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It can be very beautiful to see stars (and other celestial bodies) in the night sky. A clear night's sky supplements its own natural show for all to see. Many people can better see what all the universe has to offer when not around city lights. Those in rural areas, places without lots of city lights, and even those in far northern/southern latitudes and elevations are usually able to see what all the universe has to offer. Here is a random picture I found online to help set the mood for this blog post:

^ from: (best I could find; this or nothing) - The night sky is full of many wonders and mysteries. What will YOUR stargazing experience have in store for you when you look up in a clear night's sky?

As anyone who visits John's Blog Space knows, I have always had such deep fondness for nighttime. I can remember in 1994 (I was a 5th Grader then) when I was part of a field trip at a camp called Camp Olympia. The first night of my four-day field trip, I looked up into the sky and saw MANY stars at night. The sight was so beautiful. Unfortunately, that star show didn't last long because it would rain hard later that night with rain persisting for the second day. Anyhow, seeing many stars in the sky makes you wonder what all is out there than what we normally see at night. Keep in mind that I live in a big city- Houston. At most, I can see anywhere between 30 to 50 stars in the sky on a clear night in the city. For the rare times I have been away from lots of city lights, MANY more stars are visible in the sky at night. It is really a phenomenal sight to see so many stars in the sky at night. Many more can be seen if you go to an observatory or have a telescope.

Maybe the most interesting thing I've ever seen in the night sky was a shooting star. I actually remembered seeing a shooting star one morning when I was a little boy. I have never really noted solar eclipses or lunar eclipses before. If I actually lived in locations where I could see auroras, I'd love to see how they would look in person. I had actually intended on posting a blog about auroras. I may save that for the near future.

Do you all enjoy looking up at the sky at night? Are there certain things you would love to see in the night sky when looking up at the stars? Are there certain locations for you that are great for looking up at the night sky? Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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