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Women's Look - Blazer, Blouse, and Jeans

John B. Marine | 11/11/2010 07:17:00 PM |
(UPDATED: April 7, 2012)

A classy casual look for females is wearing a blazer with a blouse (or a shirt or a T-shirt) with jeans. It can be a nice look for certain environments or even dating. I haven't done one of these blog posts in a while where I simply discuss a look rather than focus on certain fashion elements. What you're about to see here is the look of a blazer, paired with a blouse, and worn with jeans. Depending on the occasion, appropriate accessories and footwear choices will vary. So it's time for me to discuss another look!


APR 7 2012 - updated look of post

--- Blazer, Blouse, and Jeans at a Glance ---

Let's take a look at the look in a picture:

blazer, blouse, and jeans
^ from: - a blazer, blouse, and jeans. This is a look that combines classy with a hint of casual.

When you pair a blouse and a pair of jeans with a blazer, you give a casual touch to a classy garment like a blazer. Other items like accessories and footwear are

Why the Blazer?

A blazer is as stylish for women as they are for men. A classy blazer gives the impression of dressy appeal. It's something to show some classy style in. For formal and semi-formal functions, wearing a blazer is a classy way to stay warm on cold days or nights on the town.

Why the Blouse?

Rather than an overpowering blouse (like one with voluminous sleeves, bold shoulders, off-shoulder, etc.), I will mostly recommend a simple button-down blouse or perhaps even a nice tunic blouse. I prefer a blouse because I want this to be a classy look. If you don't have a lovely blouse, then there are always items like polo shirts and basic T-shirts. I just wanted this to be a basic chic look.

Why the Jeans?

Jeans almost always denotes casual chic. To make things semi-formal or classy, though, it's best to find some jeans that are classy, but not overbearing. I almost always prefer bootcut or flare jeans. If you can't wear a bootcut or flare-leg jean, then there are always straight-leg and skinny jeans. There are surely no shortage of skinny jeans and slim-fitting jeans.

So now you know about the look I'm trying to describe here. The idea is in combining two classy pieces (blazers and blouses) with a pair of jeans. All that remains are choices of accessories and footwear.

--- Putting the Look Together ---

By fooling around on, I can demonstrate the look for all of you. Here is a look:

Blazer, Blouse, and Jeans - Classy/Semi-Formal.

Now let's take the casual route for this look.

blazer blouse jeans with pumps
^ (made using - a blazer, blouse, and jeans. This classy look is topped off with a pair of pumps.

blazer blouse jeans with boots
^ (made using - a blazer, blouse, and jeans. Because the Meez interface doesn't do jeans-tucked-into-boots very well, I found some pants and simply found some boots to wear over them. Still, you can have a classy look even with jeans tucked into boots.

If you are dressing up or want to go on a date, going with this look can be lovely as long as you have quality pieces for each. This section you may have seen me make notice of if you read my "Party Time!" blog post. What I would probably recommend for this look are a dark blazer and a dark pair of jeans. In addition, a light or boldly-colored blouse (preferably a button-down blouse) to offset darker colors would suffice. Footwear depends. I say if you have dark jeans and a dark blazer, go with some dark-colored shoes. A pair of dressy pumps would not be a bad way to go. What if you love the jeans tucked into boots? No problem. I had initially thought of the jeans-into-boots look to go with a blazer and blouse.

Conversely, you can go with a light-colored blazer and light-colored jeans. There are a number of females who love light-colored jeans as much as any average pair of blue jeans. Think of wearing a white blazer or a white boyfriend blazer with a pair of dressy white jeans. All you need then is a lovely blouse and a lovely pair of shoes/sandals/boots to go with them.

A few things I would avoid as far as classy looks are concerned:
• classy blazers only. So I'd look for wool blazers or any work-appropriate blazers.
• It is perhaps best to tuck in your blouse, especially a button-down one.
• avoid torn, distressed, destroyed, acid-washed, paint-splattered, boyfriend, etc. jeans.
• It would be best to find some jeans that don't have overpowering details. Overpowering details include things like sparkly accents, glittery accents, expressive back jean pockets, etc. Keep it simple and classy.
• NO sneakers.
• no flip-flop/thong sandals (since we're talking classy looks).
• no fancy or overbearing blouses (because they don't look right when wearing a dressy blazer).
• (my own preference) I'd probably stay away from open-toe boots as semi-formal/classy looks are concerned.
• (my own preference again) I'd stay away from oxford shoes, unless you can make a look work for a classy look. If you do go for oxfords, oxford pumps are very much fine since they are classy.

Here is a look I would come up with:

--- with dark colors, with regular jeans ---
• black blazer
• magenta button-down blouse
• dark-wash jeans
• high-heel pointed-toe pumps; knee-high black or chocolate brown high-heel boots, and tucked into the jeans

--- with dark colors, with trouser jeans ---
• black blazer
• magenta button-down blouse
• dark-wash trouser jeans
• high-heel pumps or even dressy high-heel sandals

--- with light colors ---
• white blazer
• cherry red button-down blouse
• dressy white jeans
• matching-color (either with the blouse or the blazer) pumps

I was thinking... this also wouldn't be a bad look for workplace environments, as long as it is okay to wear jeans.

Blazer, Blouse, and Jeans - Casual.

blouse, blazer, jeans - casual
^ from: - a casual touch to the blouse + blazer + jeans look.

This section pertains to the casual appeal of this look. Here, you can afford to go casual with any kind of outfit. You can even dress down a classy blazer to go with a touch of casual charm. It is also possible to go with a denim blazer to go with a blouse and jeans look. The difference with this look as opposed to the previous section is that you can likely afford to go with a pair of casual shoes (and some dressy ones) to go with your look.

With a blazer and a dressy blouse, you can afford to go with some trashy or destroyed jeans to sort of offset the classy appeal of the blazer and blouse. You can go with some light-wash ripped jeans along with some black open-toe ankle boots. You could even go with some ballet flats or skimmers. I don't think cropped or capri jeans would make for any real classy look, so you can go with cropped and capri jeans for a casual variation of this look. You're fine with this look as long as you have a blazer and a cute blouse to go with the jeans.

A few things I would recommend as far as casual looks are concerned:
• a completely casual blazer is just as good as a classy blazer.
• while this is about three different pieces, here, a T-shirt is perfectly fine. Remember that this is the casual portion of the look.
• just be you! Express your style any way you please while staying within the boundaries of this look.
• You can likely try more detailed and expressive jeans to go with a blazer and blouse.
• almost any kind of footwear is okay here.

This would be a casual variation of this look that I'd come up with:

--- My Ideal Look ---
• black or charcoal blazer
• slim-fitting, button-down, bold-colored satin blouse
• medium blue, distressed, flare jeans
• platform wedge peep-toe pumps with a cork base, or a pair of platform wedge cork sandals

--- A Special Shout-Out to Chictopia! ---

When trying to look for images to help explain this look, I saw a LOT of pictures from Chictopia. I am careful in using pictures because I know that there are some that may require proper crediting. So even if there is a picture I think I can use, I am careful using pictures from certain sites. Anyhow, this is a shoutout to for so many lovely looks in me preparing this blog post!

What do you make of this look of a blazer, a blouse, and a pair of jeans? Feel free to comment! Hope you enjoyed your read here. I may post a blog entry on John's Shop Space to put some looks together based on stuff I've found on Amazon. If I do make/complete that blog post, this sentence you are reading right now will link you to that JSS link.

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