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Eastern European Beauties

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(UPDATED: October 2, 2013)

The beauties of Eastern Europe continue my "European Beauties" series. Eastern Europe is on parade for this blog post. I am often times very pleased to get support from many different nations. And among them, five nations make up my Eastern Europe portion of the "European Beauties" series. So who are some of the many different lovelies from Eastern Europe? You are about to find out in this blog post.

Hello to all of my Eastern Europe readers and visitors!

If there are any images I can't use because of copyright issues, I will be sure to edit this post as many times as need be to avoid getting into such issues. Contact me via E-Mail if there are any images that I can't use because of such issues. Also, some of these pictures may be the best I could find to educate and entertain my audience.


OCT 2 2013 - added another personality (hint: Romania)

--- European Beauties: The Series ---

When a new post on each region is complete, expect to see updates linking you to posts in this series. Here is a look at this series of posts. The items in parentheses () indicate all the nations in each given region for which I hope to showcase proper in each post:

Western European Beauties
^ beauties from Western Europe (excluding UK and Ireland- I've already made a post on these beauties. To see my post on UK and Ireland beauties, please visit: United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties). Featured persons from this region are from Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands.

Central European Beauties
^ beauties from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Southern European Beauties
^ beauties from Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria

Eastern European Beauties --- YOU ARE HERE ---
^ beauties from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian Federation (west of Ural Mountains)

Northern European Beauties
^ beauties from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Iceland, and Greenland

Transcontinental European Beauties
^ beauties from the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

You will see a number of different personalities representing this specified region. In parentheses () is the nation represented in this post. Someone must either be from that nation or is of some sort of decent from that nation. So for example, an Canadian-born person of Russian decent or part-Russian decent would qualify as a Russian person in this post.

This Region - Eastern Europe.

This region consists of beauties representing Eastern Europe in some capacity, which I will define as five nations. The following locations are featured:

• Romania
• Moldova
• Ukraine
• Belarus
• Russian Federation (west of the Ural Mountains)

This continues my European Beauties series by focusing mostly on Eastern Europe. The Russian beauties I select in this blog post are from the European portion of Russia. I may elect to do a post on the Asian side of Russia in the future. For now, let's just keep things simple and focus on the European side of the Russian Federation, for when I make mention to Russia. No image hotlinking to any bloggers will be featured. This is to avoid certain copyright issues. So if you see a blog I make mention to, click on the heading to that entry to visit that person's blog in the case of blogging beauties.

--- Before I Begin... Lighthearted Musings ---

Let me kind of warm up the mood before sharing some beauties. Maybe you can respond to some of these...

• I have never known anyone from Romania until I started meeting others through blogging. Romania is one of the most common locations where I get blog hits as far as European nations are concerned. So I am hopeful I can please my Romanian readers by talking about some of their loveliest people.

• I couldn't find Belarus on a map until I started my research. Two LOOKBOOK personalities are two of the ones I thought of initially before trying to find other Belarusian personalities.

• Russians are common visitors to my blogs. When starting out, I followed maybe one or two bloggers from Russia. Now, I know at least five bloggers from Russia in addition to the ones I've followed previously. I know I would do a disservice by not mentioning a handful of Russian ladies. After all, when you're from the largest-size nation in the world, it would be sad to not be able to find at least one lovely lady from Russia.

That's all from me. Time to begin the blog post.

--- Eastern European Beauties ---

THIS REGION: Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russian Federation (west of Ural Mountains)

Part 4 of this 6-part "European Series" consists of beauties from Eastern Europe. Five nations, plenty of lovelies to showcase from many walks of life, not to mention a handful of bloggers.

Angelica Ganea (Romania).

Angelica Ganea is a Romanian singer based in Canada. Her voice is beautiful. Let her sing for you. This song is called "You're My Reflection":

^ ""You're my reflection" by Canadian Singer "Angelica Ganea-mileto""

And if you want to see an old post I did about her, you are invited to look at this: "Angelica Ganea" (John's Blog Space).

Aurelia Dobre (Romania).

