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Purses, clutches, handbags, totes, and more... a handbag can be every bit as stylish as the female who carries them. There are a handful of handbags for many females to find to put all of her stuff in. A handbag should both be functional and fashionable. It doesn't matter what kind of handbags we're discussing- every girl needs a stylish and cute handbag that's as stylish and as fashionable as she is. I hope to shed some light on these in this blog entry. It is unusual for a guy to blog about handbags, but I want to keep my female viewers/readers interested.

--- Handbags at a Glance ---
There are handbags for use in the daytime. There are handbags that are dressy and classy for the night. There are a garden variety of totes ranging from basic to stylish. It doesn't matter what brands interest you, handbags are as much of girl's best friend as diamonds (or a lovely pair of shoes). A handbag should be more than suitable for one's needs. Why have a big handbag if you only carry a few small things? If you carry just some beauty supplies (like lipstick or perfume), you probably are looking for a clutch more than a big bag. In the case of totes, are you into stylish totes or reusable bags? Let's have a look at some handbags to set the mood:

Juicy Couture handbag
^ from: - Juicy Couture handbag.
Here's a cute handbag to set the mood. It has a very pale violet color and some pale pink accents. I believe this is from Juicy Couture.

girl and handbag
^ from: - a handbag is as much a style statement as the girl who totes a handbag.

Coach handbag
^ from: - it's no mystery who designed this handbag if you know what the designs on it are from.
Almost every girl knows what a bunch of C's on something is from. This is a Coach handbag with a good deal of brown and beige details.

Now, let me show you a few creative handbags, just to show how diverse and interesting they can be. Check THESE out:

keyboard handbag
^ from: - keyboard handbag made by João Sabino.
You have to be a real tech diva to want a handbag like this. I just hope you don't have to press ALT + F4 just to close it...

^ from: - a denim purse for girls and juniors.
Girls who love denim would equally love a denim jean purse like this one. This is an image from Amazon, so you can't click on it to buy it. I'll be sure to include some denim purses in my Amazon section to this blog entry.

reusable tote
^ from: - reusable totes are functional and long-lasting while not hurting the environment.
This is a reusable tote (more will be featured later in this blog entry). You can use it again and again without having to worry about putting a dent on the environment.

Men's Handbags?

^ from: - Believe it or not, there are handbags for men, too.
(Honorable Mention) This is a men's handbag. I likely won't feature men's handbags as I made this blog entry primarily about women's handbags. But if I get a good enough reaction, I may add a section on men's handbags after discussing women's handbags.

So now that you have the inspiration, let me see if I can show you some handbags on Amazon that you might like. If you just like my blog entry on handbags, thank you for reading and have a nice day! If you want to do some handbag shopping, please read on after the jump.

At least check out some of the items in this widget as my way of saying thanks. They are reuseable totes. Use these instead of paper or plastic for when you go to the store, or use these to store some of your textbooks. Thanks for reading this material so far!

--- Handbags on Amazon ---

Want reason to read more? I'll talk about many more totes later. So you SURE you want to read and leave?

--- Handbags on Amazon ---
NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

It's time I offer you my thanks for reading my blog entry. I don't want to discuss fashion if I can't allow you the chance to do any shopping. There have been people whom have seen material in my blog and did some shopping on Amazon. It makes me feel great knowing that people see material in my blog and want to go get it. I don't spam. All of the items featured in this section can be found on Amazon. I'm here basically to refer you to items on Amazon in a number of my blog entries. So if you love my work, please show your support by finding something you'll like (or hopefully like). So please feel free to click on something you like. And if you really like the item, you are VERY encouraged to purchase the item. Show me that my efforts mean something to you by ordering anything I feature that you like. So let's get it started!

Basic Handbags and Purses.

I'll start with some regular handbags.

^ Here is an inexpensive and cute handbag. It features a giraffe print design and red leather straps. The item is from Sarah's Boutique.

