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Kim Petras

UPDATED: February 24, 2012

From a boy named Tim to a girl named Kim, Kim Petras is the world's youngest transsexual. She got transsexual hormone replacement therapy at the age of 12 and gender reassignment surgery at age 16. The young (born Aug. 27, 1992)-year old aspiring pop star from beautiful Cologne (Köln), Germany has visions of becoming a big time pop star. This blog entry offers up a view at the young pop star and a few thoughts of mine on her. I want you to see a few pictures of her as well as a YouTube video highlighting on her past. Check these out:

Kim Petras

^ both pictures from: - transsexual pop star Kim Petras.

^ (uploaded: July 18, 2009 by TransgenderChannel)


FEB 24 2012 - page re-made and edited, added an extra link

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This blog post is part of my LGBT Issues blog label. To see more in this category, visit LGBT Issues.

--- Personal Thoughts on Kim Petras ---

I get a lot of visitors and hits to my blog, and I'm pretty sure there are likely a number of people out there who have a problem with transgendered people. A number of others would likely mention something along the lines of not using labels all the time to refer to people. Kim Petras felt she was a girl though born as Tim. For someone aspiring to be a pop star, Kim Petras has a lot going for her considering her tender age. It's also great she's had such an understanding family. There are many families that easily reject the notion of someone being gay or transgendered. Being accepted for being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender can be tough to gain acceptance among your best friends- your family. If you didn't see the video I posted in the introduction, please view it.

I can't offend any of my readers who may be among the GLBTI (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/intersexed) community. Kim Petras has a lovely speaking voice. I do think she's a pretty good pop star. Not great, but certainly not terrible. A lot of her music is mostly some good beats with a good deal of synthesizer voices. As a person, I'd say she's quite lovely. Her hair is about as golden as Fall/Autumn foliage. Her smile and face are sweet. Her sense of style is very lovely as well.

Challenges for Kim Petras?

I think the biggest challenge for her would be in defying stereotypes. It isn't easy for most people to become fond of a transgendered singer. It certainly would be out of the ordinary to see her headline sold out concerts or things like that. It would also be interesting to see if she could actually stand among some of the popular names in (at least) American pop. I think that by virtue of being a transgendered musician to a mainstream audience, she's due for some criticism on being transgendered and trying to break into the mainstream pop scene.

Kim Petras loves fashion in addition to singing. This love of fashion can lead to another problem- is it okay for a post-operative male-to-female (or either "MTF" or "M2F" for short) transsexual to be featured in fashion magazines along with fashions from various genetic females? Again, most will probably see her as a freak if in a well-recognized fashion publication. Like for example, what if she was featured in American magazines like Seventeen, Allure, Teen Vogue, Popstar Magazine? What if she was featured in fashion commercials and advertisements? Someone will have to really give her a chance if she is to be featured in fashion magazines or in fashion segments.

As long as she's happy, that's all that matters. It's also good to be somebody different that can still be awesome to people. It's all about the music in the end. She represents someone who'll have to try to defy gay stereotypes. That, to me, will be the biggest challenge for Kim to a mainstream audience. I'm sure people will still love her music regardless of her upbringing. I'm sure people will still think she's absolutely beautiful regardless. Those challenges either may or will stand in her way. I think Kim Petras will be fine in the mainstream, but I think that challenge of defying gay stereotypes will be the real key to most people.

--- Can Kim Petras Become That International Star? ---

Can Kim Petras become that international pop star the likes of Beyoncé or somebody? I honestly want people to have great success in life. I want Kim Petras to recognize her dream and become as famous as she'd like to be. To me, this is more about realizing and living a dream rather than falling back on your past. I called Kim Petras beautiful and consider her beautiful. Many others, however, would just say that she's a monster or a freak just because she was born a he. People shouldn't let gay stereotypes be a deterrent to her success. I say again that it comes down to music. People shouldn't get freaked out that she's a transsexual when hearing her music or seeing her in pictures. If anything, she shows that ANYONE can be a music star (let alone a pop star) regardless of what gender you are or were born as. Because of this, there may be another ripple effect if Kim Petras achieves the level or stardom she wishes to receive.

It may be possible that other transgendered people who love to sing and dance have a heroine (female hero) and an inspiration. Kim Petras could give anyone a voice, including others who are intersexed or any variation of transgender (transvestite, pre-operative transsexual, post-operative transsexual (as Kim Petras is), the like). Anyone who gives people the power to pursue their dreams are the ones who we'll see as inspirations and influences. She is both an influence and an inspiration. Kim Petras may also be a fashion star if all goes well. She may be dressing up in certain fashions being covered by major magazines.

People on message boards and in YouTube video comments will hate on Kim Petras just because she's a transsexual. But you know what? She's a beautiful person. In a time where we refer to people as having a rock star approach to everything as a way of being hard, Kim is a young lady who marches to the beat of her own drum. If you object to her level of success (if she ever becomes a superstar), you're mostly jealous of her. I've mentioned her as an inspiration a number of times. She may also be an inspiration for other transgendered teens. She has the power and capability to be a voice for young transgendered teens. The potential is unlimited for her, but it all begins with that rise to stardom. In addition to rising to superstar status, a lot of people will need to open lots of doors for Kim in order for her to realize her full potential and harness every nuance of her talent to become that well-respected pop superstar. She'll need the support of her fans around the world and in from her native Germany to believe in her and stick with her through thick and thin.

Kim Petras can definitely become that pop superstar. She may even become a positive inspiration as well as a heroine to many people. The superstar potential is there for her. Question is, will she reach superstardom? And if she does, how long can she sustain it?

--- My Message to Kim Petras (if she were to read this) ---

Kim Petras, you are well-equipped and full of potential to become a pop superstar. You have the potential to be a great trailblazer. I hope you are able to achieve your goals and reach a level of stardom as you see fit. There's going to be a fair share of critics and haters out there. If it's anything I've learned, more haters just means more motivation for you to prove people wrong and stand tall over your would-be critics. Do as much as you can to be not only a music superstar, but also an inspiration, a positive influence, a role model, a heroine, and almost anything else you set your heart to.

My best wishes go out to you in all of your adventures and endeavors. Much love to you, Kim Petras! :)

That concludes this blog entry on Kim Petras. Thank you for reading! I'd like to offer you a few resources in case you're interested. Check out all the material below this paragraph to learn more about Kim Petras and her music:

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Follow Kim Petras on Twitter (@IKimPetras)!

Kim Petras' Music on

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Hi John,

You are obviously a fan of Kim. I would add the word courageous to the terms you use, as I have read that the surgery is quite painful in recovery. She has realized her dream, and now beautiful person that she is (both outside AND inside---I have seen her on You Tube and she has a vivacious personality) she must work on her career. The TG should actually become a non-issue, BUT, on the other hand, I applaud her, and maybe her publicist, for using it to stand out and gain publicity. It's a tough world out there so she needs to use every angle she can. We both wish her well! A fan in Belgium

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