In 1987, a 14-year old girl from Romania became a World Championship-winning gymnast. This youngster was named Aurelia Dobre. Aurellia is noted as the youngest gymnastics World Champion ever at 14 years and 352 days. However, there was controversy about her and another young gymnastics World Champion- Olga Bicherova of Russia (then the Soviet Union) who won the 1981 World Championship at the age of 13. What I read in researching this topic was that Olga's age was falsified. Aurelia Dobre was born on November 16, 1972 in Romania's capital city of Bucharest. She even competed in the Seoul 1988 Olympic Summer Games, where she won a Silver Medal in Team Gymnastics. Injuries and a growth spurt have derailed her career as a gymnast. She retired in 1989. This video showcases a young Aurelia Dobre when she won the 1987 World Championship: Aurelia Dobre 1987 World Championship AA Beam.

Monica Bîrladeanu (Romania).

Monica Barladeanu
^ from: - Actress and model Monica Bîrladeanu.

From Iasi, Romania; give a warm welcome to my next featured Romanian beauty- Monica Barladeanu. Monica is a Romanian actress famous for movies such as "The Death of Mr. Lazarescu." The (born: December 12, 1978)-year old is also a model. She's been declared as one of Romania's sexiest women a couple of times. Monica has even garnered attention from FHM for her sexy looks.

NOTE: When preparing this post, I was unsure whether she was Monica Bîrladeanu or Monica Barladeanu. So I used "Barladeanu" upon Google recommendations.

Monica Dascalu (Romania).

Monica Dascalu
^ from: - Romanian TV personality Monica Dascalu.

Another Monica hails from Romania- TV star Monica Dascalu. Monica Dascalu is a TV news reporter for Stirile ProTV in Romania. I think she's beautiful. Otherwise, what business would she have being in a Beauties-themed post like this one? See for yourself with this video photo shoot: Monica Dascalu / Romanian Woman TV Star Roumanie.

Antonia Iacobescu (Romania).

Antonia Iacobescu- better known simply as "Antonia" is a Romanian singer and a model. She is a (born: April 12, 1989)-year old from Bucharest, Romania. Here is one of Antonia's songs. I must warn you that the video is a little loud, so turn down the volume a bit here. Regardless... this is a very cool song to me:

^ Antonia - Marabou (Official Video).

Andreea Marin (Romania).

Links to Facebook fan page.

This next beauty is from Roman, Romania; and her name is Andreea Violeta Marin Banica. Andreea Marin is a beautiful (born: December 22, 1974)-year old television presenter. She is the only Romanian UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Simona Gherghe (Romania).

Simona Gherghe
^ from: (best I could find) - Romania's "Acces Direct" host Simona Gherghe.

All I can pull up on Simona Gherghe is that she is a TV personality whom is the host of Romania's "Acces Direct," an entertainment and lifestyle show. And obviously- she's Romanian. And also obviously- she's beautiful. Otherwise... she wouldn't be among my beauties.

Alexandra Dinu (Romania).

Actress Alexandra Dinu is a Romanian beauty known for her roles in "Second-Hand" and "Garcea si oltenii" among other acting roles. The (born: January 3, 1981)-year old Romanian is based in Italy. This video is a fairly long look at the beautiful Alexandra Dinu: Interviu ALEXANDRA DINU Aprilie 2013 Roma HD 720P.

Cristina Dochianu (Romania).

Link directs you to a Facebook fan page.

Cristina Maria Dochianu is a Romanian television sports reporter from Bucharest. Some would liken Cristina as the Romanian equivalent to Erin Andrews.

Iulia Vântur (Romania).

Iulia Vantur is a television news anchor from Romania. This video is a sample of the blonde Romanian and her on-air work: Iulia Vantur promo Romanian Lady TV presenter rumana.

Alina, of "My Silk Fairytale" (Romania).

The first Romanian fashion blogger I've come across online goes by the name of Alina. I think from one post, her real first name is either Nadina-Alina or something like that. Regardless, "My Silk Fairytale" is her fashion blog. "My Silk Fairytale" features some of the most diverse spreads in fashion. Alina could glam things up with very feminine and stylish pieces. On the other hand, she can go completely casual ranging from denim to slipping on a pair of sneakers. She could wear a classy and chic outfit, or she may go completely casual with cutoff denim shorts or even something with skulls. Her sense of style is the most diverse of any fashion blog I follow. I invite you to delve into "My Silk Fairytale" to see this Romanian's fashion style.

