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Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010

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(UPDATED: November 16, 2011)

Because of the traffic I've gotten for this topic from "South Pacific Beauties," I am making this post to my blog. This blog post is a little piece in regards to the Miss South Pacific pageant for 2010. You can learn more about this year's pageant by visiting Miss South Pacific 2010 PNG's official home page.

Eleven of the South Pacific's most beautiful women will vie for the honor of winning Miss South Pacific 2010 in Papua New Guinea. The bold material is the country they represent, and the contestant's name is featured. These contestants need your help in helping them win Miss South Pacific 2010! Here are your eleven finalists (see the full list and vote at: Miss South Pacific 2010 PNG - Contestants):

(PICTURE CREDIT: all pictures courtesy of Hover your mouse over the images for additional credits. (UPDATE NOTE - November 21, 2010): You can now click on the images of individual contestants to read their bios from to visit their bio pages. You can learn more about a specific contestant by clicking on her image:

Miss American Samoa - Cindy Fonofili Silao

Cindy Fonofili Silao

Miss Aotearoa New Zealand - Angela Cudd

Angela Cudd
I think Angela Cudd (Miss Aotaeroa New Zealand) looks very nice and seems very passionate and determined.

Miss Cook Islands - Joyana Meyer

Joyana Meyer
I am a big fan of Joyana Meyer. She is as beautiful as her native Cook Islands. I first heard of Joyana Meyer from the 2009 Miss Cook Islands pageant. Joyana is as beautiful as she is talented.

Miss Fiji - Sera Tikotikoivatu

Sera Tikotikoivatu
Sera Tikotikoivatu (Miss Fiji) possesses immense beauty. She has a wide smile and abundant charm. Sera is a very beautiful young lady with such breathtaking beauty.

Miss Hawaii - Pomaikai Klein (or Pomaika'i Klein)

Pomaikai Klein
Pomaikai Klein (or Pomaika'i Klein) seems very sweet and beautiful. Her pictures are amazing.

Miss Niue - Maria Mitimeti

Maria Mitimeti
Maria Mitimeti (Miss Niue Island) is both beautiful and sporty. She is an active contender in the atheletic realm playing all sorts of sports. I like her determination as well as her willingness and pride to represent her native Niuean folk in this prestigious pageant.

Miss Papua New Guinea - Rachel Sapery James

(Papua New Guinea is the host nation for MSPP 2010)
Rachel Sapery James
The oldest contestant in Miss South Pacific 2010, 26-year old Rachel Sapery James, represents the Miss South Pacific 2010 host nation of Papua New Guinea. Rachel has such a love for the lovely blue waters of the South Pacific just about all of her life. Because of her love of water and of marine biology, she has great interest and concern in preserving the pristine waters of the South Pacific.

Miss Samoa - Jolivette Menime Ete

Jolivette Menime Ete
Miss Samoa is Jolivette Menime Ete. Miss Samoa has a sweet smile and proudly represents her native Samoa with pride. Jolivette is a wonderful ambassador to her native nation and hopes to further this in the MSP pageant.

Miss Solomon Islands - Fuatino Malasa

Fuatino Malasa

Miss Tokelau - Meleka Mativa

Meleka Mativa
Though she is one of the youngest contestants in the pageant, Miss Tokelau is an absolute cutie! She has such beautiful looks.

Miss Tonga - Mafi Tuinukuafe

Mafi Tuinukuafe
While Meleka Mativa is only 18 heading into the Miss South Pacific 2010 pageant, the youngster is a divine goddess. She smiles sweetly and has beautiful hair.

When you visit Miss South Pacific 2010 PNG - Contestants, you can click on the pictures to learn more about each contestant.

--- Update on Miss South Pacific 2010 (added: Nov. 27, 2010) ---

The Miss South Pacific Pageant has concluded for 2010. And the winner is...

Joyana Meyer

...Joyana Meyer! Here is the Top 5 finishing order from this year's Miss South Pacific Pageant:

5th Place: Pomaika'i Klein (Miss Hawaii)
4th Place: Sera Tikotikoivatu (Miss Fiji)
3rd Place: Jolivette Menime Ete (Miss Samoa)
2nd Place: Angela Cudd (Miss Aotearoa New Zealand)
1st Place: Joyana Meyer (Miss Cook Islands)

Other honors:
BEST SARONG, TALENT AND PHOTOGENIC: Joyana Meyer (Miss Cook Islands)
TOURISM AWARD: Angela Cudd (Miss Aotaeroa New Zealand)
MISS ELEGANCE: Pomaika'i Klein (Miss Hawaii)
INTERNET: Jolivette Menime Ete (Miss Samoa)

I extend my congratulations to all winners as well as all category winners.

