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Auroras are beautiful arrays of light at night. They are usually seen in far northern or far southern latitudes. What makes them so beautiful to watch just relates to they look like curtains waving around in the sky and in many beautiful colors. Imagine colorful curtains in the night sky while the stars sparkle in the sky. It's just a beautiful sight. However, as beautiful as they can be, I hear they can be damaging to electronics because of the electromagnetic energy auroras provide. As far as seeing auroras are concerned, you may or may not have to be in far latitudes to see one. In fact, someone in Colorado reportedly saw an aurora in the sky at night.

In northern latitudes, the Aurora Borealis (also called the "Northern Lights") can be seen. In southern latitudes, the Aurora Australis (also called the "Southern Lights") can be seen. Those of you video gamers may have seen an aurora if you play Cammy's stage in "Super Street Fighter II" or "Super Street Fighter II Turbo." I have found these videos to show you the beauty of auroras. Here is an educational piece regarding auroras (click on the link to view in YouTube):

^ The Auroras | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

Fascinating, huh?

My blog covers a variety of topics. It is a bit funny that my blogs follow the theme of Stars and Space, but I've made only so many blog topics actually regarding stars and space. You can see all of my latest "Stars and Space" posts by clicking this link in case you are interested: "Stars and Space" posts on John's Blog Space.

What do you think about auroras? This was just a semi-casual post I decided to post here. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading!

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