Iulia, of "Heart of Peonies" (Romania).

Iulia Dragan is a fashion blogger from Romania. She first created "A Blog With Us." Her latest blog is called "Heart of Peonies." This Romanian blogger features her own diverse range of fashion styles. I greatly respect her and her continued support of my blogging work. Hello to Iulia if she's reading this!

Madalina, of "MayDay" (Romania).

Also from Romania, Madalina is a fashion blogger who runs the blog "MayDay." I have great respect for Madalina since she respects my online work. "MayDay" consists of a variety of different fashion and beauty topics. She posts everything from outfits to various beauty posts, such as nail art. But really, this blog is more like a personal blog that also features loads of fashion and beauty insights. All I ask for you to do is meet Madalina and get to savor her fashion style. By the way, hello to Madalina if she's reading this blog post! :)

Meda, of "Thousand Wishes" (Romania).

(ADDED: October 2, 2013)
From the LOOKBOOK circuit, Meda is a fabulously beautiful lady from Romania. Her blog, "Thousand Wishes" features some of her many different outfits as well as insights on health and food. Meda showcases her fashion style in her many blog posts. You are free to visit her blog to check out her style.

Maria Cebotari (Moldova - Deceased).

Moldovan Maria Cebotari is soprano singer and actress. The Bessarabian was born in Chisinau, Moldova on February 10, 1910. Maria gained German citizenship in her time. She died at the age of 39 on June 9, 1949 in Vienna, Austria. A sample of her soprano singing can be heard in this video: Maria Cebotari - Sempre Libera.

Ina Vieru (Moldova).

Ina Vieru
^ from: (best I could find) - Ina Vieru was the first ever winner of the Miss Moldova pageant, first held in 1990.

(Born: April 3, 1968)-year old Ina Vieru was the first-ever Miss Moldova back in 1990. The native of Chisinau, Moldova is also a successful businesswoman, running two famous bakeries in Chisinau.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja (Moldova).

Patricia Kopatchinskaja is a Moldovan violinist. Here is a sample of Patricia performing: Patricia Kopatchinskaja mit Tschaikowskis Violinenkonzert Pt.2.

Nicoleta, of "REINVENT YOURSELF" (Moldova).

Though based in Italy, Nicoleta Buru is from Chisinau, Moldova. She is a lovely lady with some unique style. Her style has a great deal of edge and chic. Nicoleta has a variety of casual and chic outfits, but mostly chic outfits. Hello to Nicoleta if she's reading this! Thanks for your continued support of my work.

I'd love to continue, but I must pause briefly here. If you are not reading the full post and would like to continue, please click on "Read More" to continue. You may disregard this section if you are reading the full post. Beauties of Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation are in the second half of this blog post including a few popular figures. Your choice! Want to continue on?

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Mila Kunis (Ukraine).

I've always known Ukranian actress Mila Kunis as Jackie of "That '70s Show." The (born: August 14, 1983)-year old was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Milena Markovna "Mila" Kunis has performed a good deal of acting in her career for various forms of media. She is the first Ukranian to come to mind for me when I first brainstormed this blog post. This petite (she's 5'4") was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Though I know her best for being Jackie in "That '70s Show," she has also lent her talent to shows and movies like "Black Swan," "Ted," the "Family Guy" series, "Friends With Benefits," and various other forms of media. How hot is Mila Kunis? Here is a YouTube video for you to see. It is kind of not-safe-for-work, but here you go: Mila Kunis: Exclusive Esquire Video of a Woman We Love.

Oksana Baiul (Ukraine).

The only Ukranian figure skater to win Olympic Gold is Oksana Serhiivna Baiul. The petite (she's 5'3") was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine on November 16, 1977. Oksana won Olympic gold at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. She also became a figure skating World Champion in 1993 prior to her Olympic gold triumph. Are you a figure skating fan? If so, watch Oksana go to work en route to her Olympic gold triumph in 1994:

^ "Oksana Baiul SP 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics."

Kseniya Simonova (Ukraine).