(UPDATE: November 28, 2010) If you want to see pictures from Miss South Pacific 2010, including the crowning of Miss South Pacific 2010 Papua New Guinea, click on this link: Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010 pictures. Pictures ranging from last year's Miss South Pacific Pageant to the Crowning of MSPP 2010 are featured from this photo album.

My Message to Joyana Meyer (if she were to read this)...

Congratulations on winning Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010. Ever since seeing the video on Miss Cook Islands 2009, I've always considered you one of the most beautiful ladies anywhere in the world. You are certainly one of the loveliest ladies from the lovely Cook Islands. Congratulations to you on a job well done!

My Message to the Other Contestants (if they were to read this)...

All of you ladies are as beautiful as the islands you come from. You all have nothing to be ashamed of. As far as I'm concerned, ALL of you could be awarded "Miss South Pacific." Of course, who wants to share an honor fit for only one individual? All of you ladies are absolutely beautiful. Sorry you didn't win the 2010 competition. I wish you success in Miss South Pacific 2011 in Apia, Samoa.

Please keep in mind that I am from the United States and not of any Pacific Islander descent. So I have no idea as to what this competition is all about and all of the nuances of this. I do know beautiful women when I see them. Certainly all the contestants of Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010 are beautiful ladies from all of their respective nations.

Of course, if any of you who took part in MSPP 2010 Papua New Guinea are reading this, I am saying hello to you and congratulating you from here in the United States. Thank you for visiting my blog!

I want to thank EVERYONE from every country who found my blog here. I am always thankful and grateful to meet so many people and find out how many people visit my blog. I hope my efforts were worth your time. You have no idea just how many people visit my blog and even see my various blog hits. People from places like Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, even here in the United States, even the African nation of Zambia (among other places) have hit my blog on MSPP 2010 PNG. Most importantly, I couldn't come up with any info on this pageant had it not been for looking up I've shared some of the pictures just to discuss the Miss South Pacific Pageant to my international audience. People do visit my blog from around the world. I do want people to have a look at my material and have them share their opinions of my work.

This is my personal blog, but it is also a personal blog that is done with professionalism and class. I hope my efforts to entertain and educate were worth your time. Thanks to everyone for following my blog!

--- If Any of the Contestants (or their Family and Friends) in MSPP 2010 PNG are Reading This... ---

If any of the contestants of this year's Miss South Pacific are reading this blog post, I want to welcome all of you to John's Blog Space! All of you young ladies are as beautiful as the islands and nations you come from. I wish all of you the absolute best. Regardless of who wins the whole pageant, you all are all winners to me.

If you have enjoyed my work and my mentioning of Miss South Pacific 2010, I invite you to subscribe to my blog, check out my other online work (including my Facebook fan page among others), and more! Don't just come in and leave... let me know if you appreciate my work.

--- Just to Say Again to all of my South Pacific Readers... ---

Let me just say this again- I felt like I've accomplished something in getting some more blog traffic from the South Pacific. I certainly hope you have enjoyed my work in providing topics regarding the South Pacific. I needed to try to get more involvement and traffic from as many parts of the world as possible. I love all of my readers around the world. Sometimes, though, I need to try to see if I can expand my work to include many more parts of the world. When I made my very first "Pacific and Oceania" label post, I've gotten hits from various South Pacific nations. Thank you for noticing and reading if you're from the South Pacific. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and blog entries.

(UPDATED: Nov. 16, 2011) I want to thank the Nubian News Network for mentioning me as I talked about Fuatino Malasa (Miss Solomon Islands) in this blog post. Here is the link where I got a small mention from: "2010-11 Miss Solomon Islands – Fuatino Malasa" on Nubian News Network.

(UPDATED: Nov. 27, 2010) In case you're wondering, Miss South Pacific 2011 will be held in Apia, Samoa. So we'll have to see who'll win this pageant in 2011 and if any of the contestants from MSPP 2010 will compete in Samoa next year. Once again- good luck to ALL participants in this year's Miss South Pacific Pageant!

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Thank you for reading!

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