll feature more to represent you wonderful folks in Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the South Pacific?

You can visit her YouTube channel to see videos of hers as well as listen to her music. This is her channel:

If you enjoyed this blog post, remember that I may add more personalities in edits. A lot of the ones I wanted to feature had so little information on them for me to make proper introductions to them. So make sure to stay tuned to "John's Blog Space" for more!

Transgender and Intersex Beauties: Final Thoughts

The only real final thought I have to share is to appreciate beauty in all of its forms. That even includes transgender and intersex people. Yes- they are people, just like you and I (unless you're a spammer or robot or something). They are not monsters. They are not freaks. They are not "its." They live and breathe the same air you and I breathe. They live in and interact in the same society that you and I exist in. You don't necessarily have to like transgenders or intersex people; but at least with this blog post, you can at least appreciate their beauty. You don't even have to like the people I featured in this blog post and may feature in future edits to this blog post. All I am showing is that even transgender and intersex types can be just as beautiful, if not more so, than actual females. Because of the fact that these people weren't born females, it doesn't mean these are fake beauties. They are only fake beauties if you think true beautiful girls were actually born girls or that these are females who feel trapped in male bodies.

The challenge I get in doing Beauties-themed posts is that I actually look at a broad spectrum of people to find certain ones to showcase in my posts. It also means I delve into realms that may make others queasy or disgusted. Many people judge others on their beauty on the grounds of being either real or fake. The people I featured in this blog post are only fake beauties if you feel only women born as women are beautiful. Conversely, all or most of the personalities featured aren't unrealistically skinny or armed to the hilt with plastic surgery.

People would likely be freaked out and disgusted that I featured transgendered people in a "Beauties" blog post- even to the point of mentioning some adult entertainers. There may even be some of you who may question why I would feature transgender and intersex people in a light such as this. The primary reason is to show that you can be beautiful- even if you were not born female. My "Beauties" themed blog posts mostly celebrate the beauty of others. This collection is mostly off-beat because of the fact I am featuring people that would disgust most average people. For the longest, I've wanted to release this blog post. It has taken so long because I was a bit uncertain about posting a topic like this in my blog. I was also unsure if this would attract certain NEGATIVE attention.

Just remember that anyone I do feature will be featured with class and professionalism- even if I personally love or personally loathe someone. I could have made all kinds of jokes regarding transgender people or make fun of certain transgender types in a comical fashion. I could have even easily included many more transsexual adult entertainers. Because I do have pride and integrity, however, I didn't go crazy in this department. That isn't me, however. Everything of mine has to have purpose and value- even with a post like this. I can't convince everyone that even being transgender or intersex can be beautiful; however, I've given my best shot featuring a variety of personalities from around the world to prove my points. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I've tried to create it after letting it sit on my hard drive for months on end and making here-and-there edits to it.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is not the only post among LGBT topics I've posted here on "John's Blog Space." If this post on this topic was to your liking, here are some other related posts that may interest you:

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^ This is an umbrella post discussing transgenders.

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^ A lot of the personalities I made mention to are transvestites. This blog post relates to crossdressers.

I hope you enjoyed your time on "John's Blog Space."

So here are some questions for you:

Are there any transgender or intersex people whom you think look beautiful? Has this blog post (maybe) shifted your train of thought in regards to transgender and/or intersex people and how lovely they can be?

This has been perhaps my most off-beat "Beauties" blog post. If the personalities themselves are reading this blog post, just know that I consider you all lovely. Hope you all are doing well. Remember that more personalities may be added in the future. Check for updates. That's it for this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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