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Miss South Pacific Pageant 2011

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(UPDATED: December 19, 2011)

Since 1987, the Miss South Pacific Pageant has not only showcased the South Pacific's most beautiful women, but also have promoted the respective cultures of each represented nation. The 2011 MSPP will take place where first pageant was held- Apia, Samoa. Miss South Pacific 2010 went to the beautiful Joyana Meyer of the Cook Islands. Who will win Miss South Pacific 2011? This year's pageant will take place in Apia, Samoa. This is where young women as beautiful as the islands they are from show they are the most beautiful women of the South Pacific. You name the location, and they all have their own representatives- Cook Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Tokelau, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Niue, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Aotearoa New Zealand... you go from there; all contending for the honor to be considered the most beautiful woman of the South Pacific.

So who will win this year's honors? We will all find out starting on December 4th.


DEC 19 2011 - (much needed) updates made for this post, including links to each of the contestants. I apologize for not updating this post any sooner.

Upon the success of my MSPP 2010 post, I will offer this initial blog post as a placeholder for the 2011 pageant as well as offering updates on who all will enter and compete in this year's pageant. I invite my South Pacific folks as well as all of you Pacific Islander folk to provide some updates. I may continually update this blog post to better service my South Pacific fans/readers/subscribers of "John's Blog Space." I love all of my readers worldwide (granted you're not a spammer or a hater). I am just trying to expand upon and enhance my international viewing audience.

Follow the action from the 2011 Miss South Pacific Pageant by visiting I will update this post as many times as need be to keep my readers interested. Be sure to check for updated dates to know about the latest updates to this blog post and for what was updated. Here are more links for you to get social with the 2011 Miss South Pacific Pageant...

Miss South Pacific Pageant 2011 Official Site
Miss south Pacific Pageant on Facebook Fan Page
Follow the Miss South Pacific Pageant on Twitter (@missouthpacific)!
Join the Miss South Pacific Pageant 2011 community!

Just to note again- the 2011 MSPP tournament goes from December 4, 2011 to December 10, 2011 in Apia, Samoa (Samoa's capital city). In case you don't know how beautiful women of the South Pacific can be, may I invite you to visit two other blog posts of mine? Check these out if you haven't already:

Miss South Pacific 2010 - a look at the 2010 pageant.
South Pacific Beauties - beautiful women of the South Pacific.

Now, let's see who all won this year's pageant.

--- Miss South Pacific 2011: Contestants ---

Here are the nine contestants who competed in the 2011 MSPP 2011 pageant. Click on each name to read a bio on each:

Sarah Kila Karo (Miss Papua New Guinea)
Skyline Ese'ese Ah Soon Nua (Miss American Samoa)
Olevia Ioane (Miss Samoa)
Kawena Ka-Malamalama-O-Nalani Souza (Miss Hawaiian Islands)
Sarah Kila Karo (Miss Papua New Guinea)
Liberty Hinalei Afeaki (Miss Tonga)
Simaema Mili Marie Neilsen (Miss Solomon Islands)
Alisi Rabukawaqa (Miss Fiji)
Uirangi Bishop (Miss Cook Islands)
Siniva Sauaga Foua (Miss Tokelau)

So who won? Read the next section!

--- Miss South Pacific 2011 Winners ---

I am sorry I haven't updated this post frequently to reflect the latest changes. Here are the winners of this year's Miss South Pacific Pageant:

5th: Uirangi Bishop (Miss Cook Islands)
4th: Sarah Kila Karo (Miss Papua New Guinea)
3rd: Liberty Hinalei Afeaki (Miss Tonga)
2nd: Kawena Ka-Malamalama-O-Nalani Souza (Miss Hawaii)
WINNER: Alisi Rabukawaqa (Miss Fiji)

MISS INTERNET: Sarah Kila Karo
BEST INTERVIEW: Alisi Rabukawaqa
BEST SARONG: Kawena Ka-Malamalama-O-Nalani Souza

So congratulaions to Miss Fiji on winning Miss South Pacific 2011! But really, congratulations to all the ladies who took part in this year's MSP pageant. You all are as beautiful as the islands you represent.

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2011 Miss South Pacific Pageant! The 2012 Miss South Pacific Pageant will be held in Pago Pago, American Samoa. Thank you for reading!

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