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Cheer Up!

Bad days, rough experiences, low points in life, slow progress, teams and athletes having pathetic seasons and losing stretches... cheer up! Things will get better soon. Or at least, that's what we want to hope and believe for our lowest moments. Nobody wants to endure extended periods of sadness and misfortune. So to help out the ones we love most, we do what we can to help cheer up people who most need the support. This blog post is all about cheering up others.


I was NOT anticipating being away from "John's Blog Space" THIS long! I apologize for not updating JBS so often.

--- Cheer Up! ---

Cheer Up!
^ from: - Cheer up! Times may be slow/terrible/uneasy/uncertain, but it is best to try to keep up your positive energy for as long as possible. Please don't lose that smile!

If we let our woes consume us, we feel there is no way for us to regain our smiles and our sanity back. So we need things in our lives (and even people in our lives) to help cheer us up in some of the worst of times. The love and respect others have for people and things are reasons why we go out of our way to help others who most need the support.

Reasons why we feel so down range from comical matters- like losing a bet or watching one's favorite sports team lose badly... to more serious cases- like the death of a loved one or having suffered serious injury or having poor health. The methods of cheering someone up varies depending on the problem(s) one is facing and the severity of the problem(s). Something in your life is needed if you are constantly under pressure from your problems to where you feel you can no longer function.

Whether people want to admit it or not, this is a negative world we live in. What a lot of us do intentionally or unintentionally is contribute to the negativity. I sometimes read Facebook wall comments of friends and family as they talk about tough times they are enduring. Being the caring individual with a big heart (and a bit too naive and trusting), I try to offer calming words and encouragement to those who are down. I want people to be happy. I would feel concerned if the world around me and those I know and love are in such pain. I also want to assure that I care about others in this "all about me" world we live in. So the need to cheer people up is much appreciated. People who are down don't often ask for sympathy from others, but people do appreciate being worried about and concerned about. A few of my blogging friends have expressed their own sadness as well as their intolerance towards being given poor comments from others. I remember seeing one person wonder if she should stop blogging because she kept getting so many poor comments. So what I did was try to cheer her up by saying that she shouldn't stop doing what she loves.

Another part of cheering up others is in helping others realize that people do not have to live in their own fear or pain for an extended period of time. We are all feeding into our own demise the more we enter these times of pain. Some of us don't have others to look up to- or at least people we don't fully trust. It is still important to have people and things in our lives to help provide happiness in times of frustration and pain.

So you now have some insight on cheering up others. What about methods of cheering up others?

--- Methods of Cheering Up Others ---

Here are a few ways to help out others...

Cheering Yourself Up.

Always try to find activities that make you happy and bring you happiness. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Play your favorite games. Listen to some of your favorite music. Just look for something to help provide happiness.

Cheering Up Someone Else.

Maybe you want to help someone feel better. You want to cheer someone else up because you want that person to be happier than what he/she is experiencing at present. Certain things about a person's life can help bring a person down. Think of ways to help someone feel happy again, even if only temporarily.

It is always better to try to find ways to help uplift the spirits of those even if only for a short amount of time. A few seconds of happiness is always better than a lifetime of sadness. So...


A number of my topics are in the range of helping others feel happier about themselves and of others. To see the latest of my Positive-themed topics, click this link: "Positive" blog posts on John's Blog Space.

There is already enough hate in our lives and on the Internet. I am leading my own efforts to offer some positivity and hope for others. I hope you appreciate my efforts. Thank you for reading!

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