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John's Corner: 100+ Followers!

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(UPDATED: September 17, 2013)

I have taken a break from continuing my "European Beauties" series to recognize a certain feat recently achieved- 100+ Google Followers! That is the focus of this edition of "John's Corner." For a while, I've encountered many blogs that have had 100+ and even well over 100+ Followers. I have been fortunate to even get one Follower since I started blogging on Blogger/Blogspot back in January 2009- let alone get to double digits. For some reason, I've never truly had a consistent audience. I don't rake in Followers and fans as easily or as consistently as most other people. I rarely have an audience that communicates back with me and actually offers suggestions if need be. About the only people who regularly comment to me (besides my loyal readers, of course) are people sending me E-Mails regarding getting better SEO (search engine optimization) and improving my rankings online. Even when I ask if people want to see me cover certain topics online, not as many people offer suggestions. I usually consider others' suggestions if there are some that I like and can make a decent blog post about.

Anyhow, I finally surpassed the triple-digit mark in Google Followers. I want to thank all of my Stars (what I call my fans/followers) for supporting my work and Following via Google Friend Connect. I also want to salute everyone whom have added me to your Google+ Circles in speaking of Google.

Usually, I don't announce these things because I often have bad luck keeping certain things like this. It was kind of a lesson I learned on Myspace. I would get to 100 friends or 1K friends, then somebody un-friends me for some reason, as if I care more about counts than I do actually earning people as friends. I reached 200 Facebook "likes" last month.


SEP 17 2013 - added a missing link

Here are some more talking points for this edition of "John's Corner":


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Thanks To Everyone Who Replied to Me Reaching Out!

I would like to thank everyone who replied back to me as I reached out to various bloggers by sending personal E-Mails showing my appreciation of their work. I have been very impressed and accomplished by sending such messages to various bloggers. This is all my way of personally communicating with various bloggers whom I respect. I've sent personal E-Mails to certain bloggers whom disclosed their E-Mail or contact links. There are more I want to offer my own personal support to, but haven't yet found some comfortable and acceptable way to contact them. I am, however, thankful to those whom replied back. At least being replied back to is a way that my input has been appreciated and that one has unique feedback to me.

To read my "John's Corner" on reaching out to other bloggers, read this post: "John's Corner: Reaching Out" (John's Blog Space).

Announcing New Beauties Series.

Speaking of my "Beauties" blog posts, I am working to better sort my blog posts in the Beauties series. Some people just comment on the latest posts, which is fine. But I want my readers to enjoy all of my posts especially among series. I want my readers to enjoy all of my posts. So if you haven't read all the posts in each of my "Beauties" series of posts, this is your chance to catch up. Click on the links below to take a look at the various series in the "Beauties" category of post. The text in parentheses includes how many posts there are in each series. When you visit any of these links, you will see mostly archived versions of each post. Click on each post to view the post in its entirety. This is your chance to keep up with the latest series regarding Beauties. Make the most of it!

Asian Beauties (4-Part Series)
^ Beauties series about Asian beauties. In series: East, Southeast, South, Central. I still want to do a blog post about Middle Eastern beauties. Initially, I had planned on doing a post about Southwest Asian beauties- which includes parts of the Middle East. I was unsure whether to have this as part of my Asian Beauties series or not. But I will eventually do that separately once I get started on it.

American Beauties (5 Part Series)
^ Beauties series about American beauties. In series: South and Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and Central, Mountain, and Pacific.

Other posts:
Canadian Beauties - beauties of Canada.
Mexican and Central American Beauties - Mexican and Central American beauties.
Caribbean Beauties - Caribbean beauties.
South American Beauties - beauties of South America.

I put these three into separate posts because initially, I wanted to Latin American beauties. However, some countries (such as Belize and Suriname) are not Latin American countries.

European Beauties (6-Part Series)
^ Beauties series about European beauties. In series: Western, Central, Southern, Eastern, Northern, and Transcontinental.

Other posts:
United Kingdom and Ireland Beauties - beauties from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and United Kingdom Dependencies. Mentioned in "Western European Beauties" post.

Oceania Beauties
^ While not a proper series, this series on Beauties is fixated on beauties of Oceania.

Australian and New Zealand Beauties - beauties of Australia and New Zealand.
South Pacific Beauties - beauties of various South Pacific islands and island nations.

So you now have yourself a way to catch up with all of my Beauties-themed posts. I've done a lot of blogging. At least you can now be able to look at some of my past posts. And don't forget- I may update some of my posts here on JBS and in my other blogs. So make sure to check for updates!

With all of this said, I will return to brainstorming and preparing blog posts. I just wanted to get this "John's Corner" out of the way so I can continue on. Thank you for reading!

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