2009's "Ukraine Got Talent" winner is (born: April 22, 1985)-year old Kseniya Simonova. She was born in Yevpatoria, Ukraine. So what is Kseniya's talent? She is a sand animation artist. Kseniya is even beautiful in giving back. Her philanthropic efforts are in raising money to help children in need with her sand animations. Who knew that being a sand artist can be used to do beautiful things? If you have about 8 minutes to spare, you have GOT to see Kesniya Simonova work her sand animation magic. Take a look at this video if you're interested: Kseniya Simonova-sandstory for King of Thailand.

Karina Smirnoff (Ukraine).

(Born: January 2, 1978)-year old professional ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff continues my look at Ukranian beauties. She is best known in the United States for winning "Dancing With the Stars" season 13 with J.R. Martinez. This Ukranian beauty was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This video interview showcases Karina: Pro Dancer Karina Smirnoff.

Anna Poslavska (Ukraine).

The winner of Miss Ukraine 2010 was born in Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine; and her name is Anna Poslavska. Some of this (born: April 28, 1987)-year old's interests include windsurfing and waltzing. This is one gorgeous lady. Just don't take my word for it, though. Get to know Anna Poslavska a little more with this highlight package: Miss Universe 2010 3rd RU - UKRAINE (highlights).

Olesya Stefanko (Ukraine).

Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 winner was born in Kolomyia, Ukraine on June 25, 1988. She is supposedly a big sports fan. Goodness... this girl is gorgeous! If you want to see Olesya and her delicious body and gorgeous looks, I invite you to look at this video in case you're interested: Miss Universe 2011 1st RU - UKRAINE (highlights) .

Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine).

Yulia Tymoshenko
^ from: - Meet former Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

A former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. She is a very lovely (born November 24, 1960)-year old lady. Her braided crown hairstyle is very charming. Unfortunately, Yulia was apparently jailed in 2007, convicted of abuse of power.

Ani Lorak (Ukraine).

(Born: September 27, 1978)-year old Ukranian pop singer Karolina Miroslavivna Kuiek is better known as Ani Lorak. She was born in Kitsman, Ukraine and has spent a good deal of her career singing and acting. Ani Lorak also has been a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Ukranian pop coming right at you here:

^ "(this song on YouTube - I can't copy the actual text)"

Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine).

Let the beautiful Zlata Ognevich sing for you. This Ukranian pop singer is one of my fellow Capricorns, born January 12, 1986. This Ukranian beauty was born in Murmansk, Russia. Regardless of her Russian birth, she's still an Eastern European beauty. Here is a music video from this gorgeous lady called "Gravity":

^ "Zlata Ognevich - Gravity (Ukraine at Eurovision 2013) - official music video"

Not sure if she's ever been to the United States, but it would cool for her to perform here in the United States with a beautiful song like this.

Stacey Ko, of "MYOFS" (Ukraine).

Asya (better known as Stacey Ko) is a Ukranian-born, Hungary-based fashion blogger behind MYOFS (formerly known by its full name- "Make your own fashion show"). She is a great supporter of my blogging content, so I am very pleased to invite this lady into my European Beauties series. Hello to you if Stacey Ko is reading this blog post! Thanks for your support!

Irina Hanunik (Belarus).

All I can pull up on Irina Hanunik (officially Irina Hanunik-Rombalskaya) is that she she is a TV host for Belarus' Stolichnoe Televidenie, and she won Mrs. Multiverse International in 2012 and has even represented Belarus in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant.

Alyona Lanskaya (Belarus).

Link goes to her Facebook fan page.

This Belarusian beauty was born in Mogilev, Belarus. The (born: September 9, 1985)-year old beautiful Belarusian singer represented Belarus at Eurovision 2013. One of her most famous songs is "Solayoh." You have two options if you want to sample her music. You can visit her page or you can watch her music video here: Alyona Lanskaya - Solayoh (Belarus) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Official Video.

Ekaterina, of "NORMALNAYA" (Belarus).

The only Belarusian blogger I know of right away is "NORMALNAYA." Ekaterina (better known as Katy Kutcher) is a beautiful Belarusian blogger. A lot of her style mostly consists of casual and edgy styles. She may even go with some chic and girly pieces. Even though she may look angelic, she has outfits that are not so much angelic. Ekaterina is still very much a lovely lady no matter what you think about her style.

