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The Good in People

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If we only see people in their poorest moments and only see people for their poor qualities, we ultimately fail to see the good in others. Seeing otherwise decent people for their poor qualities just make them feel poor. How would you feel if people if you are a better person than what most others perceive you as? What if you were trying to do everything you can to be a better person, yet you are somehow not good enough or good for nothing? People who will think about you in such horrible manners can range from peers to even your own family members and loved ones. I hope this blog post will help you learn to appreciate the good qualities of others rather than always be fixated on one's poor qualities.

--- The Good in People ---

My target audience for this blog post are people who feel like they are better than what most people make them out to be.

"You're Better Than That."

Often times, we know people are better than what they show in certain times. Just that this world of negativity makes us focus more on the negatives of someone rather than celebrate one's good qualities. A good way to think about what people really mean is to think of them as certain objects we seem essential- like an automobile. You may have a car that you love for many reasons and hate for other reasons. For example, you love a car because it performs well and because it looks nice. However, you may hate it because it may need a little more maintenance than what most other cars may require. Let's say you end up hating the car for what it is worth and want to get a new one. What good does the car have? Well, let's look at a few qualities. What good does owning an automobile have? For one- you don't have to walk to get around! You can carry many things in it at once without having to carry everything yourself. You are also shielded from elements such as extreme heat/cold and precipitation. This is perhaps most telling- since it is an automobile, you can either have work done to it to make it better, or you can buy a completely new one to replace your current automobile.

The point of my automobile analogy is that you have to remember what good qualities something or someone in life have when you see something negative about others. You may really love something or really hate something; but the fact is that if you only focus on one set of aspects, someone begins to feel worthy or worthless depending on how you see him/her in certain situations. Loving or respecting someone is the combination and culmination of one's good and bad qualities. People feel better knowing their good qualities are honored and celebrated. People whom are otherwise better than what their negative qualities suggest just make people feel terrible around others. Almost as if someone's negative qualities defines who they are towards some people and those too inconsiderate to care just continually see them as some kind of failure in life.

This leads to one of my next points...

Cherish Those Who Come Into Your Life.

Many of us don't even realize what it feels like to have such support from others. Something I've started doing in blogging was simply reach out to certain bloggers I follow and personally E-Mail them my support and respect for their work. You'll be surprised how others react for those who reply to your E-Mails. Even if you don't know certain people in person, it is at least assuring to know there are other people in the world who care. Having so much support and love helps all of us feel better. If people think the Internet is full of inconsiderate people who couldn't care less about anyone but themselves, at least we can celebrate the good qualities of loyal types who do appreciate our work.

Final Thoughts.

Some people who do bad or are bad can always be better, but do not always see the bad in people. While not everyone is 100% innocent or pure, not everyone is totally bad either. People trying to be perceived or accepted as better than what most make them out to be are just looking to jump into your good graces because they love you. Even in times when it seems like you are always thought of for your poor qualities, this always gives you the motivation to do better. Doing so requires love and dedication. Don't always look to someone's poor qualities. Instead, regard someone for what positive they offer. People around you don't have to feel like they are lower life forms if you don't want to think of people as lower life forms.

Feeling low because of certain poor qualities just brings many people to depression and feeling unloved. Almost like no matter what we do, we are always going to be seen as bad people either overall, or we will always be regarded and thought of for qualities other than what makes us special. It is like only regarding overweight people as fat blobs. It is like only regarding certain members of a culture or an ethnicity as some sort of derogatory term. You are letting one aspect irrespective of one's personality define who they are rather than thinking of them as better than what you make someone out to be- even in times of weakness. There may be some antisocial members of society warranting of being thought of poorly or negatively, but we shouldn't disregard or overlook the good in people. Here is a quote I usually say:

"We always find every reason to dislike others, but not enough reasons to love or coexist with others."


So the next time a loved one or a friend/peer is at his/her weakest moment, rather than expose and torture someone, think of what good a person brings to society and to others. You wouldn't want anyone to always see you as an inferior and terrible person; why would you want to treat somebody else the same way? It is not cute, cool, funny, empowering, or anything like that to treat somebody like they are failures or lower life forms. Some people who continually feel like failures sometimes even go to the point of hating themselves so much that they end up either not caring about trying to impress others, lose lots of self-esteem, or even (in extreme cases) injure and kill themselves. Not everyone is powerful and confident enough to believe in themselves in these times. So try to help others in need rather than continually harm them. Moral of this story:

Try to see the good in people rather than capitalize on or expose their negative qualities.

And that's all.

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