^ This oversized handbag from Vitalio Vera can hold all kinds of stuff. This is the Kudreau satchel, as it features a combination of leather and metalic details. Colors come in black, blue, or purple.

^ Roxy's Freeway Hobo handbag features a simplistic, yet stylish design. They come in three tasteful colors. Click on the image above to learn more about this handbag.

^ This is a shoulder bag from Diesel. They come in four different colors and look pretty stylish for the stylish diva. In ways, it's like a large clutch.

^ This was the denim purse I shown off in the pictures leading up to this blog entry. I hate and am sick of skulls, but this is a trendy denim purse for girls and teens/juniors.

^ Buy this denim bag for your little girl if she loves Strawberry Shortcake. In honor of Strawberry Shortcake, let me say that this is a "berry" cute denim handbag. It is as cute as her favorite jeans.

^ Here is a groovy and cute denim purse with lots of beads on it. Styled like a pair of jeans, this purse is styled somewhat like your favorite do-it-yourself (or DIY) jeans. Ready to make a cute statement? This denim purse may just be your new favorite purse, denim diva!

^ Styled like a denim mini skirt with short suspender straps, this is actually a girls' handbag from Levi's. It's actually not a bad way to show your love of Levi's with a handbag as hot as her favorite jeans.

^ Here is a big handbag for the evening. It is from BP Leathercraft. This handbag has a fair share of beads and sequins for that beautiful touch. Four colors are available for this inexpensive handbag.

I would show you an expensive handbag just for fun, but chose not to here. The most expensive handbags I found range in price from $1,499 USD to $3,912 USD! A widget with many more handbags will be shown later.


I'll start with clutches. These are small and stylish with the ability to carry all essential items. Here are some nice clutch handbags on Amazon that you may also like.

^ Juicy Couture makes the first of the clutches I am to feature in this blog entry. It's the best clutch for juicy divas.

^ This clutch looks like it should cost more than its true price. Eight different colors are available for this La Regale clutch. It comes with an optional shoulder strap.

^ This clutch is called Mimi, from Latico. It comes in four different colors and is very stylish in storing your stuff. It may be pretty expensive, but there's great style to this clutch.

^ A 3D rose adorns this satin Rose clutch from Jessica McClintock. It is only available in Purple. However, you can look around on Amazon to see any other colors this clutch comes in.

^ Socialites, unite! This heart-shaped evening clutch is one you'll fall in love with. It comes in four different colors, each of which with this studded heart clutch bag. It's from boxed-gifts.

^ Here is a similar clutch from Whitling & Davis. This clutch, unlike the previous one, is about five to six times more expensive than the boxed-gifts heart-shaped clutch. This is also an evening-type clutch handbag.

^ Chocolate brown with gold metalic accents adorn this evening clutch. The clutch is actually leather-like, NOT leather. It's from Echomerx and can be a nice evening clutch. The actual color name is Espresso.

^ This Etro fur Baguette is pretty expensive. This is a luxurious and beautiful clutch. Its interior has some purple lining on the inside.

^ Costing almost $3,000 USD, this is a beautiful and luxurious. Become platinum in beauty with this golden clutch. That is... if you can afford it.


Totes usually allow you carry a lot of stuff at once. Fashionable totes, however, allow you to carry a lot of stuff while carrying something stylish. Everything from basic totes to stylish totes will be featured. Will you find a tote that interests you? Maybe I can point you in the right direction here.

^ For the girl on the go who doesn't want to put a dent in the environment, this reusable shopping tote from BAGGU (Japanese for "bag") will do the environment a favor by not using materials that get unnecessarily wasted. Even if you're not a tree hugger or an eco-concious person, this can still be a great tote to use for shopping and maybe even school too. Teen Vogue magazine is even saying this is the "it bag of the future." Maybe it isn't overly chic or flamboyant, but what it is is simple and useful. I strongly encourage you to read more about this bag to learn more about what benefits are made using this bag instead of another paper or plastic tote bag. It's worth a read. This tote comes in 14 different colors.

