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Through my youth, I have enjoyed playing with LEGO. What makes LEGO fun is in taking what pieces are offered to you and build what the main package consists of. Do you HAVE to, though? Absolutely not! You can take the package of Lego bricks and make other things in addition to what the package is supposed to consist of. That adds to the creativity and appeal of collecting Lego sets. I have a big tub full of Lego bricks (and some other stuff) that I haven't really played with in ages since getting older. Still, LEGO was the stuff I grew up with.

This blog entry is about the little bricks and sets from a Danish company children (and adults) have been playing with since first being made available in 1949. The LEGO Group is based in Billund, Denmark and invented by a fellow named Ole Kirk Christiansen.

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LEGO logo
^ from: - LEGO... what can YOU create with a bunch of Lego bricks? No... what CAN'T you create?

My First Lego Sets.

The first time I remember getting a Lego set was back in 1992. I think I got a Lego City set of something. The one I wanted for Christmas in 1993 was called Central Precinct HQ. That was a three-story Lego set complete with a police station, a jail cell, and a criminal (because prisons are useless without criminals to jail). I would have a catalog featuring many more Legos from many more collections from some of the bigger sets. When you open up a Lego set, your creativity runs wild as you look for as many ways as possible to turn a pile of Lego bricks into something beautiful. The possibilities are (and should be) endless. Lego sets mostly award creativity and inventive ability. Perhaps this is why I've grown to love Lego sets just about all of my life. Also, this may be how I've grown to become more creative and inventive in many things. I sometimes even enjoy taking about LEGO people and sticking different parts onto different LEGO people. Everything from heads, to arms, to bodies, to legs, to hands, to head accessories... endless possibilities and more fun than playing with those plastic Army men! :-) Some LEGO sets, like the old Train collection, can be equipped with a special device that allows you to put batteries into it to make it come alive. Some may even have a remote control or some other device to allow you to use and control certain LEGO sets that can be powered by batteries.

Legos for All.

For almost everyone ranging from children to adults, there are a variety of different Lego sets to let your imagination run wild. Younger children can enjoy the Duplo lineup. Girls can enjoy the Belville lineup of LEGO toys. More advanced LEGO builders can challenge more challenging sets from the LEGO Technic collection. And if your love of LEGO is what you want to share digitally, you can with a variety of LEGO games ranging from the LEGO Racers games to the various LEGO games based on licensed series (like LEGO Star Wars among others). So there is a LEGO set and collection for you!

LEGO from My Time to Now.

LEGO has really evolved to include many more varieties and sets to use. When I first got into LEGO, I basically played around with some very cool LEGO sets. When I stopped really building LEGO sets, various licensed LEGO sets (like the Star Wars LEGO sets), sets that you can create meticulous versions of actual cars, the Bionicle series, and more. I am not surprised in the least bit that there are various structures and models built ENTIRELY out of LEGO bricks. There are even these LEGO models to this day. LEGO has withstood the test of time quite well.

What is Possible With Lego?

Simple - almost ANYTHING! Don't believe me? Check out these pictures from around the Internet:

Volvo XC90 LEGO replica
^ from: - So you can't afford a Volvo XC90? Build your own!

^ from: - a LEGO city complete with train tracks and more.

LEGO Chess
^ from: - LEGO Chess. Checkmate!

Bird's Nest
^ from: - Someone re-created the Bird's Nest for which the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games was held along with some other facilities.

LEGO computer
^ from: - a LEGO-built (non-functional) PC. No Blue Screen of Death guaranteed!

LEGO Rock Band
^ from: - LEGO people rock! Literally!

LEGO Honda/Acura NSX
^ from: - a LEGO Honda/Acura NSX.

Told you that ANYTHING is possible! That's only the pictures I could use and provide credit for. More Lego goodness can be found at Lego's official website!

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Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading!

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