Anita, of "The Anita Kurkach Diaries" (Belarus).

She blogs. She sings. She's got some outfit posts. And... she's a Belarusian beauty. Yes, Anita is seemingly everywhere doing everything. The long-haired blonde from Minsk, Belarus is quite talented and quite lovely.

Maria Sharapova (Russia).

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova is ready to serve up some trouble. The native of Nyagan, Russia is one of the better tennis players today. This (born: April 19, 1987)-year old Russian has won multiple Grand Slams in her career. I have posted lots of tennis players in my "European Beauties" series. While I don't watch tennis, I do find it interesting how many tennis players I have featured so far in my European Beauties series. Here is a video where Maria Sharapova is tested on her tennis knowledge: Maria Sharapova is quizzed on her Wimbledon knowledge.

Marina Orlova (Russia).

"Hello, my dear students!" Marina Orlova is best known as "HotForWords." It goes without saying that she is perhaps the world's hottest etymologist (one who studies the origin of words). She comes from a beautiful city in Russia- Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I personally respect HotForWords for one big reason- she's taken learning about the origin of words and made it fun and interesting. You have reason and incentive for watching her videos. While she is a smoking hot babe, she is also immensely educational and fun. That alone is worthy of respect. Oh, and did I mention she's beautiful? Here is a sample of this Russian hottie:

^ "HotForWords - HotForWords - Did the French invent the French Kiss?"

Doe Deere (Russia).

Link directs to Facebook fan page.

Kseniya Vorotova is better known as Doe Deere. She is not only a pop singer who infuses a lot of '80s style in her music, but she is also the creator of the makeup collection Lime Crime. She nicknames herself as the Unicorn Queen. Doe Deere is very much a true girly-girl with her imaginative and fun style. I blogged about Doe Deere before. You are invited to look at this old blog post of mine if interested: "Doe Deere" (John's Blog Space).

Edun (Russia).

Alice Edun is of Nigerian-Russian descent. This lovely lady is famous for a very cool song she did this previous decade called "Put 'em Up." So... do you want to hear and see Edun go to work? Here is that very cool song of hers I told you about:

^ "Edun-Put 'Em Up"

Alyona Minkovski (Russia).

If you watch or have seen the RT (Russia Today) Channel, you may have heard of "The Alyona Show" and maybe even heard of Alyona Minkovski. Well, Alyona Leonidovna Minkovski is a Russian beauty who was born in Moscow. The (born: January 30, 1986)-year old has showcased her media work both with RT as well as with HuffPost Live. Here is a sample of Alyona and "The Alyona Show" below.

^ ""

And by the way, what's wrong with a little Russian on Russian love? :)

Dina Garipova (Russia).

Dina Garipova
^ from: - Pop singer Dina Garipova hails from Zelendolsk, Tatarstan, Russian Federation.

Zelenodolsk, Russia was where singer Dina Garipova was born. Her most popular song to date is "What If." She was born in 1991 on March 25. You can see the music video to "What If" here:

^ "Dina Garipova - What If (Russia) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Official Video"

Diana Gurtskaya (Russia).

(ADDED: September 10, 2013)
Diana Gudaevna Gurtskaya

Can you be beautiful... and blind? Meet Georgian beauty Diana Gurtskaya. She was born in Sukhumi, Georgia on July 2, 1978. As I mentioned earlier, Diana Gurtskaya is blind. She is also of Russian ethnicity.

Angelica, of "Angy's tea party" (Russia).

Russian-born and Italian-based, Angelica Ardasheva is a Russian beauty who runs the blog "Angy's Tea Party." She is really one of the first Russian bloggers I came across. Visit her blog to see the multitude of mostly casual outfits from Angelica.

Olga, of "My Blonde Gal" (Russia).

If you look around on LOOKBOOK, you may see a lady named Olga Choi appear among some of the hottest looks. That lady showcases her varied style and fun personality in her outfit posts. She is cheery and smiles often. At times, she can be completely girly and chic. Some other times, she is cool and casual. Olga and her outfit posts will certainly be worth your time. Both her LOOKBOOK and blog material are things of beauty. I want to say hello to Olga if she's reading my blog post here!

Tanya, of "tini-tani" (Russia).