^ An easy and simple way to carry things is with a tote. This tote is very basic as it comes in about 17 or 18 colors.

^ The world's most famous flapper is none other than Betty Boop, and this denim tote lets you show some Betty Boop style. Here is a great tote to carry things in.

^ Eagle Creek's Packable Shopper Tote transforms from a compact-size pouch to a full shopping tote. Its usefulness alone for when shopping should be more than enough reason to go get this. It comes in four different colors.

^ Show some love for this Soffe heart canvas tote bag. It is a black tote with light pink and white hearts around it. It is a great way to tote around your belongings in cute girly style.

^ Volcom Word tote is only available in red. This is a cool bag to tote your stuff in and in style.

^ If this bag had a soundtrack, it would be "I'm Every Woman" from Chaka Khan (or the version re-made by Whitney Houston in the '1990s). This is the Everygirl tote by LeSportsac. Designs range from basic black ones to totes with cute girly designs. There are seven different colors to choose from.

^ While very basic in design, this Tiganello tote is plenty stylish and useful. They come in six different colors. Click on the image to learn more about these and to see all available colors.

^ I would feel bad if I talk about handbags and forget to mention Dooney & Burke.

^ The colorful and vivid imaginations and fashions of one Betsey Johnson have come up with this Heart of Gold tote. This bag comes in Camel and features both a big metallic heart and a dark pink kiss adornment. The inside features some animal print. It may not be cheap, but if you want the most stylish and expressive tote money can buy, you'd be hard pressed not to find anything more stylish than this.

^ This chocolate-like brown tote from one of the world's most elite fashion designers, Dolce & and Gabbana, is plenty stylish and lovely. Expect nothing less when you're talking D&G. Too bad "less" doesn't describe it's price, however. Some of the more expensive totes on Amazon cost anywhere between $1,000 USD on up to about $1,300 USD.

Crossbody Handbags.

I've added this category somewhat at the last moment. Consider this another opportunity to look for the handbag that tickles your fancy the most.

^ In over 38 different designs ranging from solid to artistic to girly, there is one design for you (yes, you!) for this Kasey crossbody handbag. The Kasey cross-body from LeSportsac is sure to please.

^ This crossbody handbag from Texcyngoods is able to carry lots of things, including your cellular phone and your organizer. It's just right to carry lots of essentials and then some. They come in four different colors.

^ The Casual Classic from The SAK is exactly that. It is comfortable and easy-going to tote around things. Six different colors adorn this crossbody along with some multi-color styles.

^ Meet the Ellie crossbody from LeSportsac. It comes in four girly cute designs. It can be worn in many different ways with its adjustable strap.

^ From the "Sex and the City" movie, this is a crossbody handbag from Timmy Woods. The crossbodies of Timmy Woods are very creative in their appearance. This one mimics the Eiffel Tower. I'd love to go to Paris, France... but this is not a bad thing to have if you never get to go to Paris. One reason why it's so expensive is because of the gilt and Swarovski crystals. Of course, you just don't mess with Swarovski when it comes to crystal items. Swarovski is SERIOUS bling. So if you want to own something that just screams movie material, or if you're a socialite in training, here is your "it" bag!

Rather than break them all up by type, I'm going to include all available Amazon handbags in this widget below. Use my widget to find the handbag that most interests you:

I'd like to say again, thank you so much for reading my blog entry. I hope you have a wonderful day! I've featured about as much as I could put in. Remember- if interest grows for men's handbags, I will include a new section on men's handbags under my section on crossbody handbags. I want to make as many people as happy as possible with my blogging work, and I want to make devoted readers and viewers remain happy with my work. So if there's a demand, I'll discuss men's handbags in future updates to this blog entry.

Until next time, take care and have a great day! Thank you for reading!

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