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John's Corner: Reaching Out

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Ever personally shown your respect to bloggers and sites you love? What I've been doing a lot of recently was reach out to blogs and bloggers I like. I've offered some E-Mails personally offering my support and loyalty to others. In this blog post, I want to talk about me reaching out to blogs and bloggers whom I respect and support. This is part of reaching out to others. Feel free to have a look as I share my mind with you all in another installment of "John's Corner."

My "John's Corner" series is all about simply me talking with all of you about things on my mind as well as provide a little insight into my life and my blogging.

--- John's Corner: Reaching Out ---

Reaching out to other bloggers... why do it? Here are talking points:

Reasons for Reaching Out.

As bloggers and those who surf cyberspace, we often become connected with blogs and bloggers. A blog is usually a journal and an avenue into others' lives. Bloggers share whatever they want to share in their posts for any number of reasons. What gets lost in translation is in the bond between bloggers and the people who read such material. So therefore, not as many people actually come into contact with bloggers to share their personal thoughts towards the blogs people follow.

Because I hate the notion that people are a bunch of anonymous drones online, I felt it is important that I share my adoration of bloggers and various other personalities by offering personal messages to others. What I did was create E-Mails to various bloggers showing my appreciation of their online work. I didn't just put up some template and continually recycle my words to others. No- I offered my own personal thoughts to various bloggers showing how much I support and admire various personalities in the blogosphere. Some people responded back; some others didn't. I'm always wondering what others thought about what I posted to them.

Results of Reaching Out.

I started to think about the words people responded back to me with. Some people were completely honored I posted such kind words in return. Some people even responded with personal feelings towards my respectful words. You know, when your words mean so much to someone that they feel like crying happy tears. In some cases, you may improve your reputation with someone based on your kind words! See? Not being a hater has its perks. So... DON'T HATE!

Being able to honestly offer words (even if hurtful or of constructive criticism) shows loyalty. Some people even want others to do better or try harder. The most important thing is to be able to loyally show realistic concern and realistic opinions. How can someone know how they are doing if you don't let that person know? I sometimes wasn't expecting some people to offer deep personal feelings. Some people probably feel better that there are people who actually care when it seems like people find every reason to hate on somebody. You'll understand once you think about some fashion bloggers (for example).

I will hope to contact several other blogs and bloggers to offer my words to them. I am hopeful I could maybe enhance my reputation with them and be more honest and direct about things. There is great importance in the connection between bloggers and their audience. All I want to do and hope to do is maintain my connection with my readers/visitors. I think anyone who cares about making quality material for others should be able to allow for others to share their level of admiration to bloggers. It's all about honesty to me. Sadly, most of the material I usually get is usually a bunch of E-Mails from suspicious companies and suspicious people regarding the SEO of my blogs. It is always "content first" for me. I do take my blogging as a business, but I do things on the cheap because I don't want to be about money. So I am not as reluctant or excited when someone suggests SEO of my blog(s). I'll deal with that on my own.

Thanks To All of You!

Thank you- all of you- for supporting my work even in my best and worst of times. I hope you continue to support and share my work.

This edition of "John's Corner" is complete. However, I do want to address a few more things regarding my blogging. Click on "Read More" if you are not reading the full post and would like to see more commentary regarding my blogging.

--- John's Corner: A Special Address ---

I'd like to discuss two of my blogs here in this post. You could say this is my "State of My Blogging Address."

John's Blog Space.

I am still coming up with more ideas for posts. I am considering a layout change, but I am not ready for that yet or have any idea how to implement any new changes.

John's Shop Space.

My blog that served as an alternate to JBS has also been my product review site. Now, I'm not sure if I really want to continue with JSS. All most people seem to care about is my blog post on swimsuits there. While that may sound nice, the majority is fixated on children's swimsuits. I don't know. I just feel guilty about any of my material being popular for the wrong or suspicious reasons. For now, it remains as is. I may discontinue "John's Shop Space."

John's Gran Turismo Space.

I have referred to my changes for JGTS as its "evolution." Part of this evolution is in not making it so focused on Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy. Since I was having a hard time coming up with more topics based on those two games, and because I did not want to start an entirely new blog; I made a decision to broaden the range of topics for JGTS. JGTS will take on a different personality with more material regarding racing games. I will try not to shy too far from its roots- which involves Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy. I may even consider a name change for this blog. What I want to be careful of, however, is changing it too much to where its traffic gets altered. You can't just change various things and expect everything to all go smoothly. Changes to that blog will have to be made to various other blog posts I've made previously. So I want to change things up while also being careful.

StyleSpace, by John B. Marine.

"StyleSpace by JBM" celebrated its one-year birthday on July 7, 2013. Most of the content in SS by JBM is mostly recycled and edited content from "John's Blog Space." This blog does include some material that did not originate from JBS. My goal was to make a proper fashion blog that my fashion-loving audience can appreciate. While I do love my fashion-loving audience here on JBS, I felt the need to make a proper fashion blog with my own twist on things would be beneficial for me as a blogger.

I MAY consider a layout change for SS by JBM, but don't expect much anything much right now. Thanks to everyone whom have supported my youngest blog.


My YouTube channel is called "JohnMarineTube." I haven't posted any video to my YouTube channel since May 17, 2012. I keep wanting to make a video but never materialized anything. So to my YouTube fans reading my blog, I will return to YouTube sometime in the future. Don't know when, but just know I haven't given up on YouTube.

Other Thoughts...

I am actually becoming uncertain about my blogging. The only true happiness I've enjoyed so far in blogging this year was reaching 2 million blog hits for "John's Blog Space" this past January. Things have been very slow since. I fear most people probably saw a bunch of value in my blogging... and have very little reason to come back.

According to Blogger/Blogspot and its stat engine, I picked up 16,223 views for JBS last month- the lowest number of views for any month since the Blogger/Blogspot stat engine was released long ago. My main blog hasn't gotten over 50K views since November 2012. The most views in one month this year was 39,279 back in March. I hate to say this, but based on stats, my blog is on the decline. I'll need to do something to get its popularity and appeal back to its past glory. I want to do it the right way, though. I don't want to use any practices that only leads to more spam and suspicion than giving people useful material.

That concludes my look at my own blogs as well as my YouTube channel.

As always, I'd like to thank everyone who even remotely cares about my content. I am thankful to have such a support system and such a loyal audience that has supported me and my work. Thank you for reading another installment of "John's Corner!"

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