This Russian fashion blog features a lady with lovely lady with lovely style. Tanya has golden hair and a golden sense of style. She tends to have the Midas touch with her outfits. Her hair and face are angelic. Whether casual, classy, or chic; there is no shortage of style from this Russian blogger. She is from the beautiful city of Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. Feel free to visit "tini-tani" and take a look at her many outfits.

Lidia, of "gvozdiShe" (Russia).

Lidia and her varied fashion styles are expressed in her blog "gvozdiShe." She has fiery short hair and a myriad of great outfits to showcase to the blogosphere. I found out about Lidia through LOOKBOOK. Her outfits and her style have helped me grow respect for her. And out of respect, I honor the lovely Lidia by showcasing her among my Eastern European beauties.

Lise, of "NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION" (Russia).

Hailing from Moscow, Russia; Lise Kapris is a beautiful blogger. This Russian has done some lovely photo shoots. She even offers insights on various other things outside of fashion in her blog. So expect a little of everything in her blog. Most of her blog is in Russian, but there are English bits for those of you who failed Russian class or failed self-teaching Russian.

Lyosha, of "Inside and Outside" (Russia).

"Inside and Outside" is the fashion blog of a lady named Lyosha. The short-haired Russian has a very cool sense of style expressed mostly through casual looks. She also has a very cool smile. I invite my readers to visit Lyosha's lovely blog. If Lyosha herself is reading this, I want to personally thank you for your support of my work. Your awesomeness has led you to being represented here in this Beauties post.

Violetta, of "Violetta's Style" (Russia).

What is Violetta's Style? I tend to think of the Russian blogger's style as beautiful. She has a sweet face and lovely hair. "Violetta's Style" is a fashion blog with many different easy-on-the-eyes beautiful outfits and looks. Most of her blog is in Russian. But of course, beauty translates perfectly in any language; and Violetta's beauty certainly translates very well.

Marina, of "Marina Maximova blog" (Russia).

I once encountered Marina on LOOKBOOK. From LOOKBOOK, I Hyped one of her looks and then followed her blog. This blogger from Russia named Marina is really sweet- in personality and in looks. Marina is a long-haired blonde beauty from Russia who has a girly and refined sense of style. I greatly respect her since she appreciates my online work. And so to all of my fashion-loving audience, I invite you to visit "Marina Maximova blog" today to take a look at her lovely sense of style. Most of her blog is in Russian. Marina, if you are reading this, thank you for your continued support. I am more than pleased for you to admire and support my work.

Oksana, of "Shopaholic vs Fashionista" (Russia).

Oksana is someone whom I got to know through LOOKBOOK. The Russian has her own fashion blog called "Shopaholic vs Fashionista." She has a lot of stylish outfits to showcase in her blog as well as many lovely photos. There is no shortage of quality material when this Russian beauty showcases her style with you. So feel free to visit her blog today. Hello to Oksana herself if she is reading this blog post! Thanks for your support of my work.

Perventina, of "Perventina" (Russia).

Another LOOKBOOK regular is Perventina Ols- better known as Perventina. I became fond of her looks once I saw one of her looks from LOOKBOOK. She wore a fabulous and sexy black and white striped dress. After seeing another one of her looks, I became hooked to this fashionista. Perventina is a captivating and charming Russian beauty. Even though her blog is almost entirely in Russian, her beauty translates perfectly in any language. If you have LOOKBOOK and want to keep up with Perventina's fabulous style, visit:

Natalie, of "Koltunovskaya" (Russia - Honorable Mention!).

Natalie is the fashion blogger behind "Koltunovskaya." Her surname makes up the name of this blog. Natalie is a charming lady who showcases a handful of her outfits in her posts. She was the first Russian fashion blogger I've come across in my time in blogging. The outfits she post are wonderful to me. Since she hasn't blogged in a while, I am including her as Honorable Mention to pay respect to the beautiful.

Remember- I may add more beauties in future edits. Almost every blog post of mine is a real time work in progress. So stay tuned and check for updates!

That's all for Eastern European beauties. Up next in the "European Beauties" series is a look at beauties from Northern Europe. This is a look at beauties of the Baltic States and Scandinavia, and it also includes Iceland and even Greenland! For now... thank you for reading!

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