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Domestic Violence

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Couples argue, but it should NEVER be to the point of violence. Domestic violence is an extreme in which a loving couple try to settle an argument by the means of violence. Violence by any means is wrong to begin with. Even more so when it involves a loving couple. Love shouldn't hurt. Love shouldn't come to the point of attacking someone. At its worst, domestic violence between lovers can lead to either serious injury or death. This is a most uncomfortable subject, but as with any other, it is best I supplement my input to bring an issue to light.

WARNING: Because this is a difficult subject, this topic may not be suitable for all audiences.

--- Domestic Violence ---

Let me show you this video to set the mood...

^ "PSA Domestic Violence"

Domestic violence is domestic violence regardless of gender, sexual orientation, etc. There are abusive men as well as abusive women. Such violence can occur between heterosexual and homosexual couples. Domestic violence also occurs between everyday people and celebrities. Regardless, the end result can be total disaster when violence erupts between lovers. People can be battered and bruised or even injured or killed.

Some people feel the best way to settle issues among lovers is to abuse the other party through physical abuse or emotional abuse. These people think attacking someone will help prove a point, almost as if the other person is a child who needs to be spanked to be disciplined properly. Speaking of children, domestic violence becomes worse when children are involved. Some children may actually witness a warring couple and feel mortified seeing lovers take their aggressions out on each other. Domestic violence can really impact children much more than two adults at odds.

Domestic Violence: A Statistical Snapshot.

Here are some statistics in regards to domestic violence based on various sites I researched before posting this topic:

• a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds in the United States.

• 1 in 5 teen girls who have been in a relationship have been threatened violence or self-harm by their boyfriends.

• more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

• 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their time. Most of them are at the greatest risk if between the ages of 20 and 24.

• women are more likely to be killed in domestic violence than men.

For more statistics, you may read this post: Safe Horizon - Domestic Violence Statistics and Facts. It will appear again later in this post.

You can read the source I listed to see more statistics regarding domestic violence. One last thing I want to note is that even though I will mostly note domestic violence as physical violence against two people, domestic violence can also be emotional and mental violence to others. Take these things into account as I continue with this blog post. Also, both males and females are abusive towards each other. That's why I am not exclusively looking at domestic violence as a male beating a female because women can be just as brutal and abusive towards their male partners. Domestic violence is domestic violence regardless of whichever gender or party initiates it.

--- Domestic Violence: Talking Points ---

Here are some quick talking points regarding domestic violence.

Domestic Violence: Among Lovers.

Cases regarding domestic violence can range from common folk to celebrities. One of the more famous celebrity cases of domestic violence of late was when recording artist Chris Brown battered and beaten recording artist Rihanna back in 2009. You don't have to be unworldly famous to be involved in domestic violence.

Domestic Violence: LGBT Relationships.

LGBT relationships are not immune from domestic violence. LGBT couples are just as liable for violence as heterosexual relationships. Remember that domestic violence is not just restricted to heterosexual relationships. LGBT couples have the same sort of issues as almost any heterosexual couple may have.

This gives you a small look at domestic violence.

--- Domestic Violence: Final Thoughts ---

Even though there is a concept of tough love, and even though love hurts, it should NEVER come to the point of inflicting violence on someone whom you love. There are better ways to settle issues without inflicting violence on a loved one. I once did a video and a blog post about abusive and controlling men. But really, women can be just as abusive and belligerent as men. Regardless, a relationship should never come to physical violence. One's aggression may reach a boiling point to where one feels the need to physically attack someone to prove a point. People do things to get themselves into trouble, but usually never do they deserve to be beaten and battered. One's instinct is usually attack someone who did someone else completely wrong. Despite this temptation to attack someone, domestic violence is usually never the answer. In fact, it may make relationships be severed beyond repair.

Domestic violence is even worse when children are involved. The impact of a feuding couple can have a trickle-down effect that impacts children- causing depression and uneasiness among them. Times can be bitterly rough when this happens. The one thing you can hope for is that domestic violence never becomes something children have to endure as a couple at odds have their issues.

The topic of domestic violence is a major one for all couples- heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships. Love between two strangers is love. Every couple is going to have various disagreements. Even among lovers in the LGBT community, the same sort of issues and disagreements will occur among gay and lesbian couples.

Attacking a loved one is inexcusable. No one in their conscious mind would dare attack their lover even depending on the situation(s) leading up to one wanting to strike or abuse his/her partner. The ones who do get so angry to which they feel they must strike his/her partner are just adding to the statistics of domestic violence. Nobody deserves to get beaten even regardless of how much someone has been hurt by his/her partner's infidelity or any other issues. The best way to deal with domestic violence is to either find healthier ways to deal with disputes or consider breaking up. You are better off walking away or asking for help rather than scarring your partner for life.

--- Domestic Violence: Resources ---

Most of this blog post is over. What I want to do now is offer links to various resources in case you or someone you know may be dealing with domestic violence. These include more educational material on domestic violence as well as resources to help in case you may be involved in any capacity of domestic violence. Part of my efforts on "John's Blog Space" is to offer positivity and hope for those who may require them- even including in difficult subjects such as domestic violence. So please visit the following material in this section to get the help you need or to find more information on this subject.

Most of the material here was mostly made for my American audience, but there may be some material for other international locales.

United States Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women
National Domestic Violence Hotline and What us Domestic Violence - National Domestic Violence Hotline
Domestic Violence - Safe Horizon and Safe Horizon - Domestic Violence Statistics and Facts
Domestic Violence - The Houston Area Women's Center (Houston/Galveston area only)
Domestic Violence and Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence in Gay Relationships
Is There Abuse in Your Teen's Relationship? - www.maryjorapini.com (a blog post on abuse in teen relationships)

I may add some more resources and some more insights in any future edits to this blog post.

Have you been in an abusive relationship? Do you know someone whom has been involved in domestic violence in some capacity? Is there any advice you may recommend to someone who may be experiencing these horrific issues? How do you deal with domestic violence? Please feel free to comment on this difficult topic to offer hope to those who may require it. Thank you for reading!

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